20 Easy Back to School Hairstyles


For teenagers, it is very daunting to look improper. School life is best to experiment any hairstyles, as you love the new changes on every stage of your life. Feel glad by experimenting these cute and adorable styles which required minimal effort. Here are 20 easy back to school hairstyles which are fun, inspiring and eye-catching.

20 Easy Back to School Hairstyles

1.) Side Dutch Braids for Girls

Youth is the best to flaunt the super cool hairstyles as they are carefree before the job. Opt for lovely braid hairstyles that maintain that adorable charm on your face. If you don’t wish to wash your hair then try a side Dutch braids for girls. It is very easy to maintain and stylish. You can also rock this hairstyle on special occasion. Wear your amazing top with minimal accessories.

side dutch braid school hairstyles

2.) Cute Floral Crown

The style is beautiful as you can see in the picture. You can embrace this look on the day of your dance performance or on special occasion. It’s a cute look that makes you head turner. If you are attending a semi formal event then you can go with this look with a bit overdone. Make it more beautiful by using few small buds for whimsical touch. The cute floral crown is one of the beautiful easy back to school hairstyles.

Cute floral crown school hairstyles

3.) Hippie Hairstyles for Girls

Every amazing thing that get old is new again. You can take the instance of hippie hairstyles for girls which was very much in trend in the sixties, now girls are rocking this hairstyle in musical festival. In this hairstyle, the flower crown and flowing waves are retro and sweet. Freshen up your look with modern messy waves. The hippie hairstyles for girls is one of the amazing easy back to school hairstyles. You can use hair accessories to decorate the hairstyle.

Hippie hairstyles braid school hairstyles

4.) Classy Chignon for Teenage Girls

Sometime you like pull your hair for many occasions where many adult are present: wedding anniversary or grand parents’ birthday parties. You can go for classic updo that look elegant for these occasions. Magnify your look with a braided bun to rock the party. Classic chignon for teenage girls elegant back to school hairstyles.

classy chignon crown school hairstyles

5.) Side Braid for Teens

Go for messy French braid that look extremely sassy. Long hair has advantage to get the amazing texture and little body in the hairstyle. The side braid for teen goes with many different hair textures and works well with all face shapes. You can add waterfall technique which will take the style to the next level. The hairstyle goes with both casual and formal look.

side braid for teen school hairstyles

6.) Cute Double Braid

A woman who has thin hair does many different experiments to make the strands fuller. In this hairstyle the braids above the head add texture while keeping your hair away front and sticking to the head in a flattering way. If you are not getting a perfect volume in your bun then you can add socks inside the hairstyle for perfect shape.

cute double braid school hairstyles

7.) Braided Bun for Teen

One of  the elegant and simple hairstyle is a low bun with side part that look lovely on every woman. It can be boring for some girls. You can add beautiful braid and chunky highlights to make this hairstyle more amazing. The braided bun for teen is one of the top back to school hairstyles. You can wear your fetching accessories to enhance your overall look.

braided bun braid school hairstyles

8.) Crown Hairdo for Girls

When you have a waist length straight hair, then achieving updo is very difficult. Sometimes bun is heavy and the ponytail is long and burden. You can go for crown braids that look fantastic when you pull your hair up without feeling it bulky. The hairstyle is best for the special occasion. You can wear your fancy gown and fetching accessories to leave your personality impact on other people.

crown hairdo for girls school hairstyles

9.) Braided Ponytail for Teens

When you are not in the mood of putting extra effort on the hairstyle, you can opt for a braided ponytail for teens. You can magnify your look with fun braid. The hairstyle is best for the situation when you feel like just get up and go. The braided ponytail is one of the simple and easy back to school hairstyles.

braided ponytail school hairstyles

10.) Cool Knotted Braid

French braid is amazing, but if you are tired of wearing the same braid again and again, then opt for cool knotted braid. It is very unique and trendy braiding technique. In this hairstyle, the French four strand braid adds texture by making a tiny knotted braids.

cbraided ponytail school hairstyles

11.) Cute Twisted Braid

You can flaunt your beautiful highlights with a twist and braid hairstyle that look mind boggling. You may find the sleek style is simple but the braiding makes it ravishing.

ccbraided ponytail school hairstyles

12.) Double Crown Braid  for Teens

Create beautiful headband by pulling your hair back with creative crown braid. Opt for double braid instead of one that add interest and texture in the hairstyle.

Double crown braid for teen braid school hairstyles

13.) Lovely Lace Braid for Girls

A lace looks absolutely gorgeous like French braid hairstyle. While braiding adds few pieces new pieces of hair on one side to achieve this amazing look. The lovely lace braids for girls is a top school hairstyle for girls.

lovely lace braid school hairstyles

 14.) Cute Curly Ponytail

The best way to get flawless ponytail is by adding texture in the hairstyle. In this hairstyle, bouncy curls provide body and thin braid around the ponytail holder is stunning.

cute curly ponytail school hairstyles

15.) Cute Triangle Braid Crown

The festival fashion look is now very trendy among the ladies. If you are planning to go in the festival then do not forget to try this hairstyle. Embrace your look with colorful flower and cute triangle.

cute triangle braid school hairstyles

16.) Style with Accessories

The best hairstyle is simple and adorable. You use sassy hair accessories that hold the hair in one place. The style with accessories is one of the cute back to school hairstyles.

Style with accessories for school hairstyles

17.) Top Knot Trend

The top knot is very cool hairstyles for girls. You just need to pull your half hair and turn into a messy bun. The top knot is incredible, beautiful school hairstyles.

top knot trend school hairstyles

18.) Braided Bun

Fancy is hairstyle is perfect for the special occasion. it is very convenient updo which is messy and charming. The braided bun is one of the cute back to school hairstyles.

braided bun for school hairstyles

19.) Fishtail Braid

If you have amazing hair length then the fishtail look extremely gorgeous. The fishtail braid is one of the sassy back to school hairstyles.

Fishtail braid school hairstyles

20.) Bun with Twist

The hairstyle looks best in medium to thick hair with chunky highlights. You can make best in longer hair. The bun with twist is one of the sassy back to school hairstyles.

bun with twist school hairstyles


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