How to Fishtail Braid?


Nothing is more beautiful than the fishtail and that makes it favorite hairstyle for the morning. The fishtail braid hairstyle turns out to be gorgeous and it’s perfect when you add into your daily routine. Fishtail braid hairstyle extremely stunning when it gets messy, which is ideal for the all day long. We have shared mesmerizing braid hairstyles with tips.

Fishtail Braid

Best Ways to Make Fishtail Braid:

1.) Normal Fishtail Braid

Normal fishtail is the best regular fishtail braid. For this braid, you need to divide your hair into 2 section like you will be holding left piece and right piece in your hands. Begin the braiding process by taking the hair from the left section. Make sure the section is not thicker than the ½ inch. Then slowly move the thin strands up and across the left section, then move it towards the right. Gently secure the thin strands under the right section. After that tug the two sections to tighten the braid.

Then take the right section, not thicker than ½ inch. Properly pull the thin strands to the right section and tuck it under the left. Keep this procedure continues until you reach to the end. Secure it with an elastic band and wrap hair around it. For a different look, rub your hands on the braid to get the tousled look.

2.) French Fishtail Braid

French fishtail braid is one of the beautiful fishtail braids. Begin the procedure by taking a section of the hair from the crown area to make the eye level higher. Then divide the sections into two halves like a left half and right half. Just the take the strand from the left side of the head no larger than the ½ inch. Gently pull the thin strands across the left section and take it towards the right. You need to secure the strands under the right section for French fishtail braid.

Then again pull the from the right side of the head. Take it to the right section and towards the left section. Secure the thin strands under the left section. Keep braiding for French fishtail braid until you reach the base of the head. Secure the braid with black rubber band and wrap the hair around it. For a messy look by gently tugging the edges.

3.) Add Variety in your Fishtail Braid

 Start a fishtail by pulling all your hair into the low ponytail and secure it with a clear elastic band which gets remove after the braid gets complete. Begin with topsy-turvy ponytail before you start braiding your hair. for that, you need to slip your finger through your hair, just right between the nape and elastic. Get pull the ponytail down through the hole. Once you are done with the flipping the ponytail, then begin the fishtail braid process. For the boho look, you can insert one or two flowers into the whole of the topsy-turvy ponytail.

You can even make it interesting by tying a ribbon hair over the hair tie in a bow. After that roll your braid into a bun at the nape of the area and secure it with bobby pins. You can make your look sassy by adding colorful extensions before you braid.

4.) Gorgeous Faux Fishtail Braid

Faux fishtail braid that goes matches with hair color. Use clear elastic bands as you are going to make several topsy-turvy ponytails. As the braid looks best in the longer hair. Start the process, by making a low ponytail. Gently take the ponytail as close to the base of the head and don’t make it too tight. Make a topsy-turvy ponytail by creating a hole and pulling the ponytail over the elastic and down into the hole. Tug it properly and smooth down the hair. Similarly, tied another elastic, closer to the first one if you have thin hair. And if you have thick hair then tie it further.

Start making another topsy-turvy ponytail. Just slip your finger into the hair, just above the elastic band and to make the other hole. And pull the tail through the hole. Keep this process continue, until you have a few inches of hair left, then tie your hair with the hair tie. Make sure you have used clear elastic or you can use ribbon instead of elastic to make it more beautiful.


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