Best High and Tight Haircuts


A haircut is way of showing your personality and attitude. Every man has its own choices regarding hairstyles. Some want the latest trending hairstyle while others just want a low maintenance haircut. So if you are looking for a simple yet classy haircut, then read our article to find out the best high and tight haircuts. Men in the military were spotted in this haircut, but now it has also entered the civilian’s life. Try these attractive and simple haircuts and rock any event you attend.

List of Best High and Tight Haircuts:

1.) Faux Hawk High and Tight Haircuts:

faux hawk high and tight haircuts

This haircut will remind you of the rocking faux hawk haircut. Most of the sides are faded, but the top has remained untouched. It is 2 inches long and this gives it a faux hawk touch. It is a great haircut for busy men. You just need to swipe your hand on your head.

2.) Cliff High and Tight Haircuts:

cliff high and tight haircuts

High cliff is very popular among men who want can’t compromise with their looks. The sides are shaved the top is left natural. Only a light trimming is necessary and then the bundle of strands will remain high and tight.

3.) Spikes Tight and High Haircuts:

spikes high and tight haircuts

You know what’s the best part of this haircut? The best part is that this haircut does not need any care. You just need a good hair gel to get an impressive and appealing look. Use your fingers to shape the spikes.

4.) Taper Fade Tight and High Haircuts:

taper fade high and tight haircuts

This haircut for sure is going to remind you of a Mohawk. The short top will give this haircut a tight look. A beard will just complete you and make you look more respectable. A man of any profession can try this haircut.

5.) Side Part High and Tight Haircut:

side part high and tight haircuts

This haircut is just perfect if you want to look different from all the sides. One side is completely shaved and trimmed and on the other side, a bit longer hair is seen. Comb your hair to one side to get a handsome dude style.

6.) High and Tight Curls:

high top high and tight haircuts

This haircut looks so attractive and appealing that you cannot ignore it. The sides are cleared while the top has remained unchanged and untouched. The crossing waves add creativity in this haircut. It is a great haircut for every event you attend.

7.) Thick and Flat Top Haircuts:

thick and flat top high and tight haircuts

You just can deny the awesomeness of this haircut. The sides are totally cleaned and the top is left with a bundle of thick and flat strands. This thick and flat top has a height of about 2 to 3 inches.

8.) Military Buzz High and Tight Haircuts:

military buzz high and tight haircuts

This classic military buzz has gained a lot of popularity. Many men avoid this due to its brutal look but trust me it looks amazing. It is easy to make this haircut and it requires no maintenance.

9.) Brush Over High and Tight Haircuts:

brush over comb high and tight haircuts

It is a great style for men who have been blessed with straight hair. Men with curly and wavy hair can face difficulty to manage. Straight hair gives this haircut a neat look. Brush the long top on one side and use a hair spray.

10.) Wet and Brutal Haircuts:

wet brutal high and tight haircuts

Some men just love to add brutality to their look. This haircut is perfect for such men. This short haircut will give you a great look when you apply a little gel. You can even add a long beard to look even more manly.

11.) High Top Tight Haircuts:

high top high and tight haircuts

This haircut looks so attractive that a guy would never think twice to try it. The low side is shaved and cleared while the longer layer at the crown is appealing. The tips are rounded to create a blunt front.

12.) Black Bloom High and Tight Haircuts:

black bloom high and tight haircuts

This haircut is perfect for men who want a cool look. The sides are fine and combed towards the back. The hair on the top is combed towards the back to give a flawless finish. Use a styling gel to set the bloom.

13.) Tight and Swept High Haircuts:

tight and swept high and tight haircuts

Who said that a side sweep should always start from the side? You can even start it from one corner of the forehead or from the middle. Pull the thick strands towards the back and keep the sides trimmed. This haircut for sure is never going to disappoint you.

14.) Shortest Possible High and Tight Haircuts:

shortest possible high and tight haircuts

Sometimes it is good to break the rules and go a little different. Take a break from the traditional military haircut and opt for a completely shaved look. This classic haircut will make you look a handsome dude.

15.) Spiky Mohawk High and Tight Haircuts:

spiky mohawk high and tight haircuts

It is very easy to get this Mohawk look. You just have to grow hair on the top and then use a gel to style it in a Mohawk shape. It is a perfect haircut for making a strong statement.


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