20 Ideas for Modern Shag Haircut


Gone are the days when one length haircut was very much in trend. Nowadays girls want haircuts that require less styling and are modern, edgier and stylish. A number of layers and finishes for the edges makes shag an ideal haircut. Short shags look sexy and sassy while long shags are known for its famous layers. Shags are also famous cuts that women opt in summer and spring seasons. Whether your hair is curly, long, thick, wavy or short, shag haircuts are just perfect. Read this article to scrutinize the top 20 ideas for modern shag haircut.

Top 20 Ideas for Modern Shag Haircut

1.) Long and Layered Shagged Style:

long and layered shag haircut

This shagged hairstyle is going to make you look incredibly sexy no matter what is the length of your hair. The curls and placed highlights are perfect for punching up this shagged style. Ask your hair stylist to curl your hair.

2.) Long Pixie Modern Shag Haircut:

long pixie shag haircut

The various lengths and the cropped bangs in this haircut will take this standard pixie to an all new and modern level. You can change the color of your hue if you want something that is bold and out of the crowd.

3.) Simple Curls for Shag Haircuts:

simple curls shag haircut

Who said that you have to abandon traditional hairstyles when you shag your hair? Shag haircuts are perfect for adding beauty to the classic strands. Use a large barrel curling iron to create bouncy layers of your hair.

4.) Dark and Wavy Layered Shag Haircuts:

dark and wavy layered shag haircut

Shag haircuts are definitely going to increase the beauty of your long hair. Ask your hair stylist to create a variety of layers and then use a curling iron to show off the different lengths of each layer.

5.) Graduated Short and Layered Haircut:

graduated bob short shag haircut

A graduated cut is just perfect to show off your shaggy layers. It is very much in demand these days and doesn’t require much effort. You can add some layers and long bangs to the side.

6.) A-line Shag Haircut:

A-line shag haircut

This haircut offers a plenty of bounce and movement at the back. You can highlight your hair and create a resplendent contrast of dark and light. In this haircut, hair is kept long on one side.

7.) Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs:

long layered hair with side bangs shag haircut

A shag haircut is perfect for adding life to your dull and lifeless long hair. It is a great solution for both straight and curled locks. Shag haircut will make your hair appear longer and healthier.

8.) Shoulder Length Shag with Pronounced Layers:

shoulder length shag with pronounced layers shag haircut

This shoulder length shag haircut with pronounced layers is great to lighten up your hair and brighten up your face. Complete this sassy style by creating waves with a large curling barrel. You can also try some punch color for a final look.

9.) Straight Shag Haircut with Bangs:

straight shag haircut with bangs

People always connect shag haircut with messy layers. But you show shag haircut can look extremely good on straight locks. Make sure that your hair is thicker on the top and thinner towards the bottom.

10.) Modern Shag with Wispy Edges:

modern shag haircut with wispy edges

This A-line bob with wispy ends is a wonderful haircut to grab the attention and seek admiring glances. The light streaks sweeten the sharpness of this haircut. It looks gorgeous on most of the young girls and mature ladies.

11.) Long Center Parted Shag Haircut:

long center parted shag haircut

This long center-parted shag haircut is perfect for girls with oblong faces as it adds a lot of volume to the sides of the face. It offers a variety of texture and makes your daily hair styling easy. If you have a round face then avoid this haircut.

12.) Medium Length Shag Haircut with Defined Locks:

medium length shag haircut with defined locks

The grading tresses in this haircut will create a beautiful frame for your face. It is a little messy and disconnected in texture. It has a few layers and the locks are treated with a silky finish.

13.) Modern Shag Haircut for Thick Hair:

modern shag haircut for thick hair

Your friends will get envious after seeing the thickness and texture of this wonderful shag haircut. It is neat and clean from the starting and gets shaggier towards the end. It is a popular haircut for all seasons.

14.) Swept Layers for Medium Hair:

swpet layers medium shag haircut

The swept back layers in this shag will makes the sides and back look fuller. It is flattering for girls whose hair are medium in length and texture. You can add some subtle highlights to take your look to a new level.

15.) Cropped Top Modern Shag Haircut:

cropped top shag haircut

In this haircut, there are higher layers on the top which are thinned down towards the end. For this haircut, it is necessary to go to a professional hair stylist. It is an optimal haircut to give a new life to your thin strands.

16.) Waterfall of Curly Shag:

waterfall of curly shag haircut

Long shag haircuts often involve curls. If you have natural curls, then it is best, but if you don’t create it with a curling iron. There are two looks combined in this haircut. The upper part of the hair is straight while the bottom one is curled.

17.) Bedhead Modern Shag Haircut:

bedhead modern shag haircut

The tousled layers in this haircut are going to make you look super sexy and hot. The combination of shaggy layers and shaggy bangs is just amazing. The few waves involved will give you a wow look.

18.) Sweeping Layers Modern Shag Haircut:

sweeping layers shag haircut

This haircut is beautiful, appealing and unique. The color, personality and the cut work awesome together. Shampoo your hair after this haircut to sweep your layers at the back.

19.) Simple Shag for Thin Hair:

simple shag for thin hair shag haircut

If you are not able to find a solution for your thin hair, then have a look at this simple shag. Use a round brush and blow-dryer to create a bouncy look. A Shag has always gained a number one position when it comes to hair management.

20.) Combo of Bangs and Waves:

combo of bangs and waves shag haircut

To get the most gorgeous style in the town add some bangs and subtle waves. The combination of bangs and waves is going to give you a red carpet look plus a look that is casual for daily goings.


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