20 Natural Curly Hairstyles


Curly hair looks gorgeous, but don’t you get bored of carrying the same curly hairstyle every day. Girls with curly hair think that they have limited styling options but this is not true. Styling curly hair is difficult every day so why not try a simple hairstyle that is in trend. If you are not getting any inspiration, then read this article and find out the best hairstyle for you from the list of 20 natural curly hairstyles. All these hairstyles are convenient, trendy and flattering.

List of 20 Natural Curly Hairstyles:

1.) Naturally Curly Updo with Pastel Highlights:

naturally curly Updo pastel highlights natural curly hairstyles

You must have seen pastel highlights on straight hair, but will look equally good on curly hair. The shades of a unicorn will look stunning on your curls. This cute messy bun is going to give you a divine look.

2.) Messy Braided Updo for Copper Curly Hair:

messy braided Updo for copper curly hair natural curly highlights

This messy braided Updo look awesome on most of the girls. Weave a Dutch braid or a side braid from the corner of the forehead and blend it with this messy curly Updo. Use floral hair accessories and look like a jungle queen.

3.) Curly Ponytail Natural Curly Hairstyles:

curly ponytail natural curly hairstyles

This is the best natural hairstyle to manage your stubborn curls. Comb your hair in backward direction and gather the curls together to form a curly ponytail.

4.) Braided Headband with Curly Hair:

braided headband for curly hair natural curly hairstyles

No doubt that curly hair can look beautiful without any style or hair accessory, but you can’t open it always, especially if you are in a meeting or a dance activity. This braided headband will stop your curls from flying in the face.

5.) Braided Ponytail Natural Curly Hairstyles:

braided curly ponytail natural curly hairstyles

Ponytails are very popular and an easy hairstyle that can be created in minutes. If you have no time left to style your hair, then weave a braid and mix it into your curly ponytail.

6.) Side Parted Curly Bob Hairstyle:

side parted curly bob natural curly hairstyles

This is one of the most natural curly hairstyles. You need not do anything extra to style this bob. Just create a deep side part and let your curls flow in an outward direction. You can use a headband to make it a party hairstyle.

7.) Curly Pigtails Natural Curly Hairstyles:

curly pigtails natural curly hairstyles

Pigtails have always been favorite of girls. It is a hairstyle that will remind you of your school days. Create a middle part or a side part. Hold together the curls of each section and secure the coily pigtails with elastics.

8.) Voluminous Curly Bob with Braided Headband:

voluminous curly bob with braided headband natural curly hairstyles

The biggest feature of this shoulder length hairstyle is the voluminous curls. Braid up the locks around the hairline to create the look of a headband. It is a wonderful hairstyle for your intense curls.

9.) Super Curly Pixie with Highlights:

super curly pixie with highlights natural curly hairstyles

This super curly pixie with highlights will give you an enchanting look. Since it is a layered pixie, the layers swinging make you look charismatic. It is an outstanding hairstyle for a smart and youthful look.

10.) Wrapped Top Knot with Soft Curls:

wrapped top knot with soft curls natural curly hairstyles

Having long thick hair and soft curls together are the perfect combination. Most of the girls are sporting this huge voguish top knot. Hold your curls at the crown and tie them into a tight top knot.

11.) Messy Curly Voluminous Pink Bob:

messy curly voluminous curly bob natural curly hairstyles

This simple rounded chin length bob  will give you a diva look. The bright pink shade and the messy flair make this bob unique and appealing. The amazing volume of this bob makes this style different.

12.) Large Front Bun on Beautiful Curls:

large front bun natural curly hairstyles

This large front bun coming on the forehead looks classy and glamorous. A large front bun looks wonderful with soft curls. Pull your curls tightly together and turn it into a large flower bun.

13.) Curly Mohawk with Side Braids:

curly mohawk with side braids natural curly hairstyles

This Mohawk is just perfect to flaunt your curly locks. Create different sections of hair and braid them individually. Make sure that the curls in the middle section are tight.

14.) Curly Braided Updo:

curly braided updo natural curly hairstyles

For this braided Updo it is not necessary to straighten hair because it looks equally good on curly hair. Divide your hair into large sections and weave braids. Wrap and twist these braids to create a curly Updo.

15.) Elegant Updo Naturally Curly Hairstyles:

elegant updo natural curly hairstyles

Do you know what is the secret weapon of elegance and sexiness? The secret weapon is the natural texture of the hair. It is a great hairstyle for a formal event and you do not need a straightener.

16.) Blonde Curls with a Middle Part:

blonde curls with a middle part natural curly hairstyles

This is one of the simplest hairstyle to create. You just need to create a center part and allow the luscious curls to frame your face. The messy texture and the volume of this hairstyle will increase your beauty.

17.) Textured Curls Rolled Back to Side:

textured curls rolled back to side natural curly hairstyles

This is an awesome hairstyle to show off the beauty of your natural curls. Apply a lot of mousse to the roots and then roll back the curls to one side. For a sexy look, texturize the hair by dividing them into sections.

18.) Low Side Ponytail on Rolled Back Curls:

low side ponytail natural curly hairstyles

This is one of the enchanting natural curly hairstyles. Roll back your curls with a comb and hold them together to form a low side ponytail. Secure this ponytail at the nape of the neck.

19.) Frizzy Textured Side Curls with Side Sweep Bangs:

frizzt textured curls with sweep bangs natural curly hairstyles

To create this wonderful hairstyle, you have to gather all the long layered curls and shift them to one of the shoulders. Use a sea salt spray for adding texture and a fizzy finish. The casual side bangs will balance off your appearance.

20.) Half Topknot Natural Curly Hairstyles:

half top knot natural curly hairstyles

This is an awesome style for your curly hair. Section your hair into three parts and make a top knot with the middle section of the hair. Leave the other two sections of the hair open and let them flow freely.


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