20 Best Short Bob Haircuts


A haircut is actually reflecton of who you are. If you have had long hair all through your life then cutting it short is really a big step for you. After all, it is going to affect your personality and all over all look. Short haircuts offer a variety of advantages such as your morning routine of styling becomes easy and you can save a lot of time. Short haircuts give you an opportunity to show off your delicate facial features. In this article, read our article to find a bunch of best 20 short bob haircuts.

List of 20 Best Short Bob Haircuts:

1.) Graduated Bob Haircuts:

graduated short bob haircuts

The different proportions and angles in this haircut make it tough and unique. If you are bored of the black color of your hair, then try another shade and enhance the beauty of your graded bob haircut.

2.) Feathered Bob with Blunt Bangs:

feathered bob with blunt bangs short bob haircuts

This stylish short bob is designed to suit a variety of face shapes. The blunt bangs draw the attention towards your eyes and the razored ends create a beautiful round silhouette.

3.) Razored Short Bob with Side Bangs:

razored short bob haircuts with side bangs

The short razored layers with a little flick are going to give you a style that is full of glam. The side sweeping bangs will soften up your look. It has acquired a good position in the hair world.

4.) Geometric Short Bob with Fringes:

geometric short bob haircuts with fringes

This is one of the enchanting short bob haircuts. A Geometric bob haircut looks striking on women on oval face shapes. The combination of short bob and cropped bangs will give you a style statement that is personalized.

5.) Bombshell Bob with Bangs:

bombshell short bob haircuts

The layered chin length bangs will create a perfect frame for your face. This voluminous bombshell bob cut will turn up the sex appeal. It is a great haircut to accentuate the features of your face. The windblown texture will make this haircut classic.

6.) Two Tone Short Bob Haircut with Bangs:

two tone short bob haircuts

The blend of two different colors and two different haircuts will give a result that is improbable. The short cropped hair at the back and the longer front will give you a hairstyle that is perfectly balanced. It is a great haircut for casual occasions.

7.) Short Bob with Short Bangs and Pink Highlights:

short bob haircuts with short bangs and pink highlights

Your face shape plays an important role while you are selecting a haircut. A pixie will not look that awesome on an oval face shape, but a short bob actually will do. The short bob will add a gamine touch to your look. Try some pink highlights for a punk look.

8.) Edgy Bob with Caramel Highlights:

edgy bob with caramel highlights short bob haircuts

This is one of the charismatic short bob haircuts that is loved by women all over the country. This bold colored hue with caramel highlights all over will make you look fantastic. The layers will provide movement to this haircut.

9.) Copper Layered Bob with Bangs:

copper layered bob with bangs short bob haircuts

This chin-length bob is a perfect haircut to flaunt the beauty of your striking facial features. Now curls are not only the options left if you have thin hair. You can even try this choppy haircut to add fullness to your hair.

10.) Shaggy Short Layered Bob Haircut:

shaggy layered short bob haircuts

The messy layers and the blonde highlights together can give you a wow look. This sassy style is going to make you gain a lot of compliments. It is a great haircut if you are going for a night out with friends.

11.) Short Bob with Curled in Ends and Bangs:

short bob with curled in ends and bangs short bob haircuts

This haircut will help you to achieve a bold hairstyle with bangs. This haircut is going to give you a stylish look. These curled in ends will make you look fabulous and this haircut unique.

12.) Arched Bangs with Short Bob Haircuts:

arched bangs with short bob haircuts

This short bob with arched bangs is going to give you an ultimate look. The arched bangs compliment your face perfectly. It is an exemplary haircut for long face shapes. The best part is that it goes well with all outfits.

13.) Short Bob with Angled Bangs:

short bob haircuts with angled bangs

This soft and edgy haircut will make you look stunning. A deep side parting and bangs spreading on the forehead will add a romantic touch to this haircut. It is a great haircut to soften your overall look.

14.) Tousled Short Bob Haircuts with Sweeping Bangs:

tousled short bob haircuts with bangs

Who said that only straight hair is an optimal way to wear bob haircuts. The tousled layers will give you a more relaxed and gorgeous look. It is stylish and interesting haircut to wear for all days.

15.) Short Disconnected Bob with Side Bangs:

short disconnected pixie with bangs short bob haircuts

The combination of chopped bangs and a disconnected bob is something deadly. The imperfect flicks will give this haircut a funky touch. This stunning style suits most of the face cuts.

16.) Sleek Asymmetric Short Bob with Bangs:

sleek asymmetric short bob haircuts

This sleek Asymmetric short bob looks flattering on ladies with round face cuts. The angles and the soft lines will add a dramatic touch to your haircut. The main focus of this haircut is the asymmetry and long side bangs.

17.) Wavy Short Bob with Parted Bangs:

wavy short bob haircuts with parted bangs

This is a perfect haircut if you are seeking for a relaxed and casual look. The waves add movement and life to this haircut. This short bob is great for all face shapes and hair textures.

18.) Choppy Short Bob Haircut with Side Bangs:

choppy short bob haircuts with bangs

This super short and choppy haircut gives you a style that is great to carry. The darkened roots and the blonde waves give this haircut a romantic feel. The hair color and the light side bangs look awesome.

19.) Black Bob with Wispy Bangs:

black bob with wispy bangs short bob haircuts

This short bob will look great when paired with wispy bangs. The best part of this is haircut is that it works well with all types of face shapes. It is a perfect haircut for a styled and relaxed look.

20.) Layered Short Bob with Bangs:

layered short bob haircuts

The choppy layers in this short bob haircut will make you look super sexy. It is one of the optimal short bob haircuts. The bangs blend seamlessly with your entire look.


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