20 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Women


When we talk about trends, short hairstyles for women are out of the world. These hairstyles are looking sassiest and eye catching. The best advantage of short hairstyle is that it takes less maintenance and time. Considering your hair texture, we have shared drop dead gorgeous hairstyles including curly, straight and wavy hair texture. Here are 20 stunning short hairstyles for women that are perfect for your choppy locks.

20 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Women:

1.) Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hairstyle extremely light and gorgeous. The hairstyle is extremely womanlike. Go for balayage dying technique that looks phenomenal on the short pixie. In this hairstyle, the highlighted locks boost volume in the hairstyle. Go fun and playful look with curly hair and leave it messy. Use lighter products that don’t make your hair feel like plastic.

Curly Hairstyles short hairstyles for women

2.) Short Layered Hair Style

Many women who love to chop hair and like short hair should go for a short layered hairstyle. In this hairstyle, layers are key for short to medium hair that looks fantastic on every girl. The hairstyle doesn’t  remove your volume. It looks very appealing when it goes with highlights. The short layered hairstyle is one of the stunning short hairstyles for women.

short layered hairstyles short hairstyles for women

3.) Flat Twist with Twist Out

The twist out looks phenomenal on African and American women as hair texture take it to the next level. It also protects the hair from the heat. The flat twist with a twist out is one of the stunning short hairstyles for women. It doesn’t take your much time once it is done. The hairstyle is protected as they protect the edges of the hair and also prevent the breakage of the hair.

Flat twist and twist out hairstyles short hairstyles for women

4.) Curly Q Haircut

When you go for the curly bob, try amazing bangs and pixie cut. Go for the long pixie cut, those stunning curls leads you to the right path and also revive your hairstyle. Embrace your hairstyle with full of curls, even in the sideburns and neckline. Curly q haircut is one of the thrilling hairstyles for women. The hairstyle is best for the all the face shape.Curly Q haircut short hairstyles for women

5.) Short Hair with Reinvented

Short hair with reinvented is one of the breathtaking short hairstyles for women. Jump on popular trend when you get bored with common haircuts. In this hairstyle, go with a short pixie cut with nape side and undercut. The hairstyle is best for the summer without compromising style. If you are a lady who loves to try different hairstyles, try short hair with reinvented hairstyle. Brushed your hair properly to reduce the thickness.

Short hair with reinvenetd short hairstyles for women

6.) A line Cut For Round Face

If you want something gorgeous in your thin hair, try A-line cut for round face. It’s a little disheveled look with soft highlights that look gorgeous with round face shape. The hairstyle looks best on round and heart shape face. Go sassy with a line cut for round face shape in this season.

A line cut for round face shape short hairstyles for women

7.) Feathered Pixie for Thin Hair

A feathered pixie with soft highlights looks absolutely alluring for the mature lady or young girl. The feathered pixie for thin hair is one of the splendid short hairstyles for women. It adds life and movement to the dull and fine hair. The hairstyle doesn’t require high maintenance as it is short hairstyle.

Feathered pixie for round face hairstyles short hairstyles for women

8.) Two Tone Natural Hair

Growing hair is the very lengthy process and remaining in the same hairstyle is very daunting. So try some cool and crazy hair color ideas to enrich your beauty. The two tone natural hair is one of the astonishing hairstyles for women. Black women can pull off the look well as it looks stunning with natural hair texture.

Two tone natural hair hairstyles short hairstyles for women

9.) Disconnected Pixie for Short Hair

Disconnected pixie for short hair is one of the sensational short hairstyles for women. The hairstyle looks best in wavy hair or straight hair. If you want to add double volume go for sweeping them into one side is a pretty option. Silver and white, blonde tone look best with dark roots. The hairstyle looks best in the thinner hair.

10.) Brown Curly Hair with Highlights

Brown curly hair with highlights is one of the short hairstyles for women. In this hairstyle, instead of going for chopping long locks, try short thick wavy hair. The hairstyle looks very stylish and sassy in short and curly hair. You can magnify your look with a piece of earrings and dark lipsticks.

brown curly hair short hairstyles for women

11.) Cropped Pixie

The cropped pixie is best to provide the illusion for round face. Embrace your hairstyle with amazing round face haircut with a nice haircut. Try this low drama cut which doesn’t take your much time. Try the easy and pocket-friendly hairstyle that look best for round face shape.

cropped pixie short hairstyles for women

12.) Short Messy Hairstyle with Twist

Short messy hairstyles with the twist are one of the bootylicious hairstyles for women. Always have bangs in the hairstyle is not necessary. Go unique with short messy hairstyle with a twist. Intensify your beauty with inverted bob with long bangs that get twisted and secured it at the back. Leave the rest of the hair wavy.

Short messy hairstyles with twist short hairstyles for women

13.) Short and Classy Cut

The short and classy cut is one of the ravishing short hairstyles for women. Go for this style which looks best for thick hair. Add some layers to your hairstyle and long layers that go around the ears that look edgy.

Short and classy cut short hairstyles for women

14.) Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

Short straight bob hairstyle is one of the short hairstyles for women. Add shape in your haircut with flawless layers and mesmerizing color which add the illusion of the thickness. Jaw length bob layers boost volume and take the hairstyle next level. Go for blonde highlights with dark base color.

Short straight bob hairstyle short hairstyles for women

15.) Stacked Curly Bob

Stacked curly bob is one of the hairstyles that looks wonderful without even tone of efforts. Try some unusual hair color like bold red that looks marvelous on women.

Stacked bob short hairstyles for women

16.) Curly Afro with Perfect Edges

Curly afro with perfect edges is one of the smashing short hairstyles for women. If you don’t have the longer length for the curly ponytail, Go for the afro puff. The style is best for the black women. It is the glossy and smooth hairstyle that look endearing with curly hair.

curly afro puff short hairstyles for women

17.) Curly Angled Bob

The Curly angled bob is one of the short hairstyles for women. It looks absolutely stunning in wavy hair. The hairstyle gives shape to the uncontrolled curls.

Curly angled bob short hairstyles for women

18.) Sleek Cut

The sleek cut is one of the dazzling short hairstyles for women. For enthralling hairstyle, try a new style with unique hair color. The ultra straight hairstyle looks mind-blowing cooler skin tone.

Sleek cut short hairstyles for women

19.) Short Haircut with Side Part

Short haircut with the side part is one the short hairstyles for women. If looking for edgy hairstyle rather than opposed to classic. Go with the hairstyle with a deep side part and use gel to make it more smooth.

short haircut with side par short hairstyles for women

20.) Wispy layers

Bangs and wispy is the two marvelous keys to achieving volume in the hairstyle. The wispy layers devastating short hairstyles for women.

Wispy layers short hairstyles for women


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