20 Valentines Day Hairstyles


Cards, candy, gifts and flowers, you must have guessed it till now that we are talking about the day of romance, the valentines day. Whether you are married or unmarried, you have always wanted to make this day memorable and special. Have you done the preparations? You must have found out the perfect dress, perfect footwear, perfect location and the perfect gift. But have you selected a perfect hairstyle? Your hair says a lot about your personality and mood. Your hair alone has the power to make you look stunning and perfect in the eyes of your Mr. Right. Read this article and find out the best 20 valentines day hairstyles to get a spectacular look.

Best 20 Valentines Day Hairstyles:

1.) Fishtail Braid with Puff:

fishtail with a puff valentines day hairstyles

This simple and sexy fishtail braid is going to impress your valentine for sure. To make it unique, spice it up with a puff. If you have bangs, then you can create the puff using them.

2.) Loose Hair with Bangs and Double Braided Headband:

Loose-Hair-with-Bangs-and-Double-Braided-Headband valentines day hairstyles

This hairstyle is going to make your festival of love memorable. If you are blessed with smooth, silky and straight hair, then this hairstyle will look gorgeous. The double braided headband will not only complete but compliment your look.

3.) French Twists Valentines Day Hairstyles:

french twists valentines day hairstyles

If you are going to a restaurant for a luxurious date, then try this classic French twists. It is one of the magnificent styles to choose. A laconic evening gown and elegant earrings will make you look charismatic.

4.) Bubble Ponytail Valentines Day Hairstyles:

bubble ponytail valentines day hairstyles

Raise your inner hair stylist level with this stunning hairstyle. It is a classic take on your simple ponytail. Watch some tutorials and learn to create this cute and festive hairstyle.

5.) Hollywood Waves Hairstyles for Valentines Day:

hollywood waves valentines day hairstyles

A retro era can never stay behind and this hairstyle proves that. The loose curls are a great idea for a special occasion like valentines. This glamorous hairstyle works well for every hair length. Use a strong spray to hold the beauty of this hairstyle.

6.) Heart Shaped Bun for Valentines Day:

heart shaped bun valentines day hairstyles

Want to make your valentine day memorable and different? Then why not make your hairstyle also special. Use elastic ties to create this heart shape bun. You just have to manipulate this doughnut shape into a heart bun.

7.) Wavy High Ponytail with Hair Wrap:

wavy high ponytail with hair wrap valentines day hairstyles

Do you want a valentine hairstyle that looks effortlessly trendy? This high ponytail with a hair wrap is one such trendy hairstyle. To add up a touch of femininity, create loose curls at the end.

8.) Half Up Waterfall Braid Hairstyles:

half up waterfall braid valentines day hairstyles

The combination of natural waves and waterfall braid will make your valentine eve special and memorable. You just need some invisible Bobby pins to fix the braids. Use a styling tool to curl the rest of the hair.

9.) Crimped Hair Valentines Day Hairstyles:

crimed valentines day hairstyles

You can become a trendsetter with this gorgeous hairstyle. Ask your hair stylist to create crimps. You can create a half up with your crimped hair. This fluffy hairstyle for sure is going to impress your boyfriend.

10.) Loose Straight Hair with Middle Part:

loose straight hair with center part valentines day hairstyles

If you have medium and long hair, then this hairstyle is optimal for you. Part your hair from the middle and use a hairspray to hold the style. It is a wonderful style for a special eve like valentines.

11.) Side Swept Waves with Cornrows:

side swept waves with cornrows valentines day hairstyles

This is one of the romantic ways to style your hair. Create a deep side part and let on your waves rest on one shoulder. With the other section of hair create cornrows.

12.) Crown Braid Valentines Day Hairstyles:

crown braid valentines day hairstyles

This stylish and extra romantic hairstyle is perfect for the valentine eve. One thing that you need to remember while making this hairstyle is that don’t overdo it by making the braids tight.

13.) Messy Braided Updo for Valentines Eve:

messy braided Updo valentines day hairstyles

This hairstyle is optimal for catching admiring glances and lots of compliments. It is a classic and fashionable hairstyle that is perfect for making your evening perfect.

14.) Natural Curls Valentines Day Hairstyles:

natural curls valentines day hairstyles

No braids and no buns, just show off the natural beauty of your hair. Curls are one of the biggest blessings if you know the trick to manage them. Pin up a red rose on the side to make it perfect for the valentine eve.

15.) Red Carpet Pony for Valentines Eve:

red carpet pony valentines day hairstyles

To celebrate the best valentines, try this neat, luxurious and classy pony. If you do not have long hair, use extensions which are quite popular these days. Even a short pony will look awesome.

16.) Glitter Roots for Valentines Day:

glitter roots valentines day hairstyles

Make your valentines day special and unique by adding glitter to your roots. It is also a great hairstyle to make this dull month and boring. This hairstyle will make you gorgeous all day.

17.) Curly Side Ponytail with Long Bangs:

curly side ponytail with long side bangs valentines day hairstyles

This is one of the most simple hairstyles to create for a special day. All you need to do is part your hair deeply from the side. Use a large curling iron to create deep and intense curls.

18.) Neat Multi Braided Hair for Valentines:

neat multi braided hair valentines day hairstyles

If you can spend a little more time on styling your hair, then try this neat and precise hairstyle. At first, it may seem a little difficult but with a little practice, you can just master this stunning look.

19.) Side Curls with Straight Fringes:

side curls with straight fringes valentines day hairstyles

If you think that girls with straight and sleek hair can only rock fringes, then you are absolutely wrong. One sided pretty curls and straight fringes is one of the best combinations to try.

20.) Messy Low Side Bun Valentines Day Hairstyles:

messy low side bun valentines day hairstyles

If you want to keep your hairstyle simple yet gorgeous on the valentine eve, then try out this messy low side bun. It looks outstanding on wavy hair. Side bangs make it look more appealing.


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