How to Wavy A-line Hairstyle with a Bouffant for Round Faces?


With the arrival of summer, the trend is also changing. For example, floral prints are very much in fashion these days. Braids look simple on floral prints, especially if you have a round face. So to avoid this plain effect you can contrast your floral dress with a beautiful hairstyle. The right hairstyle will not only make your face look flattering but will also make you feel more confident. Girls are crazy for braided hairstyles so keeping that in mind here is a hairstyle that incorporates braids. Read our article to discover the steps to make a wavy A-line hairstyle with a bouffant for round faces.

how to wavy A-line bouffant hairstyle for round faces

Steps to Make a Wavy A-line Hairstyle with a Bouffant for Round Faces:

1.) Curling Your Hair:

To make a wavy A-line hairstyle with a bouffant for round faces it is very necessary to prepare a curly base. Curls are the base to create this hairstyle. You can either use second-day curls or create curls at that time only. You need a flat iron to create curls. Start creating curls with the nape section. Hold the iron away from your face to avoid injury.

2.) Steps to Create a Bouffant for Round Faces:

This is an important step to make a wavy A-line hairstyle with a bouffant for round faces. Create a U-shaped part in the crown area. Gather the hair on the top of the head and secure it with a hair clip. Hold a few strands of hair at the lower border of the head and comb them to remove tangles. Backcomb each and every hair strand and then proceed towards the bangs. Cover the bouffant with the last section of strands that share the same border with the bangs.

3.) Braiding to Make a Wavy A-line Hairstyle with a Bouffant for Round Faces:

Before you start creating braids make sure that you don’t worry about the neatness. Messy braids look equally beautiful. Grab a thin section of hair near the temple. Subsection the hair into three parts to make a thin braid. The braid should be long enough that it reaches the central of the head easily. Make the same kind of braid on the other side also. Join both of the braids at the back of the head. Braid them together till the end.

4.) Securing the End of the Braid:

Whenever you have to secure your braid the first thing that comes to your mind is elastic. But don’t you think that it sometimes looks untidy. Relax! We have a solution. Fix your braid with a hair spray. When you end the braid, comb the rest of the hair and apply a quality hair spray that ensures it stays well with other hair.

5.) Final Stroke to Make a Wavy A-line Hairstyle with a Bouffant for Round Faces:

Tousle up the curls a little bit to get an enchanting and charismatic look. After this, use a good quality hair spray to maintain this wavy A-line hairstyle. This Wavy A-line hairstyle with a bouffant for round faces looks awesome if wear it on casual occasions. It will make the face look long and will improve its proportions.

Other Hairstyles for Round Faces:

1.) Headband Braid for Round Faces:

headband braid for round faces

This is one of the flattering hairstyles for round faces. Weave two braids above both the ears and cross them over the head. Use invisible pins to secure the braids.

2.) Half Up Style for Round Faces:

half up style for round faces

This style looks amazing on girls with a round face shape. Create a side part and gather two sections of hair from the corner of the forehead and pin them in the crown area.

3.) Sleek Straight Hair with a Middle Part:

sleek straight hair with a middle part

This long and sleek look is a great style for girls with round faces. Round face lacks length so straight and sleek hair creates the illusion of a longer face. It is a perfect style for girls with finely textured hair.

4.) Wavy Hairstyle for Girls with a Round Face:

wavy hairstyle for round face

If you are looking for a show stopper look, then this is an awesome option. It breaks the rounded curve and adds lengths to the face. Girls with medium length hair can also try this hairstyle.

5.) High Ponytail for Girls with a Round Face:

high ponytail hairstyle for round face

This cute high ponytail will give you an opportunity to show off your flawless makeup. It is a perfect hairstyle to reduce the roundness of the face.


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