20 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles


Two to three wedding invitations lined up and you want a different hairstyle for each one. If this is your situation, then read our article to search the stunning wedding hairstyles. This list of 20 is going to give you something new and you can wear a different hairstyle each time. Whether it’s your big day or the big day of your close one, you need to look perfect. An improper hairstyle can ruin everything, even the beauty of your dress. So try these hairstyles for a wedding and make the day perfect.

List of 20 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles:

1.) Soft Waves with Floral Pin:

soft waves with floral pin wedding hairstyles

This is one of the most stunning wedding hairstyles. It is simple yet attractive. These tousled waves will look flattering on your backless dress. Move your fingers through your curls for a natural look and the floral pin will help you to remove the hair from the face.

2.) Asymmetrical Pinup Hairstyles:

asymmetrical updo wedding hairstyles

Pinups and buns have always been the top priority whenever you have to choose a wedding hairstyle. The twisted side is blended into this bun and secured with bobby pins. For a messed up touch you can exclude some loose strands from this.

3.) Milkmaid Braids Wedding Hairstyles:

milkmaid braids wedding hairstyles

This beautiful hairstyle is going to accentuate the sweetness and innocence on your face. It is easy to make a milkmaid braid. You just have to divide the hair into two sections and then make two medium sized braids along the hairline. Wrap these braids across the head and tuck it using pins.

4.) Stunning Waterfall Braids:

waterfall braids wedding hairstyles

This is one of the best wedding hairstyles. The different elements in this hairstyle have brought it to a number one position. Curls, waves, braids, and half-up are all incorporated in this simple hairstyle.

5.) Fishtail Braid Hairstyles:

fishtail braid wedding hairstyles

A hairstyle should be one that is capable of defining your personality. Fishtail braid shows up the creativity in you. It doesn’t seem to be too loud and will look amazing with your gown.

6.) Long Braids with Flowers:

long braid wedding hairstyles

Who says braids do not look that good for occasions like a wedding? This hairstyle will coerce you to believe that braids are perfect wedding hairstyles. You just have to create a half twist across the head followed by a loose braid. You can use flowers accessory as an additional bonus.

7.) Messy Chignon for Short Hair:

messy chignon wedding hairstyles

If you also think that a chignon looks great only on long hair then you are wrong. This hairstyle is a proof that a chignon also looks amazing on short hair. The best part is that nobody can guess the length of your hair.

8.) Curly Updo Wedding Hairstyles:

curly updo wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle is going to help you to make the best use of your curls. It will make your updo look airy and voluminous. Twist and pin up your hair for a sensational look. Fix it with a jeweled accessory to enhance its beauty.

9.) Half Up Side Do Hairstyles:

half up side do wedding hairstyles

You will be surprised to know that there are so many varieties of half up hair. But right now we are talking about a half up side do. You just have to twist a thin section of hair from the sides and pin it back. Place the wavy hair on your shoulder to look stunning.

10.) Side Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles:

side ponytail wedding hairstyles

Looking for a style that looks simple and modern. Then try this side ponytail because it is simple and never going to be out of trend. A deep side part and the curled bangs are going to beautify your side ponytail.

11.) Half Up Wedding Hairstyles:

half up wedding hairstyles

The best point of this hairstyle is that it saves up your time and gives you an opportunity to spend it on your clothes and flawless makeup. You just have to gather hair from both the sides and pin it back. Let your waves flow freely.

12.) Gorgeous Tousled Waves:

tousled waves wedding hairstyles

Simplicity is one of the best things. There is no use of hair accessory, no pins, no floral accessory and still this hairstyle look eye-catching and captivating. A deep side part and tousled waves work best for most of the girls.

13.) Soft Waves with a Side Braid:

soft waves with a side braid wedding hairstyles

Let people be lost in the waves and curls. This is an amazing hairstyle to show off the beauty of your natural hair. Use a thin section of hair and make a braid. Tuck this braid at the back of the hair and allow the waves to flow freely.

14.) Bouffant Wedding Hairstyles:

bouffant wedding hairstyles

This super voluminous hairstyle is considered as the cornerstone of 60’s glamor. It is easy to make a bouffant. Part your hair from the side. Use a comb to high up the middle section. This will create a raised bump. Secure this bump with hair pins and you can even use a hair accessory.

15.) Basket Weave Hairstyles for Wedding:

basket weave wedding hairstyles

This criss-cross hairstyle will make you look dazzling and stunning. It is intricate but a few times practice and you can master it. Ask your stylist to do it for you to save time. This wedding Updo can be modified with a hair accessory. But it also looks good if you do not use any hair accessory.

16.) Braided Bun Hairstyles for Wedding:

braided bun wedding hairstyles

The braided bun can be of many kinds may be it’s a simple braid that is wrapped and twisted. Another option is that you can make a simple bun and then wrap a braid around that. In this hairstyle, there is a crown braid and then a bun.

17.) Twisted Tuck Braid Hairstyles:

twisted tuck braid wedding hairstyles

This twisted tuck braid doesn’t need any additional accessory for support. If you do not want ponytails, simple buns and open hair for this wedding, then try this twisted tuck braid. You have to start from the left side of the head and make a Dutch braid and then continue making braids from every corner and tuck them together.

18.) Half-Up Bun Wedding Hairstyles:

half up bun wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle looks awesome on most of the girls. Gather hair from the middle of the crown. Twist the hair to form a bun. Leave the rest of the hair open.

19.) Knotted Updo Hairstyles for Wedding:

knotted updo wedding hairstyles

If you are bored of the buns and chignons then try this knotted Updo. You just have to make some braids and knots and tuck them with hairpins. This hairstyle is flattering for long, wavy, curly and straight hair.

20.) Fishtail Braided Bun Wedding Hairstyles:

fishtail braid bun wedding hairstyles

This flattering hairstyle is very easy to create. You just have to make a side fishtail braid and twist it to form a big bun. The best part is that you can open it anytime and rock the simple fishtail braid style.


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