Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment Naturally


Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or Acid Reflux is characterized as a perpetual digestive condition where the nourishment and stomach acids regurgitate go into the throat by bringing on burning pain in the lower chest went hand in hand with other symptoms like bloating, belching, sore throat, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, etc. zesty, sleek or fatty nourishments, citrus fruits or juices, chocolates, etc. are numerous triggers for heartburn.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is characterized as white crystalline aggravate that was utilized as a gastric and systematic antacid which serves to alkalize pee furthermore washes out the body cavities. It is utilized effectively to treat the heartburn.

Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment Naturally

Does Baking Soda Help for Acid Reflux Treatment?

Yes, obviously you can get instant alleviation from the indigestion at whatever point you are utilizing baking soda as a treatment for it. Observe in these natural properties of baking soda to know how it cures heartburn rapidly.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is one of the best methods to beat indigestion. When you experience the ill effects of indigestion, the acid will fill your stomach bringing on indigestion and discomfort. Baking soda is a base that serves to neutralize the stomach acids and prevents heartburn. It is a speedy acting antacid and gives immediate easing for not just heartburn, but likewise for upset stomach, Indigestion and heartburn.

It acts as a soluble substance in the digestive tract that serves to neutralize stomach acids. With the diminished acidity level, the contents in your stomach will be more averse to move go into the throat and thereby reduces the burning sensation within the chest and throat.

It serves to maintain the adjusted pH level in the blood stream. This restoration of equalization in the body reduces the acidity of acids in the stomach that prevents the hurtful effects of indigestion.

It fills in as an antacid and would tackle these 4 ailments i.e. heartburn, sharp stomach, corrosive indigestion and upset stomach.

How to Use Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment:

Baking soda is a stand-out amongst the most effective cure that utilized normally within the treatment of heartburn and heartburn. You can utilize it as a part of numerous courses; here the absolute most usually utilized ways are depicted. Follow these methods to soothe from the heartburn.

Method – 1: (Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment)

  • Take half to one teaspoon of baking soda and blend it in a glass of water.
  • Stir it well and beverage this to prevent heartburn.
  • Keep in mind that not to take this baking soda, on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of standard heartburn attacks, why in light of the fact that it is high in salt and that could result in some side effects like increment in blood pressure, sickness and swelling.
  • Normal intake will definitely serve to clear the indigestion and helps in better digestion.

Method – 2: (Water with Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment)

  • Take a tablespoon of baking soda and blend it in a 1/2 cup of water.
  • Stir it well and devour it for faster easing.
  • Drink this at whatever point you experience the ill effects of indigestion, but make a point to consult a doctor in case you’re experiencing continuous heartburn issue. This will give just the temporary alleviation from the heartburn.

Method – 3: (Honey and Diluted Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment)

  • Take a teaspoon of baking soda and blend it well with a cup of warm water.
  • Then add a teaspoon of nectar to it and stir it well that baking soda must be dissolved completely in the water.
  • This process serves to lessen the burning sensation and gives alleviation from the heartburn.
  • Repeat this process continuously at whatever point you endure with heartburn.

Method – 4: (Lemon and Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment)

  • Take 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda, a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Blend it well in a cup of warm water.
  • Drink this to get help from the heartburn.
  • Continue the process customarily to get freed of the heartburn.

Method – 5: (Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment)

  • Take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and 200 mg of water
  • Blend baking soda and ACV in water. Blend it well as it needs to break down completely.
  • Drink this 2 – 3 times a day on an empty stomach for not more than 5 days.
  • In the event that you have extreme heartburn then blend 2 tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water and take this for 2 – 3 times a day to get complete help from the indigestion.
  • Verify that when you blend baking soda with ACV, it will create a lot of  rises that comes so blend it in a huge empty pitcher furthermore pour the ACV gradually to dodge the foaming. You need to take a base pH on ACV of 6.0 or more to blend in this solution to stop finish disintegration.

Method – 6: (Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon and Baking Soda for Acid Reflux Treatment)

  • Take a half of a teaspoon of baking soda, a few drops of ACV and few drops of lemon juice.
  • Include this a cup of water and blend it well.
  • Drink this gradually to get complete alleviation from the indigestion.
  • Continue drinking consistently at whatever point you experience the ill effects of the incidental indigestion attacks.


  • You need to follow these precautions when you’re taking baking soda for indigestion for safe and without side effects on your health i.e. for a faster alleviation from heartburn without any issue.
  • Although baking soda reduces the acidity and indigestion, but it can prompt some undesirable side effects like stomach gas, which in turn results in stomach distention, queasiness, belching, discomfort and pain.
  • Delayed ingestion of baking soda could affect the process of digestion. This happens because of overdose of neutralization of stomach acids.
  • It likewise raises your blood pressure, particularly when you’re pre-hypertensive or sensitive to sodium that is found in baking pop. Consult your doctor in case you’re in salt-restricted diet.
  • Don’t get confounded about baking soda with baking powder. They both are different furthermore abstain from taking baking soda in huge quantities as it as it can result in the runs.
  • Don’t offer it to the kids less than 5 years old. For adults don’t take more than 6 glasses in 24 hours and for mature individuals, don’t take more than 3 glasses. Keep in mind that you ought not continue it for more than 2 weeks.
  • Baking soda reduces the level of vitamins and minerals in your body, particularly vitamins B, folic corrosive and chromium. It must be taken on an empty stomach, i.e. either one prior hour or three hours after eating but don’t take it on a full stomach.
  • Baking soda when dissolved in water discharges carbon dioxide that causes bubbles. This bubble opens the LES to empower you to burp and serves to alleviate pressure from bloating. But unfortunately opening the LES will likewise permit stomach contents to reflux up into the throat.
  • Keep in mind that baking soda must be dissolved completely in the water before drinking. Likewise consult doctor in case you’re getting stomach pain after drinking this mixture.
  • Baking soda serves to prevent the heartburn instantly but recollect that it gives just a temporary help from it and you need to follow a few tips like quit smoking and abstain from drinking, abstain from eating fatty, fiery, slick nourishments, don’t eat lot of sustenance at one time, evade the nourishment that triggers heartburn and indigestion, etc. will definitely serves to get complete easing from the indigestion and heartburn.


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