Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Fast & Quickly


Man & Woman are tensed because of their increasing belly fat. Only way to lose belly fat fast is with exercise. You also have to take a balance diet along with exercise. Exercise will directly hit you belly fat and helps to lose belly fat faster. You have to spend minimum 30 minutes daily for lose belly fat exercise to see the result faster. There are some exercises which are most effective and you can see the result in 7 days.

Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast

There are so many exercises to lose belly fat fast. For these exercises you do not need to join a gym. You can easily perform this exercise at your home or near park. You have to perform this exercise for 30 to 45 minutes, 6 days in a week. You can skip 1-2 exercise which you think not giving result.

1.)  Move side to Side for Warm-Up

Warm-up execrice to lose belly fat

This is the best exercise for warm-up and also helps to reduce belly fat. This exercise helps to slim down the waist size. This exercise also proves best to lose belly fat.

To perform this exercise stand straight with joining your feet. Now raise your hands above the head.

Now bend your body either on left or right side keeping your feet on ground. Try to bend as much as possible till you feel a strain on either side of your waist. Stay in same position for 15 seconds and now bend on other side for 15 seconds.

Slowly, you have to increase the time to 30 seconds in bending position. Do 15-20 bends in 1 set and perform 3-4 sets in total.

2.) The Bicycle Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Bicycle exercise to lose belly fat

There are chances that you confused by the name of this exercise. For this exercise you do not need a bicycle. After performing you like this exercise so much and it is best for getting six pack abs. To perform this exercise, lie on the floor and position your hands behind your head. Lift your both legs and bend your knees. Now bring one knee closer to your chest while lifting shoulders off the floor. Now slowly bring your right elbow near to your left knee. Now straighten your right leg. After that switch your side and keep in a pedalling motion. Do 16 to 20 repetitions in 2 to 4 sets for better result.

3.) Captain’s Chair Leg Raise to Lose Belly Fat Faster

captains chair exercise to lose belly fat

You have to perform this exercise in the form of a chair. You have to sit straight as you are sitting on a chair with shoulders relaxed. Now keep your both hands beside you head. Keep your palms by side of your hips facing in downward direction. Join your both legs, inhale deeply and bring legs close to your chest. Take a chair position for 5 seconds keeping your back straight and head back. After 5 seconds exhale and take your legs back to ground. Repeat this 10 to 15 times in 3 to 4 sets.

4.)  Basic Crunches

Crunches to burn belly fat

Doing Crunches is the best exercise to reduce the belly fat. Every Gym trainer includes crunches in the exercise plan to lose belly fat. There are so many types of crunches & here we start with the basic crunches.

Lie down straight on a mat on floor. You have to bend your knees keep your foot touching the mat.

Alternatively, you can also lift your feet at an angle of 90 degrees to add more effort.

Now place your hands besides your heads keeping them cross to your chest.

Now you have to lift your upper part keeping your hip touching the mat. You inhale some air when you are down & exhale while moving up.

Also, you feel pressure on your abdominal muscles. This is good and you have to increase the capacity to take more pressure but slowly.

Do this 10-15 times & at least do 3-4 sets for better result.

 5.) Twist Crunches to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Twist Crunch to reduce belly Fat

After some days you found that regular crunches are very easy for you. So it’s time to change the basic crunch with twist crunches to get more effective result to lose belly fat faster.

As same in basic crunches, lie down on the mat on a floor. Keep your hands besides your head keeping crossed to your chest.

For twist crunches your have to bend your knees keeping feet touching the mat.

As in a basic crunch, you have to lift your upper body part.

Now in twist crunches you just have to lift your left shoulder towards the right leg.

In next step, lift your right shoulder towards the left leg, keeping your left shoulder on the ground side.

Do this steps 10-15 times & perform additionally 2-3 sets.

6.) Side Crunches to Reduce Belly Fat

Side Crunch to Lose belly fat

Side crunches are similar to the twist crunch. In side crunches you have to add only one thing. While doing twist crunches you have to tilt your legs to the same direction together with your shoulder. Side crunch will more focus on your side muscles.

7.) Reverse Crunches to Burn Belly Fat Faster

Reverse crunches to lose belly fat

As the name suggested reverse crunches, these crunches are reverse of twist crunches. In this you have to move your legs with your hips so that they can come close to your chest.

To perform reverse crunches, lie down straight on a mat on floor. Keep your hands by your side and touch the mat with palms side.

Now, lift your legs and bent your knees to make a 90 degrees angle. After that lift your hips and try to move your knees close to your chest keeping legs at 90 degree angle.

To feel pressure on your abdomen you have to lift your hips. Stay for maximum possible time and then bring the hips with legs back to original position.

Perform 10-15 times & total 3-4 sets.


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