How to Get a Fever? (With Different Methods)


Mostly no one wants to get a fever but in some situations, the mind will think that having a fever is better at that time. It will help students mostly to avoid the school or college. It can help to skip the office also. Some of the common symptoms of having a fever are a cough, sneezing, sweating, loss of appetite, hoarseness, headache and so on. You should know how to fake these symptoms. In this article, you will get to know some or all of these symptoms to get a fever.

If you want to fake a fever, then start by waking up early and make your body hot and clammy. You will need to heat up the thermometer to fake the stats. If you are already at school or work, so talk about your symptoms and stay unfocused and try to drink hot water before visiting the nurse.

While a fever can be a nasty experience, everyone does not hate it. This applies especially to some people who have a bunch of work obligations, so they do not want to go to work the next morning. Below are some steps on how to make yourself sick and to avoid going to work or school.

Fever is produced due to excess production of heat in the body initiated by the hypothalamus in response to any homeostatic imbalance. So try to disturb your body homeostasis and make yourself as cold as possible.

  • Drink ice cold water repeatedly.
  • Do not eat anything – Be on a complete fast.
  • Overheat your body by doing some exercise beyond your capacity/stamina (Run on a treadmill or do 100 pushups).
  • Take bath in cold water, do not dry yourself and sit in a AC or in the open air with minimal clothes on the body. Repeat this 2–3 times.
  • Do not sleep as much as possible- Lie down on your open terrace, with minimal clothes or wet cloths.
  • Pray to God to grant your wish to get a fever. (Since he rarely gets applications for fever who knows he may grant your wish.

Different Ways to Get a Fever (Fake a Fever):

1.) Wake Up Early

The main key to faking out your parent is to let them wake up you with your fever already flaring. To do this you have to prepare ahead. If you think your parents are going to touch your forehead so do the following.

  • Start telling them you are feeling cold, not hot. Just because you have a fever that doesn’t mean you are aware that you are actually burning up.
  • Before your parents come to wake you up, wake up early and put your whole body under a thick blanket to increase your body temperature.
  • Get a glass full of hot water. If your parent knocks on the door or calls you up, you will know when they are coming and will be able to drink the glass of hot water. This will raise your body temperature by a few degrees and make you look flushed and warm.
  • If you don’t have warm water then you can use laptop or light bulb you can use to warm up your face

get a fever

2.) Warm up the Thermometer With Hand

Heat and electric thermometer with your hand. You need to hold the thermometer as still as you can with one hand and rub your thumb as fast as you can until the temperature you want to show is reached. Keep it about 99 degrees because too high and you will be rushed to the hospital.

  • You can heat a sock in the microwave for a minute and put it under your armpit and measure your temperature.
  • If your thermometer has infant/toddler settings, so switch to it. It will increase your temperature up to 1 to 2 degree to get a fever.

3.) Heat a Thermometer With Water

You can heat a mercury thermometer with water. Go to sink and turn on the hot water, as hot it can go. Put the tip of the thermometer under the running hot water until your desired temperature is reached. If you pass it, then shake your thermometer down until it falls back to your desired temperature to get a fever.

4.) Use Onion to Fake a Fever

You can use an onion to fake fever with it, follow the below instructions carefully:

  • Peel a medium-sized onion and cut the 2 thin slices out of it. The slices should have their middle parts intact in them.
  • Put one slice in your left and armpit. Sleep with these slices in your armpits, and let them stay overnight.
  • In the morning, you will wake up with fake fever.

How does onion work to give you fake fever?

There are several reasons for which onions may help in faking fever:

  • First of all, you need to understand that armpits have a very thin skin membrane that absorbs anything very easily and quickly. As onion is full of chemical substances (sulfoxide, isoalliin and allicin), they easily find their way into the bloodstream when kept in this area.
  • Local application of onion juice in the armpits may cause local inflammation in the area, and the body temperature may increase as it tries to fight through it.
  • Onions contain natural pesticides and irritants that are known to raise the temperature of your body, especially in the armpit area. For best results, make sure that your parent or doctor takes the temperature of your armpit, and not your rectum or mouth.
  • Onions attract microorganisms, especially viruses, towards them. When kept in your armpits, they attract more microorganisms near your body. Your body becomes supercharged to fight against them and becomes hot to fake fever. Microorganisms cannot withstand the high temperature of your body, and you will end up having a fake fever.

5.) Shake Your Mercury to Warm-up

Shake your thermometer by hold it from its tip. But be careful because if you are too violent, so it will reach an impossibly high temperature and your parents will either not believe or send you to the nearest hospital.

6.) Bulb to Heat Up the Thermometer

Or you can heat a mercury thermometer on the light bulb for a few minutes before placing it into your mouth. Or whenever your parents walk out of the room.

7.) If your parents are watching you to take your temperature

You have to be clever and pretend you are going to be sick and run to the bathroom

  • But you should probably stay in the bathroom for a few minutes to make sure that you don’t need anything. You just only need privacy for a while.
  • Lock the door and turn on the hot water in the sink. Make horrible retching noises a dump a glass of water in the toilet bowl. But don’t forget to flush.
  • Drink some hot water before you go back to the bedroom. Dab a little water on your face, so it feels sweaty and you look a little worse for the wear to get a fever. By now your mom probably will probably forget about your temperature and ask her to call into school while you take your temperature.

8.) Communicate about your Symptoms Constantly

You have to make your symptoms obvious throughout the day, complaint verbally or with body language, but don’t cry or whine. Tell your teacher that you are not feeling well and you are doing rest. In that way, you can get up and leave without asking. Take those bathroom breaks and if you are lucky enough to have a concerned teacher, so they will suggest you go to the medical room instead of you having to ask.

9.) Stay Unfocused

Faking is fever is not just about temperature and bathroom habits, it also about looks. It is imperative that you seem to fairly miserable quite consistently. Act like you are doing the effort to move your muscles, including the ones in your face. When it comes to your eyes, so don’t look alert. You should have a vague look of being somewhere else mentally.

10.) Drink Hot Water to Get a Fever

If you are doing to nurse so drinking hot water. you can drink during your frequent bathroom breaks. It will make you look flushed, it will bring your temperature up and it will make you sweaty. When you return, so decide whether or not you want to report that you have vomited, if you have, so you will probably go the nurse immediately. But make sure no one from your class was available in the bathroom at the time. otherwise, they will know that you are lying.

11.) Go to The Nurse

This part is inevitable, unfortunately. When you will get there, the nurse will probably have you lie down for about 15 minutes or so to see if it goes away or not. Keep it up you are almost home free. Mention a sister or brother about having an illness, if feasible. So ask for an extra blanket. If a nurse has any heart, so she will send you home.

  • But if she hands you the thermometer, so consider if any of the above tactics can be applied to this situation.

Other Useful Tips to Get a Fever

  • Wake up early, if you have a straightener, so rub it over a towel a couple of times and hold it up to your head. If it is too hot, so you should cool it off, so it will not be too hot for your head.
  • You can also use a heating pad to raise you a fever. You need to put a blanket over you and make yourself sweat too to get a fever.
  • Do not any thermometer in the microwave because it will not work and you will destroy the thermometer.
  • Wet washrag with warm water and put it on your head for about one to two minutes.
  • Very slight complaint about your sickness for at least 2 days before. It seems a bit too convenient to get sick on a Sunday.
  • Act as you are doing homework, it will show your parent that you care and add some authenticity.
  • Bury your head in your pillow and breathe heavily. Then place your forehead on the heated area and it will make your forehead feel hotter than normal does to get a fever. Your parent will believe that your forehead is very warm.
  • If you don’t walk slowly so stay up late so you could look tired.
  • Make sure to off your fan and get a warm blanket and get under it completely, so you will start to get sweat when your parents will come in, you will be really warm and when they put their hand on your head you will be warm. When they go to get the thermometer, say you have to the bathroom and when you are there, drink some hot water to get a fever, but make sure that it’s not too hot or your parents will bring you to the hospital.
  • Use ketchup, mustard, and mayo for fake vomit, also plain oatmeal mixed with cottage cheese and milk looks very great, and smells like proper vomit.

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Disclaimer: Don’t go overboard doing silly things, doing so may cause great harm, and we take no responsibility. Be smart, take great care of your health.


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