How to Fake Sick? (Ways to Fake a Fever)


Want to skip your school for a day or  do not want to do things that your parents have asked you to do? If yes, then simply fake sick. Yes, you read it right. Sickness is a common solution for every problem. If you will pretend to be sick then definitely your parents won’t ask you to go school and thus you will get to do what you want to do. However, don’t be extra smart. To fake the sick in the best way without getting caught follow the following ways.

How to Fake Sick

Different Ways to Fake Sick:

1.) Show Fake Symptoms a Night Before

Generally, people  want to pretend that they are sick because they do not want to miss their office or school. To fake a sick the best way is start showing the symptoms a night before. If you will  show in the morning then they will catch you red handed so it’s better to start to show off the symptoms of the problem you have chosen from the previous night itself. Pretend as if you are not able to walk, or you are having a problem while eating.

Moreover, make sure that you start at the night so that your parents cannot take you to the hospital. If you have ever been gone through any diseases then you must be aware of its symptoms, recall them again and enact in front of them. Don’t go for a headache or stomach ache since they can be treated overnight. So choose a sickness that cannot be treated in night and one that supposed to last longer.

2.) Avoid Doing What you Want to Fake Sick

Parents are smart enough to understand our each act so it’s better to be one step ahead of them. For this don’t do things that you like to do, for example if you love playing cricket then tell your mother that you won’t be able to play since you are not feeling well. Similarly, if your mom has cooked your favorite dish then control yourself and do not finish it. When you will do this she will realize the intensity of your sickness. Moreover, don’t watch your favorite tv show, instead, lie on the bed while pretending that you are not well. These things are not enough to fool parents you might have to do a lot more. But do not overdo it otherwise you will be caught.

3.) Sleep Early to Fake Sick

Usually, no one likes to sleep early and especially kids. They love watching their favorite cartoon or TV show, playing video games or play indoor game. However, if you have to fake fever then avoid all these things and head towards your bed early. This will definitely make your parents think that something is wrong with you.

Make sure your parents see all these things. If they ask something from you then very softly tell them that you do not want to do it because you are not feeling well. Moreover, to show them don’t brush your teeth, your mother will definitely ask you to brush but simply tell her that you can not do and try to sleep.

4.) Wake Up in the Middle of Night To Fake Sick

If you will have a sound sleep then your parents won’t be able to digest that you are not well. So to confirm this wake up in the middle of the night and act restlessly. If your parents room is just next to your’s then just make some loud noises of pain. Or perpetually drop a glass. Make sure that they hear the sound of it. When they come to ask about this, tell them it slipped. Immediately put your hands on a mouth and run towards to the bathroom. After a few minutes come out and tell them that you just threw up. If this is not enough then start weeping. And without saying a word go to your bed and sleep. This will surely make them believe that you are not well.

5.) Wake Up Early to Fake Seek

Generally, people who fall seek are unable to sleep whole night until and unless they have taken sleeping pills. But waking up all the night is not a good idea instead wake up early. If you will wake up early then you will be able to plan what else you can do to fake sick. So wake up and go to the toilet. Loose motion and vomiting are one of the common symptoms. So just sit on the toilet, until your parents come to see you. When they call you, avoid first, then come out with hands on stomach and make sure you slouch.

This is the best way to make them believe that you are not well. Then act as if you really want to go school and you are running late. On this, your parents will definitely ask you take a leave. But you do not have to nod. Just tell them that you should go school and simultaneously keep on coughing.

6.) Be Reluctant to Get Dressed to Fake Sick

Once you convince them that you want to go school, pick your uniform and be reluctant while wearing it. Pretend that you are not well enough to wear your uniform even. Skip a button of your shirt, avoid combing hair. Moreover, do not wear your socks properly and avoid brushing your shoes. If this is not enough then make fake under eye bags. All you have to do is  take your mothers purple eyeshadow and apply it to your eyes. Make sure that you do not overdo it otherwise you will be easily caught. If you do not want to use a makeup then rub your eyes until they become red. Or simply take vaseline and rub it.

7.) Keep a Low Profile to Fake Sick

Even if your parents completely believes that your are not well then also keep on pretending. After doing all the hard work you will surely get a positive result and that this a days’ leave from the school that too with your parents consent. Do not celebrate your victory instead continue with your acting. Well, you have to continue this entire day if your parents are around you. And if they are not there then enjoy your holiday. However, if they are at home then gradually show that you are feeling well. Tell them that the medicine they gave you is working and you do not need to visit a doctor. But who knows the truth that you actually threw them!


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