How to Induce Vomiting?


Vomiting is medically known to serve the purpose of getting rid the harmful thing from the body. Most people can barely think out throwing out, but sometimes it is necessary to induce it so as to relieve your body from the feeling of general weakness and nausea. This could be the fastest and most effective method for relief of effect of taking too much alcohol or even a bad meal. If you are already feeling nauseated so you can find the place to vomit and sit there for some time so as to allow the body to automatically trigger vomiting. If this doesn’t work then here is the list of inducing vomiting.

However, you need to take care when you throw up as you can cause yourself pain and discomfort. It can even permanently damage your esophagus through the scratching and burning brought on by vomiting. Vomiting regularly can even erode your esophagus due to strong acid present in the stomach.

induce vomiting

Ways to Induce Vomiting

1.) Gag reflex to Make Yourself Throw Up

Open your mouth and make sure the head is pointed downward to prevent choking. You need to insert your index and middle finger onto your mouth. Place your fingers on the tongue and move along the tongue with your fingertip towards your throat.

Then press downward with your fingertip, you will vomit suddenly. If that doesn’t induce vomiting then you need to tickle the throat with your fingertips.

2.) Mustard with Warm Water

Take one tablespoon of mustard and spread it into one cup of warm water, it will create and emetic or a substance that induce vomiting.

  • There is also a little scientific evidence that this solution is effective and safe. It is considered as one of the best home remedies.
  • When the solution will get prepared then drink it quickly. If the mustard solution sounds unappetizing, it is because it is supposed to make you vomit. When you will drink this mustard solution try to pinch your nose or holding your breath if it is too hard to get it down.
  • Wait for 20 to 30 minutes for vomiting to take effect. If that time passes without vomiting, then the solution was likely ineffective.

3.) Saline Solution to Induce Vomiting

Add 3 teaspoon of salt with 16 ounces of warm water, it will create a good emetic. This is a great homemade emetic that works very effectively. The activated sodium chloride within your stomach will activate throwing up. But be careful with drinking salt water as too much of it can potentially be deadly.

  • Wait for 20 to 30 minutes for vomiting to kick in. If vomiting doesn’t occur so you can use another method.

4.) Slime gag to Induce Vomiting

Mix one cup of okra slime with two to three raw egg whites. If you think egg white is risky, so don’t use it or use a pasteurized version.

  • Then slowly gargle with egg white or okra solution till the gagging reflex is induced.
  • Split the egg white or okra solution into a cup. It necessary so you can repeat the same solution till the vomiting occurs.

5.) Watching Someone Else Vomit

Watching someone else vomit can induce vomiting. Scientist call this sympathy vomiting. It can occur if the if the direct vomiting party doesn’t have an illness like the direct party.

  • The safest and most effective way to do this is to activate gag reflex
  • Wait for the person to vomit. When the person starts to vomit, watch closely and inhale the vomit of smell of their vomit. If it triggers a wave of nausea, don’t try to fight it, but use that nausea to cause yourself to vomit.
  • Only use this method after other methods have failed and you have called the relevant professionals.

6.) Overeating to Make Yourself Throw Up Easily

Overheating has the effect of overextending your stomach. You need to fill your stomach beyond its capacity, hence promote it to force excess food out through the gullet. This thing trigger vomiting. But it is important you should be careful about the kind of food you are eating. Using this method as unhealthy foods such as junk food will definitely lead to stomachache and digestive issue rather than inducing vomiting. Try to eat healthy such as bland starches, induce vegetables, and fruits to induce vomiting by this method.

7.) Coca Cola to Induce Vomiting

It is commonly known for its frizz property which is very helpful when it comes induce vomiting. The bubble produced may help to relieve an upset stomach and when drank flat without the bubbles in intervals, alternating it with water. It can also help to discomfort your stomach and induce vomiting. This works very well in case of food poisoning.

8.) Use a Toothbrush to Make yourself throw up Easily

Using finger to induce gag reflex is the fast and easiest way to make yourself throw up, but most people always find it really disgusting. On the alternative of finger you can sue your toothbrush. What you only need to do si to make the bristles wet and rub it on the back of your tongue until you feel the need to gag. This can be done several times until you throw up, just like when using your finger. It is advisable to clean the the brush or replace it when you are done.

9.) Bloodroot to Induce Vomiting

You can mix bloodroot herb with water and drink it quickly to help induce nausea and vomiting.  This work really fast due to its strength. Though caution should be taken in using this herb as it is toxic in large doses and could cause footpain, tunnel vision and other fatal symptoms. In case of this it is necessary to call a doctor.

10.) Just think about Vomiting

For most of the people just simply think about vomiting is enough to bring this feeling close. If you really want to vomit, so you can focus your thoughts on a disgusting things you saw or ate. You can think abou the worst medicine you had to take some time back. This method can work for you as if it has worked for a lot of people. If it proves difficult then inducing the gag reflex using your  hand or toothbrush will get you to throw up.

11.) Try Emetics

Emetics are medical drugs that are specifically designed to induce vomiting. Ipecac syrup is an example of theses drugs. You can mix this syrup with water and take it in on long gulp. There are also emetic tablets that can be take for this reason. These types of drugs can cause some abdominal discomfort and make you feel nauseous. Then then contract your stomach and hence cause you to vomit. This is quite a safe way to get rid of the content present in your stomach. Though you might experience side effects such as low blood pressure, dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath or a fast hartbeat, hence emetics should be used with caution.

12.) . Expose Yourself to Unpleasant Smells

Most people brain usually reacts to unpleasant sight and smells by causing nausea. Long exposure to such kinds of thing may cause you to vomit in the long run. If this doesn’t work for you, you can induce a gag by putting  your hand inside your mouth. This will definitely help in a great way in making you throw up


  • If you know what poison the victim swallowed, you need to keep that bottle and give it to the paramedics. Any information that you can give to paramedics will ensure that victims gets the best possible treatment.
  • Check the condition of the victim after the vomiting, as vomiting may remove all the harmful substances form the body. Even if the victim did vomit, then the person still needs medication attention.
  • You will need to drink a large amount of water before using your fingers.
  • Don’t self-induce vomiting for the purpose of weight loss as it can be dangerous and result in death.
  • Sympathy vomiting can also work by watching a video of someone puking.
  • Put your index finger deep inside your mouth to induce vomiting.
  • Drinking milk can also help you if you are lactose intolerant, this can cause you to go to the restroom and may exclude the waste you were going to vomit.
  • You can try to drink the mixture of sauce and water. The weird texture and the taste of it will get to you.
  • You can eat the large pepper if you have, then eat some food if you have. The spiciness will literally make you vomit and have the runs will exile the toxin.
  • You can even try to take a really bitter pill, it may taste bad enough to induce vomiting.


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