How to Stop Binge Eating?


In this article, we will tell you the ways to stop binge eating. It is an eating disorder. The person suffering from this disorder can have urges to overeat. Even though they feel shame, regret and guilt after eating a few bites but the cravings to eat more keep on increasing. Most of the people get this disorder by controlling their diet. After controlling your cravings to an extreme level, a time comes when you lose all the control and start to binge eat on those foods too which  don’t like. It is difficult to break this cycle of binge eating but by following some useful tips you can do it. We are sharing here some of those tips with you which can help you stop binge eating.

How to Stop Binge Eating

Useful Tips to Stop Binge Eating:

1) Differentiate between Hunger and Cravings to Stop Binge Eating

To avoid binge eating you should try to control your cravings. Do not eat just for the sake of eating. Eat only when you really feel hungry. Whatever food you choose to eat should be in correct proportion and try to include healthy options in your diet. In this process, try not to starve yourself. Because starving can create more problem for you as it can stimulate binge-eating cycle. Don’t get attracted towards junk food. In this way, you can easily stop binge eating.

2) Don’t Restrict but Add Something to Your Diet to Prevent Binge Eating

You need to work on your mindset to stop binge eating. Keep your focus on those foods which you may add to your diet. Similarly, you should not focus on those foods which are not healthy for you. For example, if you like ice-cream then do not think much about it. It is not good for your health. You can’t consume it daily. In spite of this, you should focus on dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and other healthier options. This strategy can help you get rid of binge eating.

3) Keep Yourself Off the Scale to Overcome Binge Eating

We all know that binge eating is the result of following a hardcore weight-loss program. Mostly, it happens to them who try to get in shape without applying many efforts. They keep on checking their weight on weighing scale. Like an addiction, they keep on checking it 4-5 times a day. First of all, by checking your weight again and again won’t make you lean and thin. It only adds up to your stress level as you feel disappointed every time you fall short of your target. Stress can compel you to eat more and you may become a binge eater.

4) Don’t Try to Be Perfect to Stop Binge Eating

You may give yourself some leniency in following that strict and rigid weight-loss program. In fact, you can get rid of those rules which are restricting you to a greater extent. Give yourself some freedom and make your own diet according to your preferences. But eat healthy foods. A book should not tell you what to eat and what not to. If at all you crave for something unhealthy then try to keep yourself indulged in some other activity. An idle mind can cause trouble for you.

5) Keep Your Focus on Actions and Forget About Results to Cure Binge Eating

You may keep your focus on your actions and on those things which you can really do. Be positive in your approach. Try to figure out your possible goals and reach onto them. Don’t think much about the results. Whatever the possible outcomes may be you should not bother about it. Your home should have a good supply of whole foods you enjoy. Set a schedule of exercises which you are capable of doing. Staying positive and adopting a positive approach can help you stop binge eating.

6) Don’t Go After Rapid Fat Loss Programs to Stop Binge Eating

By following a rapid fat loss program you may not be benefited for a long time. These fancy fat loss approaches can play havoc with your eating habits. As a result, you may again end up with being a binge eater. It fills you up with guilt and remorse. To counter this, you should take a step a day and don’t try to run. Don’t push yourself to shed those bulges which have got accumulated in your body in a long time. Gradually, you may improve your eating habits and can get yourself out of that binge-eating cycle.

7) Have Some Patience to Treat Binge Eating

Try to be enough patient to catch up your normal eating habits. With efforts applied in correct direction, you may change your diet and can prevent binge eating. Results may not come overnight and you should not give up either. It will take some time to break that binge-eating cycle and some other bad habits like negative-talk.

8) Be Confident and Take Support to Stop Binge Eating

The most important things needed in you to break this vicious binge-eating cycle are the confidence and will-power. You may tell about your condition to someone whom you can trust. Their support and assistance may help you get rid of binge eating easily. They can even guide you to the correct path. You may go to a counsellor who knows well about eating habits. This indeed is one of the effective ways to stop binge eating.

9) Ditch Cheat Days to Stop Binge Eating

Do not add any cheat day to your diet schedule. In order to stop binge eating you should make a healthy diet plan including those foods which you love to eat. Restricting yourself to eat those forbidden foods only a single day in a week can promote binge eating. Because on that day you will probably eat limitless thinking that this is the only chance you have got. This may lead to overeating and make you obese if followed for a longer period. So, it’s better to have small proportions of those forbidden foods once in a while rather than engulfing all in a single day.

10) Exercise for a Stronger You and not a Leaner You to Deal with Binge Eating

Keep in mind that you are exercising to make yourself strong. Do not think that it is only for burning calories so that you can shed some fat which has got accumulated due to binge eating. You should keep a positive outlook to stop binge eating.


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