Yoga for Weight Loss (Yoga Poses for Weight Loss with Video)


Yoga is an age-old practice followed for weight loss for a really long time. Yoga for weight loss is a very common approach because it has profited everybody who has regularly rehearsed it. In today’s quick paced age, individuals turn toward yoga as a manifestation of activity in a solid form.

11 Yoga for Weight Loss (Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss)

Yoga for Weight Loss with Yoga

1.) Ardha Matsyendrasana Yoga Pose for Weight Loss

This asanas is particularly intended to increase the limit of your lungs so it can breathe in and hold more oxygen. Separated from that, it extends the spine and tones the thighs and muscular strength. As stated by yoga professionals this pose invigorates the digestive framework helping you process sustenance all the more proficiently and smolder fat everywhere on your constitution. Assuming that you have a back damage and doing this pose just in the vicinity of an ensured mentor.

2.) Surya Namaskar Asana for Weight Loss

Surya Namaskar is a situated of yoga asanas completed in a progression. It has an astonishing weight lessening properties since it utilizes different forward and regressive bowing asanas that flex and stretch the spinal segment giving a significant stretch to the entire figure. Accept it or not this is a full form workout like no other. It has a profound impact in detoxifying your inside organs through plentiful oxygenation and has a deeper unwinding impact.

3.) Veerbhadrasana Yoga For Weight Loss

Veerbhadrasana 1: Literally importance the warrior pose, this asana extends your back, reinforces your thighs, cheek and tummy. It additionally helps in making you more centered and opens up your midsection so you can inhale better. This is a superb pose to liquefy away the fat from your midsection. If you have high circulating strain, shoulder, knee or back inconvenience, please perform this pose under the direction of a prepared instructor.

Veerbhadrasana 2:  This asana is incredible to fortify the muscles in your thighs, back, stomach area and center.  If you experience the ill effects of loose bowels or high circulatory strain don’t do this pose.

4.) Vrksasana Yoga for Weight Loss

This asana is extraordinary for the muscles of your stomach and belly. It is also referred as the tree pose. Separated from focusing on your center it additionally helps your brain center and tones the muscles of the thighs and arms. If you have harmed your knee or back kindly do this aasana under the supervision of a prepared master.

5.) Uttanasana Yoga for Weight Loss

You can perform this asanas for weight loss, but easily by these forward curving pose that extends the hamstrings, and the muscles of the stomach area. It additionally makes the blood hurry to your head, helping you physique switch from the thoughtful to the parasympathetic sensory system, helping you unwind.

6.) Kapal Bhati Pranayam Yoga for Weight Loss

This is a manifestation of breathing practice that serves to oxygenate your physique while fortifying the muscles of your stomach and belly. It helps in providing for you that level toned tummy, softens away stomach cushions and enhances processing. Avoid doing this pose in the event that you have high pulse, a hernia or coronary illness.

7.) Halasana Yoga for Weight Loss

This pose is incredible for the individuals who sit for extend periods of time and have a tendency to have awful carriage. It tones the muscles of your cheek and fortifies your shoulders and thighs. It likewise animates the working of the thyroid organs, parathyroid organs, lungs and stomach organs, in this manner helping the blood race to your head and face, enhances processing and holds the hormonal levels under tight restraints. If you experience the ill effects of liver or spleen issue, hypertension, have looseness of the bowels, are discharging or have endured neck damage, avoid from doing this pose.

8.) Ardha Chandraasana Yoga for Weight Loss

This pose is incredible to tone your hind quarters, upper and inward thighs. Assuming that these are your issue ranges, this is the pose for you. The included stretch the sides of your tummy, help smolder off those unattractive extra layers and fortify your center.

9.) Setubandhasana Yoga for Weight Loss

This pose is extraordinary to tone up the thighs, the shoulders and tone your abs. It likewise unwinds the psyche, enhances processing, soothes the side effects of menopause in ladies and extends the neck and spine. It is additionally extraordinary to hold one’s circulatory strain under control. Avoid doing this pose in the event that you have a neck or back damage.

10.) Balasana Yoga for Weight Loss

Known appropriately as the tyke’s pose this is an extraordinary anxiety buster. It delicately extends the hips, thighs, lower legs, cools the psyche and helps ease push and exhaustion. It is likewise an incredible solution for that lower back torments you may have from extending periods of time of sitting. If you are pregnant, have knee harm or have loose bowels don’t do this pose.

11.) Pranayam Yoga for Weight Loss

This pose is the most ideal approach to unwind and permit your psyche to achieve a tranquil state. Did you realize that we can toss out 90 percent of the poisons from our constitution by breathing accurately? We can take in the specialty of breathing right by watching new conceived infants. Have you seen their stomach delicately climbing and falling as they take in and inhale out?  Breath is our imperative wellspring of vitality. The way to sound and euphoric living lies in right relaxing. When we go to our breath, it can mend us from all stresses and anxieties. This is the last some piece of the workout and is the most ideal approach to recapture your entire existence and anticipate a splendid and cheerful day.

Rehearsing yoga once a day has positively helped numerous individuals in diminishing and putting on weight. Individuals frequently accuse their genes for being overweight or underweight, Yoga for weight loss best suited for them. In any case that is not the case unfailingly. It’s not generally genes which are answerable for weight pick up.


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