How to Treat Hives?


In this article, we will tell you how to treat hives. Generally caused due to an allergen, hives can be problematic at some times. It is also known as urticaria. It seems like a skin rash, red in color, forms bulgy patches on skin. Hives can be itchy, small, swollen and can persist for a few hours. But you may tend to get new ones immediately. They occur in singularity or in a cluster. Body releases histamines in response to an allergic reaction caused due to food, medicine, or other allergens. Sometimes body also releases histamines in response to sunlight, exercises, stress, infections and change in temperature. But you should not worry as we are providing you some of the effective home remedies to treat hives at home.

Effective Ways to Treat Hives:

1) Cold Compress to Soothe Hives

Hives create itchiness and irritation to your skin. The redness and burning sensation can be reduced by applying cold compresses. Do not scratch the affected area. Take a clean cotton cloth. Dip it in cold water. Squeeze it so that extra water comes out. Now, place it on the affected areas of your body. Keep it there for 10 minutes. Repeat the process for 2-3 times till the itchiness stops. It will keep your skin cool and you will feel better. Apply the cold compresses whenever hives bother you throughout the day. Keep in mind you are not using chilled water for this purpose as it may worsen your condition.

2) Baking Soda Paste to Cure Hives

How to Treat Hives

Baking soda is basic in nature and it can relieve you from itchiness due to hives. Take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with enough water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. You can make use of spatula or just your fingers to spread it properly. It is so handy technique and you can reapply the paste any-time you feel itchiness in the hives. Rinse off the paste with cool water after it dries up. Cream of tartar can also be used for curing hives. Make a paste just like you have made with baking soda and water.

3) Oatmeal Bath to Cure Hives

Among the best remedies to treat hives, one is taking an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal has soothing properties and it is widely used for skin care. It can stop irritation due to hives in your skin. For taking an oatmeal bath, you need a bath tub full of warm to normal water. Now, take one to two cups of oatmeal flour. Add it to the water in the bath tub till a thick consistency is reached. Water will become white in color. Get into the bath tub. Sit there until your hives soothe and itchiness stops. Repeat the process as often you need it. You may try adding few cups of milk to bath tub for better results.

4) Vinegar to Get Rid of Hives

Vinegar is mildly acidic in nature. It can treat hives in an effective way. It is full of healing nutrients. For this, take a teaspoon of vinegar and mix it with a tablespoon of water. You may pick any vinegar available in your kitchen. Using a clean cotton ball or cloth apply this mixture on affected areas of your skin. It will help you soothe hives and provides enough relief from itchiness.

5) Pineapple Compress to Cure Hives

Pineapple is said to have Bromelain enzyme in it. This enzyme can be beneficial in reducing the swelling of your hives. You can take canned or fresh pineapples. Crush them a bit. Place them in a clean cloth. Hold all the four corners of the cloth and tie them up. Your pineapple compress is ready. Place this compress on the affected areas. You can reapply it again and again. When not in use, you can put it in a refrigerator. Discard the pineapples after 24 hours.

6) Nettle Leaves to Treat Hives

Nettle has natural antihistamine in it. Nettle leaves can be used for curing hives. You can boil nettle leaves in water and drink it as a tea. In other way, you can dip a clean cloth in that water in which nettle leaves have been boiled. Wring out the cloth to remove extra water. Soothe the hives by placing this cloth over it.

7) Calamine Lotion to Treat Hives

Calamine lotion is very good for skin infections. It is a mixture of zinc carbonate and zinc oxide. Regular application of this lotion on hives can reduce itchiness and cure it gradually. Rinse off the lotion before second application as needed. Other alkaline solutions like milk of magnesia and Pepto-Bismol can also be used for relieving the itchiness of hives. Calamine lotion is easily available in chemist shop. Apply it repeatedly to treat hives.

8) Fish Oil to Soothe Hives

Fish oil contains important fatty acids. These omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties in them. Consuming these in the form of capsules or directly through fishes can be beneficial for your health condition. It can soothe hives and provide you relief from itching. Salmon, tuna, bluefish, etc. are some of the cold-water fishes which are good source of fatty acids.

9) Avoid Allergens to Cure Hives

You can figure out by analysing your food habits that from which foods you are allergic to. Give a check on the dairy products, vegetables, fruits, juices, supplements, etc. which can be possible suspects. Weather conditions, change in temperature, sunlight, stress levels or clothing, any of them could cause hives. With an attentive tracking, you can find out the reason behind the eruption of those red, itchy hives. Some foods like fish, eggs, tomatoes, milk, berries, chocolate, nuts, and shellfish can cause allergic reactions and can cause hives.

10) Reduce Stress to Treat Hives

Sometimes excessive stress can trigger histamines secretion in the body. It may cause hives. For relieving stress, you can practice deep breathing exercises, yoga, watch entertaining shows, meet up with your friends, listen to soothing music, etc. These methods can help you reduce stress levels and you can easily get rid of hives. Certainly, it is one of the simplest ways to treat hives.


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