How to Potty Train a Puppy?      


Are you planning to get a puppy for yourself or to gift a nice breed to your close one? In any of the way you need to house-train the puppy. Puppy potty training is not easy as it seams for that you need to be patient and careful and this will definitely pay you in the long run. Below we have listed some of the ways that can help you potty train a puppy. Read more to know how to house-train a puppy.

Potty Train a Puppy

Ways to Potty Train a Puppy:

1.) Prepare Environment to Potty Train a Puppy

Puppies are not acquainted with what is right and what is wrong. However, they are smart to understand what their master wants from them. So it depends on the master what type of environment he creates for his pet to leave in. A puppy will not understand that it is bad to urinate on the bad, carpet or home as well until you will make him understand that. Therefore, you should be wise enough to teach him accordingly. Initially your pet will be reluctant to understand since it will be new for him. Nevertheless, your patience and determination to housetrain your puppy will definitely pay you off.

  • To start with take him outside frequently, so that he learns to go outside. Moreover, it is very important to praise him after every puppy accident. Like humans when puppies are appreciated they like to learn more and develop a certain behavior that is tought them.
  • Nothing would be easy for you at first, since it will take long for puppy to understand how and where he should go to urinate and potty. So be patient. Since it is a slow process therefore, sometimes you have to be affectionate and sometimes strict to potty train a puppy. However, in any way do not punish them otherwise they wont respond in positive way.
  • When you see your pet alimenting in the house immediately ask him to go outside. Do not scold them simply yell “outside” so that he immediately recalls that he has to go out for the potty.
  • If he does not obeys you simply pick him and take him to the area designated for his nature call. For this make sure, you zero in a particular place outside.

2.) Know your Puppy’s Breed and Train him According his Age

It is very important to know the breed of your pet. Once you know their breed you will likely understand their nature and behavior and therefore it will be easy for you to plan how to house train them. In addition to this , you need to understand the need and the bladder system pf your puppy. For example small dogs have tiny digestive system therefore, they need to be taken out frequently. Moreover, small dogs can pee or potty anywhere in the house so you need to limit their access to entire house.

  • In addition to this, the nature of the puppy’s bladders boundaries is determined by their age. So you need to teach him according to his age. For example, puppies who are 2-3 months old can hold their bladder for 2 hours only therefore, you out to take him out every 2 -3 hours to potty train a puppy.
  • Similarly a four-month old puppy can hold for more than 3 hours. According to his age the holding power of the bladder will also increase and thus gradually he will mold himself according the environments.
  • A 7-12 months old male puppy also gets sexually matured and because of it, he can raise his leg and pee where he is comfortable. On the other hands female puppies usually come towards heat. So you to take this is mind as well.
  • At 12-24 months, a puppy is completely house trained, depending on the breed of the puppy. But that does not mean they won’t repeat the mistake. There are rare chances of doing so.
  • It is to train a puppy as compared to the full grown dog that has bad habits.

3.) Create a Den or Crate to Potty Train a Puppy

Like humans puppies do not eliminate around the place where they reside, eat and sleep. So a crate-training is a best way to make your puppy learn the bladder control technique. Moreover, in crate or in den he will feel secured and homely. To make him feel comfortable, keep some toys, comfortable bedding inside and open the door of the crate when you are around. The puppy should be happy to go in his crate or den.

  • Sometimes dogs do not like crate and thus they do not get into it. And some get excited about the fact they will have their own comfortable place to leave. It depends on dogs to dog and breeds to breeds. The possible way of making him acquainted with the place is introducing him with the place in the nice way and keeping all the things that makes him comfortable.
  • Make sure the puppy get used to of his crate at the early stage only otherwise it will be difficult for you to teach an older dog. However, do not leave a puppy into the crate for more than 3-4 hours regardless of his bladder control. You need to interact with him to develop good and positive habits in your puppy. If you cannot spare some time to him they you can higher a care take for him.
  • After crating the dog take him for the regular walk at the predeceased place where he can eliminate and avoid doing it at home.

4.) Develop a Feeding and Potty Schedule to Potty Train a Puppy

You need to take care of the smallest possible thing while house training a puppy and trust us it will definitely pay you in the long run. To potty train a puppy it is very important to develop a feeding pattern. For this prepare a chart that unfolds what and when your puppy should eat. If your puppy will eat whatever he wants and whenever he wants, you wont be able to train him wisely. So set a time-table for you and make sure he follows it. Always take your puppy outside after every 15-20 minutes of his meal. Moreover, pour some water in his dish and as soon as he finish the water take him outside where he can urinate.

  • This will help your puppy to understand that he cannot and he should eliminate in the home and there is a particular designed for it where he should go.
  • During all these you have to work on yourself too. For example you should know when you have to affectionate and when you have to strict with them. Moreover, you should thoroughly observe your pet in order to the signs- or his behavior when he wants to eliminate.
  • Since puppies can not tell you that they want to urinate or go for potty thus they tend to make some sound and do something through which you will know about it. He might start scratching the something, sniffle here and there or simply swirl his tail to give you a hint. So you to be smart enough to pick what your puppy wants.
  • Moreover, choose a designated word to house train your puppy. Repeating words such as hurry up, go for potty, etc will make him familiar to the time he is supposed to eliminate. However, choose a single word only.

5.) Pay Special Attention to Potty Train a Puppy

You need to pay special attention on the upbringing of the puppy like your own baby. You need to understand what they want from you. Like humans, animals are also hungry of love and affection so praise them whenever they finish their meal. It is very important to interact with your puppy in order to toilet train a puppy. Play with them. And make them familiar with the places and members around. So that they do not feel lonely and low.

  • In addition to this take a special care of his drinking habits. If he will drink frequently then he might pee anywhere so it is important to keep a close eye when he drinks water.
  • On average a dog can hold for 7 hours. So remove his water dish early in the morning so that he does not drink in the morning and take him outside inside.
  • Moreover, if in the mid night your puppy wants to eliminate then make the trip short and to the point. Simply take him to the designated area to eliminate and then bring him back. Do not switch on too many lights otherwise he will think it is a play time and will make you wake up to play with home.
  • Don’t keep the puppy in the crate for too long. Open the door of the crate when you are not around, so that he can go to the designated place and attend his natural call.
  • Many a times you might not be around him and a puppy might also not familiar with the place where he should eliminate during such times spread some news paper around. So that he eliminate on the newspaper.


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