How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You?


Guys, if you want to have a permanent relationship you should know the type of girl who can tune in with you. For knowing that you should understand girls first. A girl will get easily impressed if you know how to keep her happy and make her feel special. Girls can be impressed easily but to make a girl fall in love with you and making her stay in your life does takes time and energy. Well, here are few things which every girl would love in unison in boys. If you know she is the right one to fall in love with, make sure you know how to approach her and make her stay in your life. Few points can be jotted in mind to remember that can help you to take the first step to creating an impression and make her fall in love with you.

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

Steps to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

1.) Be a Gentleman to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

The first and foremost thing which would provoke any girl to give a tiny thought about you is the way you behave with her. Be ready to push the door and gesture her to go inside first. Pull a chair and make her sit or if she already pulls the chair, make sure she has settled comfortably.

Yes, it’ll work. Being a gentleman does not cost much. All you need to do is to look if she is comfortable or not? I guess it is not too hard to do that, isn’t it? Every girl wants to have a gentleman in her life. If you cannot be a gentleman then forget to make a girl fall in love with you.

2.) Help Her to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

Every small thing matters. Another key point is that when you have asked her out,  make sure you treat her special. Open the door of the car, help her to get out by holding her hand. Doing small helping gestures means a lot to her. Help  girl whenever she needs you or when you find her in bit trouble. If you really love her you will get to know that she is not feeling good or something is troubling her up. Be with her through thick and thin to make a girl feel for you. Do not do all these just for the purpose of making her love you rather do it to make her feel good.

3.) Make Her Feel Special

If you study together in college or work in the same place, let her know she is different from others. The best way is offering coffee or share food during break time. If you treat every other girl same way then how do you expect her to feel special in your company? Girls like to feel special, do few things only for her. It does not mean that you should not help other girls but few romantic gestures and flirting keep for your girl only. This would make her feel that you like her the most and she would also start feeling something or you

4.) Go Shopping Along with Her

Now don’t start running away. Girls love shopping and you have to accept it. When you love someone you find happiness in their happiness. If doing shopping makes her happy then you should do it with her. If you are good at observing then you’ll get to know what she actually likes. Offer to go with her and help her choose. Most of the times girls do not even want you to help her just going along with her would be more than enough to make her feel special

5.) Carry the Bags

Now that you have become friends, you will be more comfortable to move with ease and be more casual. Take the shopping bags from her. It depends upon on her reply that if she actually is ok with you carrying it or not. But, it’ll create an impression in her mind that you actually bother to carry her bags. Carrying the handbags are not necessary and she will never ask you to do that, but you can ask her for it as a common gesture.

6.) Take Her For Dinner Dates

Who doesn’t loves to eat good and delicious food? You definitely have noticed the way she munches away her favorite food happily. Politely, ask her for a dinner date. After noticing your way of approach she won’t reject you. You can even call her at your place and cook yourself for her. She would definitely love it.

Prepare a romantic candle light dinner if she will be okay with it or else just prepare a great dinner and serve it with wine. You do not need to be a perfect chef to cook for her. Just read something from the recipe book and try to make it and bring other eatables from the outside. Serve your handmade dish proudly, she would love your efforts.

7.) Notice the Way She Carries Herself

With you being around her most of the time you are noticing the way she dresses, compliment her. Girls notice the way a man compliments her and choose to reply according to that which may be different for the same compliment received by lot many others. The way she carries herself would tell you a lot about her personality and what she likes and what she does not like much. When you want to make a girl fall in love with you notice her carefully and you will be able to charm her easily.

8.) Protect Her to Make a Girl Fall in Love

It really does not require you to be the Batman. After so much of effort, I’m sure you both are good friends now. Help her with simple things. Offering to drop her home after late night parties is the best way to show how much you care for her or even if she is traveling by herself just ping and ask if she has reached home. Show her your care and be protective towards her. This would make her see your caring and protective side. Trust me, every girl wants a guy who can protect her.

9.) Gift Her Something to Make Her Love You

Seeing a gift would make her feel happy. You do not need to gift her on the daily basis but do it sometimes. What is bigger than he smile? Remember the girl you love is not there to make you bankrupt. So, chill and gift her something small but worth to remember. Like a flower or chocolates. Believe me, it will make her day. If you are not very good at choosing any gift then take her for shopping with you and notice what she likes to have if she let you pay then you can gift her and if she doesn’t then too you got to know her style. You can gift it to her on your own. You can even gift her anything as your style and she will love the intention behind the gift.

10.) Note Cards and Messages

Written notes never get out of fashion. It is the best way to make a girl feel special and loved. Wish her morning with a beautiful message with a smile. Don’t use jargon and long messages but a short cute one. Make small cards and place on her desk or table so that she feels special and know you genuinely love her. When you cannot meet her send her a bouquet along with a note. These small and cute things matter the most in any relationship. To make her feel that how special he is to you, you can even write a poem for her or compose a song for her. She will definitely go crazy in love with you after hearing that. 


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