How to Apply Eyeshadow?


In this article, we will tell you how to apply eyeshadow. You can look beautiful if you apply eyeshadow correctly. Eye-makeup is very important to enhance your overall makeup and to flaunt a goddess look. With right shades and makeup brushes you can apply eyeshadow in various styles. You need to do a little practice to become a pro in applying eyeshadow. Colorful, smoky and pastel shades, add a dramatic attraction to your personality. Wearing an eye-makeup can be quite adventurous and experimenting sometimes. You can reflect your creativity in applying eyeshadow on your eyes. Here are some useful tips which can help you to apply eyeshadow on your eyes perfectly.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

Tips to Apply Eyeshadow:

1) Know Your Eye Shape to Apply Eyeshadow

Eyes are of various shapes like almond-shaped, with hooded lids, round eyes, asian eyes, eyes with darker lids, etc. You always want to make your eyes look more awake, brighter and bigger. To make this possible, just pick up the right shade and brush to beautify your eyes using an eyeshadow.

If you have almond-shaped eye then you can style your eye in almost all possible ways. Same goes with round eyes. But if you have asian eyes then you should consider flaunting ombre effect through your eyeshadow pattern. Girls having hooded lids can highlight their outer corners of the hooded lids to create brightening effect. They don’t need much eye makeup. Those girls having darker lids can put a concealer first on their eyes before applying eyeshadow. They can use shimmer shade to beautify their eyes.

2) Choose Right Brush to Apply Eyeshadow

For application of eyeshadow on your eyes you need to have the correct set of eye makeup brushes. In this set of brushes you should have large shadow brush to sweep highlighter, precision shadow brush, blending shadow brush, blending tip brush, angled liner brush, precision liner brush and smudger brush. All of these brushes have their specific role in applying eyeshadow. You need to have with you all of these brushes in order to apply eyeshadow perfectly.

3) Select Eyeshadow Formula of Your Choice

Eyeshadows come in various forms. Cream eyeshadows can be used on your eyes as a base color for the application of loose powder eyeshadow. It can be used as a solid single colored coverage of eyes. Blending of colors is difficult with cream eyeshadows. Loose eyeshadows are quite difficult and messy to use. It needs a lot of practice to apply loose eyeshadow. Various pigments are available in loose form. Your trick should be correct for its proper application. Pressed eyeshadow is most preferred eyeshadow as it is easy to blend and simple to use.

4) Put a Primer before Applying Eyeshadow

Applying a primer on your eyes before the application of eyeshadow can be very useful tip for you. Primer can make eyeshadow long-lasting. It prevents it from falling or creasing throughout the day. If you are using translucent primer then the color of eyeshadow will look brighter and closer to what you see in palette.

5) Know Which Color in Your Palette Meant for Which Part of Eye

You might have noticed various shades in your eyeshadow palette. We can guide you to make you understand which shade is meant for which part of your eye. Although it totally depends on how you want to use any shade in the palette on your eyes. Generally, lightest color can be used as a brow bone highlighter. Second lightest color can become color of your lid. Second darkest color can be applied on crease. Darkest color in your palette is best used at outer corners of your eye.

6) Use Patting, Dabbing and Blending Methods to Apply Eyeshadow

Usually we think what is there in applying an eyeshadow. But there are few techniques which can help you beautify your eyes perfectly. While putting a shade on your eyes, you should use small patting and dabbing motions. It can spread out the pigment evenly on your eyes.

If you just wipe a brush over your eyes then pigment can settle at some places. Similarly, while blending pigments on your eyes you should practice gentle motions. Thus, your colors won’t get mudded on your eyes. They will just combine with each other gradually to give you a perfect finish. At the end, use a brush to distribute all the colors evenly on their place.

7) Tackle Makeup Fallout

When you apply eyeshadow on your eyes especially loose powder eyeshadow then some of it falls on your face too. In order to tackle with this problem you can tap some colorless loose face powder under your eyes. After completing your eye makeup you can wipe off the powder using a duster, makeup remover swabs or a makeup remover pen. You can simply brush it off too. You may use an eyeshadow and mascara shield as another option.

8) Eyeshadow Shapes

There are some basic eyeshadow shapes that you need to know about. Some of them are fan shape, cat eye, smoky eye, rounded style, banana style, etc. For fan shape, use three shades of color. Lightest shade should be applied at inner portion of eyelid. Second darkest shade should be applied at the middle portion and darkest shade on the outer portion of eyelid. For cat eye, use the darkest shadow at the outer corner of your eye to make a large winged shape. Use a pencil brush to spread the color on the top portion of your eyelid.

For smoky eye, you need to apply dark shade of color on your lower lid and outer portion of upper lid. Then apply a medium and light color shade on the inner portion of upper eyelid. For banana style, make a defined line on the crease of eyelid using a dark shade. Use light shade over the crease and down the crease and blend in a way so that crease line does not vanish.

9) When to Apply Eyeshadow

You should apply eyeshadow before your facial makeup so that if eyeshadow fallout of your eyelids then you can wipe it off using a swab. After your eye makeup, apply foundation or concealer according to your need.

10) Lighten Your Matte Shadow

In order to lighten your matte shadow to a brighter shade, you can use a white pencil to do the trick. Firstly, apply the white pencil on the upper eyelid then apply matte shade color over it. Repeat it for lower lids. In this way, you can get the brighter shade with no hassle.


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