How to Fill in Eyebrows?


Your eyes are the main point of attraction of your face. They speak more than your words. But, at times, we rarely pay attention on the brows than makes it more fabulous. Remember that your face looks more attractive with thick eyebrows. So, if you are going to attend an important event and you want to look gorgeous at a party, then it’s the time to fill in eyebrows. This article will guide you regarding various ways to fill in eyebrows.

How to Fill in Eyebrows

Ways to Fill in Eyebrows:

Here are few important ways that you should carefully follow if you want to fill in eyebrows. Though you cannot increase the eyebrows growth, but you may use these easy ways to fill your thin eyebrows naturally. These ways are effective and they may help you a lot in getting thicker and attractive eyebrows.

1.) Find Out Place to Tweeze:

It is a very important step to fill in eyebrows. All you need to find out the right place where there is the need to tweeze. Find out the stray hair around your eyebrows. Just tweeze stray hair and pluck away them.

2.) Trim Excessive Hair:

Try to trim excessive hair from your eyebrows. To get the natural shape of your eyebrow, it is important to trim them. Just brush your brow hair in upward strokes with the help of the brush. Now, use small eyebrow scissors to remove them. Use these scissors horizontally above your brow to trim them. Be careful while cutting the hair. Also, try to reach beyond your eyebrow line while cutting your hair. Don’t try to over trim your brow hair. Trim them only if it is needed.

3.) Underline Underneath Your Eyebrows:

Underline the area that needed to be filled. Use the eyebrow pencil to underline the area that needs to be filled. Also, don’t take the shade that has the same color tone as your eyebrows. Remember that the hair of your eyebrows has different hues and pigments. If you will use the same color then it makes your eyebrows look more intense. Just try to consider a simple example that if you are having a dark brown hair then try to use the light brown shade.

4.) Try to Measure Your Inner Brow:

Remember that the positioning of your eyes depends on the shape of your face. The width of your nose and everything else plays a major role in deciding the position of your eyebrows on your face. So, even before you start to fill in eyebrows, it is to really important to take proper measurements.

5.) Find Natural Arch of Your Eyebrows:

Take an eyebrow brush and place it on a diagonal outside the corner of your nostril. Just make the high arch where the straight object reaches the top of your eyebrows. This should be the place where the natural arch of your eyebrows will be located.

6.) Consider Skin Tone of Your Face:

It is really important to use the right kind of color tone depending upon the skin tone. You should choose the right color depending on the color of your eyebrows for filling it. You may use trail and error method before choosing the right color.

7.) Fill Your Eyebrows with Brow Powder:

Take brow powder and touch your brush on it. Now use this powder for outlining the top and bottom edges of the eyebrows. Always maintain a margin for getting a natural brow shape. Just start with the arch of your brows and apply powder on it. Also, if your arch is so high then try to make an angry face while applying brow powder. Try to make the lower arch. Try to keep an angular shape instead of a round shape. If you are not able to make it, then you may hold brow stencil as a guide.

8.) Outline Your Eyebrows:

Start moving from arch and move till the edge of your brow. Also, use light brush strokes. Don’t add the product to the brush and add powder while creating volume on the outer edge of your eyebrows. You may even form a layer in the middle area of your eyebrows. In addition, try to focus on the edge of your eyebrows as it gives a natural look to it.

9.) Use Brush to Fill in Eyebrows:

Try to use a spoolie brush for spreading the colored powder. The brush will help in dispersing the color throughout your brow hair. It will make your eyebrows look naturally defined. So, keep on adding powder and brush it till you get a shade of your choice.

10.) Set Your Eyebrows:

Once you follow all the above steps, just use a clear brow setting formula. Keep the color and hair in their place and check your new look. Simply take a brush and give a final touch up by brushing the middle hair. After this, push the brush towards the outer section of your brow. You can also use tinted setting gel. But, the best option is to use clear gel that may add multiple different colors to your brows.

So, use the above ways to fill in eyebrows. It is an easy task to make your eyebrows look thicker. All you need to follow the above ways carefully. It is very easy to give a new look to your face. Remember it is not enough to apply makeup till you don’t get the perfect look. Hence, give a finishing to your makeup by fill in eyebrows. You may find various different types of cosmetics for your eyebrows. Just use them in the right way to enhance the beauty of your face.


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