How to Put on Makeup?


Women love to put on makeup. Whether they are going for an event or simply for shopping they just put on makeup. It accentuates your facial features and makes you stand out in the crowd. For some, it is a stress buster and for some, it makes them confident. Whatever the reason is, makeup is an essential part of our daily routine. To make the best of its important to apply the makeup correctly. Below we have listed ways to put on makeup. Go through them and bid adieu to makeup artist for next event.

 How to Put on Makeup

Ways to Put on Makeup:

1.) Clean your Face First

Before starting with the makeup, clean your face thoroughly. This will help you to remove all the false, debris and residue present on your face. For this use facial wipes. Place the wipes on your face and dab them, cleaning your entire face. After this exfoliate your face to unclog the pores. Once you have exfoliated it apply a nice face pack. It will close all the pores. After a few minutes rinse your face and neck area properly. Pat, it dry and then apply a moisturizer on your face and neck area. Do not forgot to exfoliate and apply face pack on neck area as well. Since you will apply makeup on the neck as well. After this, your face is ready for the makeup.

2.) Apply a Primer to Put On Makeup

The primer comes in different shades of blue, green, pink and others so choose the one according to your skin type. A primer works as a base for the makeup. It keeps the makeup intake for a long time and thus you do not end up correcting it after a few minutes. There are two types of primer. One is water based and another silicon-based primer. To apply primer, apply a drop since primer on your entire face, covering your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and under eye area. You can use your fingers or makeup brush to spread the primer. If you do not want too many chemicals on your face then simply dab ice compress on your face. It will also hold the makeup for a long time. Moreover, it will treat the dark circles as well

3.) Apply Concealer to Put on Makeup

If you have uneven skin, blemishes, under eye bags, dark circles, spots, blemishes, acne or a pimple then do apply a concealer. Your concealer should be one shaded lighter than the foundation. Make sure that the concealer goes well with your skin. It will hide all the marks and dullness on your face. Blend the concealer very well either with your middle finger or makeup brush. This will make your skin even toned and flawless.

4.) Set the Foundation to Put on Makeup

Next step is to apply a foundation. Choose a foundation that matches your skin color and the one that suits your skin type. If the shade of the foundation is darker than your actual skin tone then add a few drops of your moisturizer into it. It will lighten the color of the foundation. To apply the foundation correctly, take a generous amount of the foundation on your back of the hand. Dip a makeup brush into it and generously apply it on the Face. Apply the foundation on the entire face. If you are beginner then you simply apply the foundation with your fingers. While applying the foundation beneath the eyes use your middle finger. Since it will not put pressure on your skin. Once you have applied the foundation. Leave it for a few seconds to blend in. After a few seconds use transparent face powder to set the foundation. Do not apply a thick layer of powder. Use as minimum face powder you can. Make sure that you cover every area of your face and neck.

5.) Apply Highlighter to Put on Makeup

The primer, concealer, and foundation will make your skin tone even and hide all the imperfections. To add the depth on your face apply highlighter. The highlighter will enhance the beauty of your skin. You can use any color to highlight your cheek bones. Pinks and reds are really in fashion these days. It gives pink and rosy cheeks. Tap some highlighter on your cheek bone with angled brush. To apply it correctly either make a 3 with brown lip lines or eye shadow and blend in correctly. Another way is, make a part or suck the air in. In this way, you will get to know your highlighting points and you can highlight them accordingly. Make sure that you cover your under eye area as well

6.) Contour to Put on Makeup

Another step in applying the makeup is counting. This goes well with people who have broad face type of have fat on their face. It tames down the skin and add narrowness. Thus, your cheeks look thin. Apply a contour a shade darker than your skin. Use a technique brush to contour your cheeks. You can also contour your nose to make it look flatter. Contour palettes are easily available in the market. You can choose the one which you want or the one that will enhance your look.

7.) Apply Blush to Put on Makeup

Next and final step in your face make up is blush on. Apply a tinge of blush on your cheekbones. It accentuates the facial features. It will also give you a very soft look. If you are going for a night function or a cocktail then you can opt for a darker shade. However, if you are going for a day function then choose light colors. You can also skip this if do not want apples (cheeks) to be highlighted.

8.) Fill in Your Eye Brows

After completing your face make up its time to fill in the eye brows. Most of the people avoid this. But it is important especially if you have thin or light eyebrows. It will give you a bold and clean look. To fill in the eyebrows. Choose a shade that exactly matches your eyebrows. First, outline your eyebrows and then fill them. You can use a brow pencil for doing so. Or an eyeshadow that matches with the color of your eyebrow hair. To fill in the eyebrows dab thin eye brushes into the kohl and apply it on your eye brows. This will add fullness and thickness in your eyebrows. Moreover, they will look in shape.

9.) Eye Makeup

To complete the makeup apply a kohl on your water lid of the eye. Then apply an eyeliner. You can apply an eyeliner simply or can make wink with it , which is much in fashion these days. Apply a mascara to make your eyelashes more thick and prominent. To enhance the beauty of your eyes apply the eye shadows. It’s all about playing with the colors. Choose the shades that go with your dress you are going to wear. You can go for different eye makeup such as natural eye makeup, dramatic eye look and many others. For a simple look apply eye shadow on your eye crease, cover the eye crease properly. Make sure that your apply similar tone of color on the both the eye crease. For dramatic look play with different eye shadow colors. And do not forget to apply primer on the eye crease before the eye makeup.

10.) Lipstick to Put on Make Up

To complete your look apply lipstick. If you want your lipstick to last longer then apply a foundation or primer on the lips before the lipstick. If your  lips are dry then apply a lip balm fist and then lipstick. This will hydrate your lips and avoid breakdown of lipstick. To give matte finish dab some compact powder on lips. First, outline your lips in the exact shape of your lips. And then fill in the lipstick with the lip brush. If you want to highlight your lips then you can apply lip gloss on your lipstick. Once you complete the makeup give a glance at yourself in the mirror. If there is any fallout then correct it. Keep the makeup products handy for touch-up.

Essential Tips:

  • Avoid applying makeup regularly on your skin.
  • Remove the makeup before going to bed.
  • Use the products that suit your skin type and are not high with chemicals.
  • For daily basis go for minimalistic makeup.


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