How to Get Wax out of Carpet?


Candles add wonderful beauty to your homes. At the time it seemed like lighting your room with the soft, romantic candlelight was a smashing idea but they become a great annoyance when they drip onto your carpet. Acting quickly is important to removing the wax along with dyes it contains before they leave a permanent mark on your carpet. If you have stuck on your carpet and you want to find a way to remove it. then you have found it in this article to get wax out of carpet.

get wax out of carpet

Ways to Wet Wax out of Carpet

1.) Place a Bag of Ice over the Stain

If you will place the ice bag over the stain. This will harden it and solidify it and make it easier to get wax out of carpet. When it will completely get solid then remove and set aside.

  • Get the stain as cold as possible. Ice packs a frozen slab of meat, whatever you have handy apply it to the wax. Then let it set for a few minutes until you are positive the wax is frozen.

2.) Chip Away the Stain

Take a butter knife and chip away at the stain. Remove as much of it as possible prior to actually cleaning, it will make the process ultimately more successful. The less wax you will have to tackle in the end.

  • If you can’t get wax out of carpet too much up, then don’t worry, that’s fine. You can use another method to remove it.
  • Then spray the area with cleaner once the wax is gone. You can use anyone of them, either a carpet spray or cleaning solvent. If a bit of stain is left from the dye then rub it with rubbing alcohol to remove the color. When you will finish applying the solvent, blot with a clean rag and fresh water to remove any leftover residue.
  • When you remove all the residue then it’s time to vacuum, the carpet has just been throwing a pretty harrowing experience. You need to vacuum it to return it to the texture it was original.

3.) Melt it Away

You need to place a sheet of brown paper bag over the spot, don’t use a plastic bag to get wax out of carpet. A bag from the grocery store or a lunch bag will do the job. Place it at the edge of the stain.

  • Place a towel under the part of the bag which is not on top of the stain. You will be moving the bag as the wax saturates it and don’t want to spread the mess any further.
  • Set iron at a warm setting. Don’t make it too hot as it will melt the bag. Don’t use a steam setting. You just want the heat.

4.) Iron over the Paper Bag to Get Wax out of Carpet

You need to iron over the paper bag but do it slowly. As wax will absorb onto the paper bag and come out of the carpet. As it saturates, slide it out onto the towel. Expose the wax to a new part of the bag which is not covered in wax.

  • Then move to a clean part of the paper bag as the spot get saturated. Make sure to not leave the iron on any spot for too long. As you will end up burning anything and exacerbating your problem. When the stain will stop appearing on the paper, lift if up carefully and see what you are left with.
  • If there is more wax left then repeat the process. It will come up eventually.

5.) Rubbing Alcohol to Get Wax out of Carpet

Rub any remaining stains with rubbing alcohol. Place a cloth over the stain and reapply the iron to do it on the steam setting. The dye should seep into the cloth and away from the carpet.

  • Then spray the area with the carpet spray or a cleaning solvent for good measure. You can then either take a cloth to it to blot or lay the cloth on top the sprayed area and iron it with the steam setting on, just he same as you would do with the rubbing alcohol
  • If the carpet seems to be little worse for the wear, then try vacuuming it. that may rejuvenate it to its former, healthy looking state.

6.) Use Lighter and Spoon

You can use this method if you don’t have an iron handy. This method is also effective to get wax out of carpet. In this method, you will need simple basic technique, but just more common household items.

7.) Freeze the Wax First with Ice Cubes

Take four to five ice cube and put them in a plastic bag. This will harden and solidify the wax and make it easier to get wax out of carpet. When it will completely get solid then remove and set aside.

  • You can do this with a bag of ice over the stain if you have. Or with a frozen slab of heat whatever you have handy, apply it to the wax and let it set for a few minutes until your wax gets frozen.
  • Take a knife and softly remove as much as cold wax you can remove without damaging the fabric. Getting rid of as much as will help you for the later process if any wax will leave out.
  • If you don’t get too much, don’t worry move to the other process.
  • The carpet has been gone through a pretty harrowing experience. So vacuum it to return it to the texture it was original.

8.) Apply Spoon to Get Wax out of Carpet

You can place a sheet of blotting paper over the remaining wax. Then hit the back of an old spoon which you don’t for any purpose for about 5 to 10 seconds under the flame of the lighter. You can also use match but a lighter is easier to use, and you will not have a risk of burning yourself or dropping any spent embers.

  • When the spoon will get hot, then move the back of it over the blotting paper, on top of the wax. You have to make sure the back of your spoon gets placed directly where the wax is. Notice that how the blotting paper soaks up the wax.

9.) Repeat the Process to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Using different parts of the blotting paper, repeat heating the spoon and placing it on top of the wax.

10.) Rubbing Alcohol and Carpet Detergent

  • When you will get wax out of carpet, then its time to clean any remaining dye and stains with the help of rubbing alcohol or carpet detergent. Use rubbing alcohol or carpet detergent to lift any remaining dye from the wax for carpet.
  • Mix one-half tablespoon of carpet detergent with 2 cups of warm water.
  • Soak a cloth in the mixture and wring out the excess moisture and cover the stain with this cloth.
  • Move from the outside in and gently work the cloth into the carpet. Be careful not to spread the stain elsewhere on the carpet.
  • Then repeat until as much as dye as possible has been removed.

Tips and Warning

  • For the variation, you can also use a hairdryer. This is especially a good idea if you want to use paper towels instead because the amount of heat will be applied is less and easier to control. Make sure to not to hold the hair dryer too close or it will overheat.
  • If the wax is colored, the dyes may get permanent in a different colored carpet. It happens to try the process then use a carpet cleaner to get the stains out.
  • If you can reach the wax with the help of iron or blow dryer and you dot have an extension cord, then heat up a pot or pan on the stove or you can also use a spoon method. Rub it over the folded paper towel. You may have to do this several times, so try to get frustrated with the process.
  • Don’t set the iron on the paper for long enough so that you smell burning seeing that paper is combustible. If the iron will be at low setting then it will also be able to melt the max and it will not have a chance to catch on fire.

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