How to Get a Girl to Kiss You? (The Fastest Way)


After writing how to get a girlfriend?, how to know if a girl likes you?, how to give a hickey?, and how to kiss a girl?, we are now writing how to get a girl to kiss you? Girls can be so confusing! How would you know whether she wants to kiss you, and in case you’re not sure, how you get a girl to kiss you or how would you make a girl to kiss you? Well, here the steps in the article will surly help you out to get a girl to kiss you.

Ways to Get a Girl to Kiss You or Make a Girl to Kiss You:

1.) Hang Out More With Girl

Start by asking a girl to hang out, only just you two to get a girl to kiss you. Pick any activity or some movement that you can spend together. In case that you two are having some good times, it could slip into a kiss. It could be anything, such as viewing a film, eating, or going surfing on snow or water, or going for a swim. Pick an area, where you can get some privacy, particularly if both of you dislike the thought of kissing openly.

2.) Be Kissable And Kiss Ready

Verify you have brushed your teeth (routinely), taken mints, or chew some gum before seeing her. If you even figure out that how to draw near enough without her holding her nose, terrible breath can completely demolish a kiss! Take a bath before going out with her and spray some nice perfume but don’t overdo it.

3.) Send Some Signals

Sooner or later while you are as one, touch her gently on her arm or hand. This ought to tell her that you like her. There are noticeable signs that a girl likes you and signs a guy likes a girl.

  • Tell her you think she’s unique. Compliment her on her looks, her style, let her know the things you like about her. In case that she leans in, put your arm around her.
  • Both of you are situated accurately for this (e.g., snuggling on the love seat) and if you are really bold, place your hand on her thigh and change its direction to down towards her lower leg. Verify you judge her reaction to your past hints precisely before you attempt this.
  • Look in her eyes and afterwards quickly look at her lips. Verify she is looking at you when you do this, and verify you are grinning.

4.) Read The Girl Mind

Know whether she wants to kiss or not from her body language. If she takes the hints and teases back, lean in for a kiss. Don’t pucker up, no fish face! In case, she leans away, then pull away as well. You may want to put your hands on her shoulders. If she dismisses, that implies she would like to kiss! Don’t attempt it again until you know she is agreeable with it and really wants it.

5.) Set the Environment

First of all, both of you need to get in the mood. Get alone with her in a room, or somewhere else. Be romantic with your talks. Try to play a little dirty. Just make sure you have created the suitable environment for kissing. Making eye contact is also very important to set the mood before kissing. It is something like passing a message with your eyes. If your girlfriend gets the message, she will proceed too. Make sure your lips are not faded or rough. Use a lip gel or lip cream to make your lips soft and perfect for kissing.

how to get a girl to kiss you

6.) Crack a Good Conversation

Flirt a little with your girlfriend. Direct the conversation where it has a steady flow. Compliment her looks, praise her interests and thoughts, and share your similarities with your girl. However, don’t bring up boring topics. This will seriously kill the mood to kiss.

Your kiss plan will be a serious flop, if your girlfriend is not interested. For that, you need to make sure she is interested too. Try to take your conversation into somewhere, where you can learn that she is interested in kissing as well.

7.) Pick the Right Moment

If you don’t know how to kiss a girl on a date, picking the right moment of kissing will also be difficult for you. Most men just don’t get it, when to kiss. You can, therefore, try any of the two approach, you can directly ask her ‘Can I kiss?’ just like a gentleman. Alternatively, you can bring your mouth slightly closer to her, which is a common signal for kissing. If she accepts this signal, you can proceed with your kissing.

8.) Make The Move

If the kiss is effective, you may want to try a percentage of the accompanying. Open your mouth more extensive. However, not very wide, and slip your tongue in her mouth. Try taking the feel her lips with your tongue. In case she reacts, touch her tongue with yours. Rub her lower back. For the really bold, start to lean backwards so she is just about specifically on top of you. Rub in the middle of her thighs and pull up to her head.

9.) Kiss The Girl Gently

It is always better to kiss lightly before moving on to more advance kissing. Do a little kiss or peck for a few times. If you think the kiss is going smoothly, you can slightly use your tongue to know if your girl is ready for a French kissing. You can try different ways of kissing if you think it is going all smooth and enjoy the kiss.

10.) Don’t Continue if it’s Not Going Well

If you feel that your girlfriend is not really enjoying the kiss, then there is no point of you to continue it. So, you should stop right away and wait for the moment when you think it will be suitable to kiss.

Your kiss may be a perfect one or a total flop. Kissing is also an art and it takes time to become a master in that art. It also takes time to be an expert on kissing. Don’t lose hope in these as you will get lots of opportunities to have the right kiss.

how to get a girl to kiss you fast

Other Useful Tips to Get a Girl to Kiss You:

  • Increase the energy of a kiss by touch. Try tenderly holding the back of her neck or head, running your fingers through her hair and rubbing her back as you kiss.
  • Learn distinctive sorts of kissing so you can fluctuate the movements. Kissing the same way all the time can get exhausting!
  • After you’ve been kissing for some time, you may want to increase the power of the kiss by touching her internal thighs or on her bosom. Stop if she moves away or shows that the touching is excessively for her.
  • Kiss in new areas like the recreation center, or the zoo, or behind the potato chip show at the store. It makes them more significant and sentimental.


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