How to Get The Girl You Like?


Everything is easy to catch you just need the right bait. Getting a girl is not as tough as people often think it is. When it comes to making a like you then you need to be different from the crowd. Try to have a charming personality and find out about the likes and dislikes of the girl to get the girl you like. Getting a girl to like you is not that difficult as you think it is. You just need to work smart to get any girl to like you. Follow the given below methods to get the girl you like.

Get the Girl You Like

Steps to Get the Girl You Like

1. Dress as She Likes to Get the Girl You Like

Well, everyone has a unique style and you need to maintain your style but when it comes to get the girl you like you should try looking a bit like her favorite actor as it would help you to get her attention easily. When you would look like her favorite start then getting her attention would not be a tough task and you can easily get along with her. You do not need to look exactly like her favorite star as having your own way is also necessary when it comes to impressing a girl you like.

2. Build Attraction between Both of You

You are attracted to her, therefore, the goal now is to get her on the same page and become attractive for her. In order to get her attraction, you need to work on all levels. Stay groomed and shower daily to smell fresh and stay hygienic.

Make sure that your facial hair and hair are shaped up and you are smelling good and also make sure that you are wearing something that is comfortable as well as fashionable. Especially when you are taking her out then give proper attention to what you are wearing and how do you look. Just keep everything naturally when you meet her and do not show that it is a big deal that she is going out with you.

3. Keep Her Happy in Your Company

When you want to get a girl to like you then it is very important to make her happy in your company. Do not try to do things which might upset her. When she is with you keep her as your priority and even when you get into a relationship with her do not forget to do so. To get the girl you like you should make her feel safe and happy in being with you. When she will enjoy your company she definitely would like to stay with you more. This would help you in getting along with her with an ease.

4. Observe Her to Get the Girl You Like

The communication you have with the girl you’re engaged in should be a learning experience. Take notes in your mind and if you have to, write them down after you get alone time. Or if you are on the phone, you can take note without her knowing. Some of the things that you should take note of include:

  • What is her favorite cuisine?
  • Where she like to hang out the most?
  • How she reacts to any particular instance?
  • What could turn her off?
  • If she is allergic to anything in particular?
  • How does she like to spend her day?

These get to know questions would help you easily to know more about her. Show her that you are very much interested in her and knowing these things would only help you to show her that she is very important part in your life and therefore you need to take care of her small things.

5. Compliment Her to Get the Girl You Like

Every girl loves to be complimented, so look for occasions to do so. Not always give her compliments about her looks and what she is wearing but also give her compliments about what she did or what makes her different from others. Try finding something about her which makes her different from others and it would help you to put yourself in her favorite’s list.

If you want to give her give her compliments about her looks then make it genuine to make it reach to her heart. You can even focus on anything particular while complimenting about her look. Like you can compliment about her eyes.

6. Touch Her to Get the Girl You Like

There are several of ways that you can touch girls without appearing like a pervert. Of course, you need to set limits. You should focus on her hands, arms and shoulders. Of course, you don’t want to do this the very first day that you meet her, but as discussions continue on and you meet with her several of times, you can progress to this level. Observe her make certain that she would be comfortable while you touching her. If she sits close to you and touches your arm while talking then she too would not mind friendly touches.

7. Give Her Hints That You’re Interested

Giving a girl hints that you like her would be in your favor. This way you making her aware that you are into her and you want more than just being friends. When you would treat her more than friends then she would get your intentions and if she acts along then it means that she is also interested in you. You can try to show her affection by dropping her off at her home and offering to pay every time you go out.

8. Respect Her to Get the Girl You Like

You can never win a girl unless you respect her. This is what makes a gentleman different from other men. If you cannot respect a girl you do not deserve her. When you want to get the girl you like you should show her your genuine respect. Do not treat her badly and take her suggestions when you are together. Opening doors for her and pulling the chair for her won’t take much and would make her happy. Respecting a girl shows that you are a great man. Every girl wants to be with the man who would treat her with respect.

9. Motivate Her to Get the Girl You Like

Like behind every successful man, there are a woman same ways behind every successful woman there is a man too and you need to be that man to get her in your life. You should try to motivate her whenever you can. Become her strength and show her what she is capable of doing. Let her make her own decision but be there for her whenever she needs you.

10. Ask Her Out on a Date to Get the Girl You Like

By now you would be knowing if she is interested in you or not. If you feel like that she is interested then probably she is waiting to get asked out by you. Invite her out for a dinner or anywhere where she would enjoy time with you. Make her feel the most important person in the whole world. Treat her with full affection and give her all attention to her. After you both enjoy and sit quietly then you can even tell her about your feelings. Propose her in a romantic manner. Girls like romantic gestures.

  • Stay romantic.
  • Be fully attentive.
  • Stay playful and fun to keep the date interesting.

Tips to Keep in Mind to Get the Girl You Like

  • Stay confident and do not show her that you are nervous even if you are dying inside.
  • Never behave as a pervert if you really want to get the girl you like.
  • Do not try to dominate her.
  • Be a good and patient listener when you are having a conversation with her.


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