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After writing questions to ask your boyfriend, questions to ask a girl and would you rather questions, we are now writing get to know you questions. When we meet someone either due to any purpose or to date them we want to know them more. Knowing a person is a quite interesting process and one has to be a good observant to get to know others easily. There are a lot of things which will act as a catalyst to know people soon. To know someone, first find out what are the things you want to know about and make a list of all of those things. Then form questions according to such points. If you would put up questions as per you want then it can be a great way to know people the way you want to know them. You can ask some of the given below get to know questions to ask someone you want to know.

Get to Know Questions

Best Get to Know Questions

1.) How obsessed you get with your things?

This is a question which will help you to know a person at deeper lever as it will tell you how great that person gets attached with the things. Is he an emotional person or a materialistic one? The way he would explain about it will help you to know what kind of person he is.

2.) What could be the worst thing that can happen to anyone?

The extent of worst thing will help you to know that he is an optimistic person or a pessimist one. If you are a good observer you will find out the answer of your questions. The answer of the question and the way people answer those questions tells a lot about them.

3.) How many people are you close with?

When a person is sensitive towards other people in their life then they will be sensitive towards you too and it tells you that the person is a sensitive to make friends or an insensitive one.

4.) An ideal day or a week for you?

It will give you idea about the person’s hobbies and interest. It would also tell you if the person is likes to spend time alone or with friends. Whether he or she is a person who likes to spend time being lady or whether he or she likes to go out and travel.

5.) Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Well, you may not get the true answer of that question it will definitely tell what kind of person he or she is. Look at their expression and if he or she is genuine to accept their mistakes.

6.) Would you give someone second chance?

Giving second chance means that person is kind-heart and he she is mature enough to let things go. It will also reflect in your relationship later on.

7.) Anything you regret about?

The things she/he regret about will tell you how deep that person is.

8.) Things to do in your to-do-list?

Well, it can have many answers and that person may choose to tell only few of them.

9.) One thing you wish to happen right now?

This would make him/her come out as an open person and he might actually say what he or she is thinking.

10.) Favorite book or movie?

Knowing about a person’s favorite movie or a book tells a lot about their likes and dislikes. It will tell you their favorite genre and it will also help to know the meaning behind the story.

11.) Best way to find a partner according to you?

Many wants to stay with their soul mate for ever and few cannot stay with anyone more than a while.

12.) Favorite memories to share.

Favorite memories would reflect their inner thoughts. A favorite memory will also tell what is the most important things for that person.

13. Biggest challenge you have faced?

Challenges help a man to grow bigger. Bigger challenges mean bigger experience and maturity level.

14.) Favorite sitcoms?

Do they watch any sitcom if yes then which kind of sitcom he or she prefers to watch?

15.) Favorite places to visit?

It will tell you if the person is an outgoing or the couch potato one. You can compare your likes and dislikes with him.

16.) Are you a mountain or a beach person?

A mountain or a beach person is also a good way to compare the compatibility with a person.

17.) What you think of getting into the relationship?

If you are thinking of getting into a relationship with the person then better try to know that person’s thoughts about the relationship.

18.) The most human act done by you?

It will tell you if he or she is a kind person or not and what does kindness means to them.

19.) What would you like to change in this world?

The answer of this question will help you to know how that person looks to the world. This will also help you to look things from his point of view.

20.) What is happiness according to you?

Everyone has different meaning of happiness and it reveals what is the best thing according to that person.

21.) Are you an emotional person?

They will tell you how emotional they are and it will help you to know if you are with an emotional person or not?

22.) What would you like to change about yourself?

If he or she is a self obsessed person then they might say they cannot be more perfect.

23.) What does marriage means to you?

If you are looking for a stronger and life long bond with them then this would help you to know about their point of view about marriage.

24.) What is the freedom according to you?

This would help you to understand a person at a deeper level. To get to know a person in a better way do not look to only on the surface.

25.) Do you like to go out on weekends or do you like to sit at home and enjoy television?

Well, if you are the person who likes to feel the breeze and get the maximum sunlight then you would not want to be with a person who would like to spend most of their time in front of a television set.

26.) How you want your next life to be?

This will help you to know the hidden desire of that person and get to know someone better.

27.) Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well, if you do believe in love at first sight then it is probably an important question to ask to get along with a person better.

28.) What is the best day spent according to you?

The most important thing in any relationship is how someone’s living style is? Getting along with a person with totally different living style might annoy you after a time being.

29.) Where do you see yourself in next five years?

An ambitious person would tell you about their dreams and how great they are working for it.

30.) What is your biggest fear?

Everyone has a fear and it maybe big or small but fear will help you to determine what can terrify the person.

31.) Who is your secret admirer?

Getting to know about secret admirer will help you to get to know what is the thing which that person sees in someone they admire.

32.) How easy you trust someone?

An easy person to trust someone is generally gentle from heart but can even easily get hurt.

33.) The best thing you have heard about yourself?

What other thinks about that person will help you best to get to know about his/her personality. You will get to know one of the good thing about that person.

34.) The most important thing in a person which attracts you?

If you are trying to impress that person then this would help you a lot even if your purpose is just to get to know a person then too what impresses a person most tells a lot about the person.

35.) Ask do you plan your day?

A person who plans a day is the one who is mature and takes life very seriously. If he is not a pre-planner then he believes in living life moment by moment. There is nothing wrong in any of them it is just their style and you need to know which you find better.

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