How to Talk to a Girl You Like? (Fast Methods)


You met a girl just the “your type” and since then you are dreaming of going up and talking to her. Approaching someone for the first time can be very tough and nerve cracking. You can talk to any person if you summon the strength. What worse could come except her not responding? Well, she is not talking to you anyway. Making an effort might help you to be friends with her and she might even say yes to go out with you. But for all these, you need to talk to a girl you like. If you need help w are here to guide you with tips to talk to a girl you like to read more to know more.

How to Talk to a Girl You Like

Tips to Talk to a Girl You Like

1. Choose a Right Time to Talk to a Girl You Like

Pick a time which would be most convenient for both of you and especially for her. If you would go to her when she is busy then you would end up getting disappointed in getting proper attention from her. Try to approach her when she is alone to get her full attention.

This will also help you to have a proper conversation with her. Start with a casual “Hi” or say something which would be appropriate according to the surrounding. For instance, if you find her at a restaurant then ask her if she is a regular customer or what is the best food you should try. It would help you to talk to her easily. If you meet her in school premises then ask which class she is in or at what time her class starts.

2. Make Eye Contact to Talk to a Girl You Like

Whenever you see her do not forget to make an eye contact. Eye contact would help you to create a bond between both of you even when you both do not talk. Making an eye contact daily will get you both used to it and this way you can easily talk to her someday.

When you see her and find her seeing back at you then hold the eye gaze for a while and then look away for a second. You can even give her a smile after few days of making an eye contact and she will smile back too. Once you find her smiling back then it means she would not mind talking to you.

3. Approach Her to Talk to a Girl You Like

Now you have started a bond with her and you need to take it further. Next time when you see her go and talk to her. Start with the casual talks and ask her if she stays nearby or where she works or what class she is in? These talks are not personal and she will not mind answering it.

Give her proper reaction when she answers your questions. Smile whenever it is appropriate it will make you appear friendly and it also would enhance your personality. All you need to do here is to show her that you are an interesting person to talk to and also make her comfortable while talking to you.

4. Compliment Her to Talk to a Girl You Like

Complimenting is the best thing you can do now to make her attracted towards you and to make her know that you are interested in her. Everyone like to hear good things about them and do not make your compliments sound like you are doing it just to flatter her. Give her genuine compliments to make her feel good. You can try to give her compliments on her personality rather than her looks to make her feel good. You can even try to compliment with her to show her how good observer you are which will amaze her about you and she would want to know you more.

5. Make Her Laugh to Talk to a Girl You Like

Everyone wants to have a happy life. When you want a girl to spend time with you then you better try to make her laugh so that you can easily get her to like spending time with you. Tell her jokes which will make her laugh. You can even tell her jokes which will make her feel that you are hitting on her indirectly. It would make her feel that you are not just interested in her friendship and will eventually help you to stay out of the friend zone. You need to be careful while being cheesy as she may not like it. Observe her a bit and check if it is okay to flirt with her.

  • If you have a good sense of humor then try to joke on situational comedy. Joke on something which happened in front of both of you. Nothing can beat a situational humor. It also tells how witty a person is.
  • Avoid telling a dirty joke as it will not be appropriate if you do not know her well. It might also send her the wrong impressions about you.
  • Do not explain the joke until she does not ask for the explanation.
  • Do not joke if it does not makes any sense.

6. Create Connections to Talk to a Girl You Like

Discover a way to build a bond with her. While you ask her about herself, did you get anything alike about two of you? If the girl says that she likes to sing, act like you are surprised and say to her that you have always desired to sing but you are apparently not a very good singer. Find something which will help you to talk more about it or will make connections between you both. Finding mutual interests will also help you to get to know her better. It can also make you both bond well and get a new reason to hang out together more often.

7. Talk about the Place to Talk to a Girl You Like

Talking about surrounding can always help to start a conversation with a girl. It is in fact, the easiest starters when it comes to talking to a girl. Say anything about the place or anything attractive around you both. You can even start with “wow the weather is so amazing today”. She will also join you and add-on her thoughts on that conversation. Make her relate to whatever you say to make her feel related to it.

8. Tell Her About Yourself to Talk to a Girl You Like

It is good to talk about her but in the start when you do not know much about her then you can tell her about yourself a bit. This will also make her tell her about herself. Keep things interesting while telling you about her or very soon she will get uninterested in you. If you will tell her about herself and she will find it interested then she would like to know more about you.

9. Things to Keep in Mind while Talking to a Girl You Like

Stay Cheerful to Talk to a Girl You Like

If you have a smiling face and you are a cheerful person then girls will like to stay more with you. Have a cheerful personality and wear a pleasant smile on your face to get attention by girls even way out of your league. With this personality, you can easily get likes by girls.

Do not Overdo Anything to Talk to a Girl You Like

Mix your compliments with the serious talk. Don’t force your flirty conversation too far all the time. Rather, stay cool and always keep her curious as if you have got something hidden in your mind.

10. Talk about Craziest Thing She has Ever Done

Do you require to find out if you are seeing a party harder or a girl who is able to have amazing fun with you? Ask her about the insane thing she has ever done in her life. Assure her that you would not judge her for anything and that she can be totally honest with you. Tell her about your crazy experiences to get her open up about her experience. You both can play games about asking questions to each other. Games like Truth & Dare will help you to know about her more. When she will get frank with you, she will not hesitate to share things about her.


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