How to Choose Between Two Guys?


There are two persons whom you like but not sure about which one to choose. When you do not know how to sure about your feelings for a person and feel almost same for both of them then having these kinds of thoughts are quite obvious. When you want to be sure about two guys then getting sure about your feelings for them will help you to know better. Start thinking how both of them make you feel to know about your genuine feelings for them. Do not worry we are here to tell you about how to choose between two guys. Read this article to be sure which guy you like the most.

How to Choose between Two Guys

Ways to Choose between Two Guys

1. Take Time to Decide to Choose between Two Guys

This is an important topic and you need to make out your mind before reaching any decision. You do not need to take any decision in a rush. Analyze and observe everything about them before reaching to any conclusion. You do not have been given a deadline to choose a person.

You can take as much time you want if one of them walks away then his feelings were not genuine for you. It is better to make up your mind than to get into a relationship with a fickle mind. It is good to analyze everything then answer it but do not take ages to answer them as it is not good to make someone wait so long.

2. Trust Your Instinct to Choose between Two Guys

Feelings cannot be built over a night. You cannot change your feelings for someone as you want it to be. Feelings will remain same even if you try very hard to change them. Your brain knows whom do you like and with whom you want to be with. When it comes to choosing between two guys then trust your guts and go with it. Do not over think on this topic. The answer is in your heart you just want to know if you are thinking is correct or not? Try one thing, flip a coin in the air allot one side for both of the guys this way when the coin will still be in the air you will know what you really want.

  • You can take a break from both of the guys to know which one you like the most. The one you will miss more is your answer.

3. Make a List of Similarities and Differences to Choose between Two Guys

This will assist you to know what you actually wanted initially. How does each of them make you feel? Prepare a list of things what you truly want in a guy and things which you do not want at all. Make a pro and cons’ table about each guy’s qualities and flaw. See how this chart comes up with the points of what you want out of your partner. Few of the questions which you can include are given below:

  • Which one of them treats your better?
  • Which stays with you through thick and thin?
  • Which makes you feel better in their company?
  • Whom you miss the most when you are not able to meet?
  • Which one gets along with your family and friends?
  • You cannot think of living without which one?

4. Ask Your Friends for Help to Choose between Two Guys

Friends are there for a reason and they will definitely help you in this. Friends are always there to offer shoulders to lean on, gives you examples of how to act, and also advise you when you need it. You need to take their advice, but and think what is best for you, in the end, you have to make the decision. Do not tell them to pick a guy for you but only ask them to help in giving points about what would be better.

  • Do not ask to them that which one they like the better. Ask them which one would be better for you according to them.
  • Do not make decisions according to your friend’s preference only ask them to know their point of view.

5. Analyze Their Feelings for You to Choose between Two Guys

If both of them like you very much then it can be hard for you to reach the conclusion. Well, you should not go with the guy how likes you more if you do not like him but here if you like both of them then going to someone who likes you more would be better as you like both of them.

 Find out how important you are to both of them. How much they care about you and how would they take it when you will stop meeting them. Think all these situations before reaching to the answer. If you know that one guy likes you more then there you got your answer.

  • You do not need to ask them out directly as both of them will say that they like you a lot. You would need to observe them. You can get to know which one likes you better by noticing the way they care about you or the way they feel when they are with you.
  • Do they talk about you in his future then you can sure that they are very serious about you?

6. Check Bad Qualities in Them if Any to Choose between Two Guys

Well, everyone has their flaws but which flaws you can ignore and which you cannot ignore will help you to choose a right guy for you between both of them. Do not only think about the qualities in both of them to choose a guy you like between two. Know about negative things in them when you want to know a guy better. Flaws in them will make it easy for you to reach to any particular decision.

  • Does one of them complain a lot? If any of them complaints a lot about anything then they will also complain about you only after having a small fight.
  • Is any of them is manipulative or dominant? Or always wants to make things go his way then he can try to manipulate you too. He might even be dominant when you both will start living together. If this matters to you then it would be better to not choose him.
  • Check if he is self-obsessed? A self-obsessed guy will always give himself more priority than he would give to you.
  • Has one of them ever lied to you? If yes then he might lie to you again.

7. Check How they Make You Feel to Choose between Two Guys

This is a very important part when it comes to choosing a guy between two. Maybe one guy is better in all aspects but the other one keeps you happier then you should choose the second one instead of the first one. One may have all the qualities you are looking for but if he can’t make your heartbeat run fast then he is not the one for you. Your Happiness matters the most when it comes to choosing a life partner.

If one can keep you happy then he is the perfect one for you. Next time when you meet both of the guys think how they make you feel? Consider these facts:

  • How good or bad they make you feel in their company? Do you feel to be the luckiest person in the world because of their love? If yes then he is the one for you.
  • Does he makes you feel special or has kept you as a backup?
  • Is he really serious about you or flirts with every girl he meets?
  • Do you want to be a better person for him?
  • Do you feel amazingly special in his company?
  • Does he make you heart pound faster?
  • Does he want you to grow? And wants to bring out the best in you?
  • Can you live without him?


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