Foods High in Cholesterol to Avoid


“Prevention is better than Cure” You all must have heard this saying. The saying is completely apt when it comes to health. We should always avoid food that have negative effect on our body or are harmful for us. Among all food, foods that are high in cholesterol must be avoided since they increase the risk of the coronary heart diseases. However, we are not saying that you should completely boycott these foods. A little here and there is fine. But if you are already having heart disease then it should be completely “NO”. Read more to know foods high in cholesterol to avoid.

Foods high in cholesterol to avoid

List of Foods High in Cholesterol to Avoid:

1.) Egg Yolk- High in Cholesterol

First in our list of foods high in cholesterol to avoid is egg yolk. Believe it or not egg yolk is high on the cholesterol. Egg is one of the favorite breakfast. An egg is packed with bundle of nutrients however, the yolk is rich source of cholesterol. On the other hand, egg white is good for your health. So, if you have high cholesterol then you can simply separate the egg yolk and can have egg white instead. Or you can simply avoid eggs. There are many techniques that will help to learn how to separate egg white from egg yolk.

2.) Steak- High on Cholesterol

Another food in our list of foods high in cholesterol is a steak. Steak is a form of meat. In countries like US, people there love steaks and they include in their diet. On the contrary it should be avoided especially by the people who have high cholesterol or are at the risk of developing heart diseases. However, you can have this meat once in a blue moon. And when you are planning to have this try to cut off the fat from your diet.

3.) Organ Meat to Avoid

One should avoid organ meat since it is high in cholesterol. The organ meat includes the meat of the brain, heart and liver. Well these organs are rich sources of cholesterol. On the contrary these organs are packed with the certain nutrients like proteins and vitamins which are highly needed by the body. So, if you do not have cholesterol problem then you can consume them but occasionally. Since they are quite high in cholesterol a person with the risk of heart diseases should avoid consuming these organs completely.

4.) Lamb- High in Cholesterol

Lamb do not contain saturated fat like red meat but it is definitely high in cholesterol. It is found that every 3 ounces of lamb serves 75 milligrams of the cholesterol. A bit of lamb on the certain occasions is ok but do not consume it regularly or can have it as an side meal. However, people who already have high cholesterol should completely give a miss to this meat, since it might raise the risk of the heart diseases like heart stroke or heart attack. It is better to consult your dietitian or doctor before having lamb, since he will be the best person to guide you according to your medical history, age and other factors.

5.) Butter and Oils- Rich Sources of Cholesterol

This definitely has not come by suprise since we all know how much fat and cholesterol does butter and oils contains. Therefore, you should avoid them completely. It could even lead silent cholesterol attack. Oils such as palm oil and refined oil that you use for cooking contains bad cholesterol and saturated fat that is definitely not good for the health. On the other hand, virgin olive oil is considered good for the health. But using in the moderation is always ideal. To conclude, butter and some oils are not good for health so they should be completely avoided. But you can have olive oil in the moderation.

6.) Cream- Foods with Cholesterol

Most of the dairy products are high in cholesterol and cream is no less than any. It is definitely one of the foods high in cholesterol to avoid. A tablespoon of cream is equal to 15-20 milligrams of the cholesterol. Though cream is quite good in calcium and vitamin. However, that does not count for the cholesterol. Therefore, people already with cholesterol should completely avoid this. You can substitute with salad and healthy fruit instead. Since these are safe and healthy for the body.

7.) Shrimp- Foods High in Cholesterol to Avoid

Shrimps are also packed with cholesterol like eggs. However, they are mixed reaction on these foods for being bad or good for health. According to some research it has high cholesterol and some believe that it has low level of fat. Thus, people are quite confused, whether to eat it or not. However, if you want to be on safer side you should avoid shrimp completely since there are many substitutes that have low fat. So, you can have them instead. So, people who are vulnerable to cholesterol problems or heart diseases should completely say no to shrimps.

8.) Duck- High in Cholesterol

You must have expected duck in this list of foods high in cholesterol to avoid. Though it has a good amount of cholesterol but is not harmful to health like other foods listed above. The problem with duck is people mostly consume it in the large quantity, as a main meal so eventually a good amount of cholesterol is transferred to the body that is obviously not good for the health and especially for the heart. Moreover, the duck is cooked in the oil, that is also high in cholesterol. So, either consume duck in moderation and avoid frying. Or completely avoid it if you have had a heart problem.

9.) Whole Milk – Highest in Cholesterol

Whole milk is next in our list of foods high in cholesterol to avoid. We all know that milk is boon for bones since it strengthens the bone. In additions to this it is packed with the vitamin that is good for the overall health. However, the whole milk is high in cholesterol also. So, this is the reason why your doctor has advised you to not drink if you have high cholesterol level. On the other hand, since milk is quite nutritious so one cannot give it a completely miss. There is always an option called moderation. So, you can have milk in the moderation. Or you can simply replace your milk intake with soybeans foods since they are low in cholesterol and delivers equal number of nutrients.

10.) Cookies, Muffins and Cakes- High in Cholesterol

No matter how much deeply in love with cakes and cookies you are, you have to keep yourself away from them if you have high cholesterol level. Well, it is not about these foods but about the ingredients used to prepare cakes and cookies. Ingredients such as cream, oils, cheese and eggs are not good for the health, you must have known this by now. Therefore, cookies and cakes are also not good for you. There are certain types of cookies available in the market which says “free cholesterol”. By reading this, you might get tempted and get the cookies for yourself. But do you know that is just for the sake of attracting you. It has nothing ideal that you should have it, so strictly avoid cookies and cakes and for that matter pastries also.

11.) Snacks – High in Cholesterol to Avoid

Snacks comprising of chips, French fries, crackers are high in cholesterol. Well the ingredients used to prepare these snakes might be so called “safe” for the health but the way these snacks are treated or we should say they are fried in the vegetable oils that are not safe and healthy. Most of the vegetable oils have hydrogen and it can convert any healthy food into a jock food. Therefore, one must avoid snacks completely. In addition to this, these foods contain trans fatty acids that is definitely not good for the health. So now you have another reason to avoid snacks. You can substitute snakes with healthy sandwiches or salads. They will add on the nutritive value and are not high in cholesterol as well. Or you can have stews and baked fruits instead.

12.) Sea Foods- High in Cholesterol

All sea foods are not high in cholesterol but some which are rich source of cholesterol are definitely harmful for your health. The sea foods like squid and calamari have highest level of cholesterol so they should be definitely avoided. They have around 233 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams that is quite high. Isn’t it! Other seafood that you should avoid is crab. It also contains high amount of cholesterol. That include shrimp also as we have already mentioned it. For that sake oysters that are rich source of iron but are also high in cholesterol, so they should also be avoided completely.

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