How to Cut Your Own Hair? (DIY Tutorial)


This article is about the ways to cut your own hair. A trip to saloon after every 6 weeks could be a great toll on your budget. And many times you do not get the satisfactory results as well. So what to do? If we say that you can cut your own hair, will you believe us. Well, believe us or not you can actually cut your hair at home that too without any problem. All you need is a pair of scissors, hair comb and mirror. To help you we have listed below steps to cut your own hair. Go through them and enjoy the comfort of a saloon at home.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

Steps to Cut your Own Hair:

1.) See your Hair in the Mirror

Before cutting your hair check them in the mirror. Comb your hair properly and divide them into two parts. Then decide which haircut you want to go for. Choose the correct hair style which looks good on your face that enhances your personality. For this go through different hair styles that suit different face shapes. Then pick one hairstyle according to your face shape. After deciding the hair style, make a layout of how are you going to cut your hair. Once you are done with this look for the material you will need to cut your own hair. A pair of good scissors, comb and water spray is all that you need. Invest in a good quality of scissors. Make sure that room where you are going to cut your hair should have good lighting. Once you are ready with everything it’s time to execute your plan.

2.) Cut Your Hair Layer By Layer

To start with, divide your hair into two sections. So that you can trim them properly. This will also help you to cut the tresses equally. Otherwise, you might end up trimming your hair one inch short then other. If you want fringes then with comb bring you’re in front your forehead and then cut them equally. Do not over cut them.  Spray some water on your tresses to tame them. Moreover, to avoid any error mark a point till where you want to trim them. And then go ahead. After trimming them, check whether all the hair has equal length. If not then correct it. Layers go with almost every face. To get a layer cut create a top box section. With comb make two parts. One right side and another left side. Then divide that top box into two different parts. To hold both the sections use hair clips.  Then cut the front top box and both the parts i.e. left and right. Meanwhile, leave the back hair loose.

3.) Trim Back Sections

Once you are done with your fingers and front layers, it’s time to go back. If you want then you can go for a layer cut for back as well. Or you can slightly trim them to remove all the split ends and dead hair strands. Bring  the back part of the hair in front and divide it into two parts, one on each shoulder. Then trim your hair part by part. Place the mirror on the back and check the length of the hair from hair. This will help you to see your hair and accordingly then you can move ahead. If you do not want too short length then trim them moderately. So that you do not regret later for cutting an extra inch. Make sure that they are longer then the once that you have made in the front. This will give your hair a nice shape. And they will look tamed.

4.) Comb your Hair

Once you finish trimming your tresses comb them properly. This will help you to see whether the layers falls in the someway you wanted them or not. If not, do not worry, just hold a scissors and take the hair between your fingers and trim them properly. Be sure that the length of hair on right and left side is equal to the last.

5.) At the Top of the Head Make a Ponytail

The easiest way to lift your hair upside down is tie them with a rubber band. Make a ponytail on the top of your head. Make sure that the ponytail is on the top of the head and not on the crown of the head. By doing so the layers will be positioned in the correct manner. The tresses should be tied properly and comb them once again to avoid the uneven layers.

6.) Pull off the Rubber Band to Cut Your Own Hair

If you want short layers then secure the rubber band tightly. However, if you want long layers then slid the elastic band accordingly. Once you are done with this cut your hair from the end. After trimming your hair pull off the elastic band and comb them. Then thoroughly check whether you have done the job correctly or their you need to correct it. Trim the extra or longer hair. After doing so spray some water on your hair and comb them once again. After combing then check the back hair in the mirror. Be sure that you do not trim from the angle otherwise it will look pointed.

Points to Remember:

  • Use a barber scissors that are sharp to trim your tresses.
  • Do not apply gel on your hair before cutting them.
  • It is good to shampoo your tresses before cutting them so that you can trim them properly.
  • Hold the scissors horizontally and cut the hair straight otherwise the layers will fall unevenly.
  • Instead of wetting your tresses, you can also straight them. This will help you to identify the unevenness in the hair and you can cut accordingly.
  • Wash your hair before cutting them but do not blow dry them.
  • Make sure that you cut your split ends, otherwise trimming your hair will be of no use.
  • After cutting your hair blow them dry. Part them in two sections, each on one shoulder. Then measure the length of the sides. If there is any unevenness or one side is bigger then other cut it. Make sure that both the sides match up.
  • If you cutting your tresses then do not cut them too short. It might be a disaster for you.
  • Use a good quality rubber band for making the pony while cutting your tresses.


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