20 Exquisite Long Pixie Hairstyles


Welcome to pixie land! Yes, we have shared some amazing pixie hairstyles here. Pixie hairstyles work best when you wear it in short hair. You can see many celebrities flaunting amazing haircuts. Try these elegant, glamorous and sophisticated pixie to steal the show. Go trendy and glamorous with sassy pixie hairstyles. Here are 20 exquisite long pixie hairstyles below to get inspired.

20 Exquisite Long Pixie Hairstyles

1.) Long Pixie Haircut with Choppy Fringes

The Choppy platinum style makes the pixie cut extremely sassy. In this fairytale pixie, the fringes are very longer than the hair at the back of the head. The hairstyle offers you natural volume and marvelous hair texture. Paired the look with gorgeous makeup to take the style to the next level. The long pixie haircut with choppy fringes is one of the amazing long pixie hairstyles.

long pixie hairstyles with choppy fringes

2.) Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Nothing looks modish in short hair like the asymmetrical hairstyle. You can embrace look with asymmetrical pixie bob which is very classy and trendy. Your hair should be cut longer in the front and shorter at the back. Add a wow factor to your look with subtle waves that maintain its cuteness. Don’t forget your sassy accessories to make your appearance more attractive.

Asymmetrical pixie cut long pixie hairstyles

3.) Platinum Pixie

Achieve this look by keeping your coif current with the close cut or shaven back. If you are looking bold hairstyle then extend the close cut the sides. Keep the front longer to maintain the funky style. Add grace to your look with platinum hair color that takes the style to the next level. Wear your fetching accessories and best outfits to take the look to the next level.

platinum pixie long pixie hairstyles

4.) Lush and Long

The lush and long is one of the trendy long pixie hairstyles that offers so much versatility. Show your wild side with lush and long hairstyles. You can create flawless texture in your hairstyle that makes the style sensational. Paired your look with dark eyebrows and red lipstick. Don’t forget to wear mascara to rock the hairstyle. the lush and long hairstyle is one of the modish long pixie hairstyles.

Lush and long pixie hairstyles

5.) Effortless Haircut

A longer and amazing pixie haircut that looks absolutely fantastic. You can add volume, texture, and waves to make the style sensational. Get this effortless look with the effortless haircut. It is very suitable for round and small face. Wear your big smile to make this hairstyle charming and cute. The effortless haircut is one of the best long pixie hairstyles.

effortless long pixie hairstyles

6.) Grown-Out Pixie Haircut for Square Faces

The grow out pixie haircut for square faces is one of the dazzling long pixie hairstyles. If you are looking for edgy and trendy hairstyle with pastel color and stunning fringes that swept away from one side. It won’t hide your natural beauty. If you really want to flaunt your jaw line then try grown out pixie haircut for square faces. Paired the look with light makeup that will surely blow other’s minds.

grown out pixie cut long pixie hairstyles

7.) High Lavender Cut

The pixie hairstyle with a short undercut, that goes long on the top which adds height and volume in the hairstyle. You just need to part your hair one side and do some backcombing from a deep side swept bang to the crown. Make sure to achieve the ends thinned out to make your haircut light and easy to style. Add wow factor to your look with a pink and purple tinge.

high lavender cut long pixie hairstyles

8.) Modern Pixie Style

The long pixie hairstyles offer you plenty of styles and techniques. You can be creative by maintaining the length of the hair and go for more techniques for your wild styles. A modern pixie hairstyle with a modern twist that surely jazzes up your look. You can depth and dimension in the hairstyle with platinum hue on the top of dark under layers.

Modern cut long pixie hairstyles

9.) Painless Pixie

Anyone can rock this hairstyle as you can see in the picture. Upgrade your look with painless pixie that adds attitude and stands out from the crowd. The style is easy to maintain and take your low efforts. The painless pixie is one of the mind-blowing long pixie hairstyle. be ready with your mascara and red lip gloss to add excitement to your look.

painless pixie long pixie hairstyles

10.) On the Fringe Cut

Add layers to your look through the ends that creates light and airy feels. Set your hair texture with hair spray to achieve a windswept look. If you love the messy and sassy look, then try long and light. Paired your look with stylish tops and tees. On the fringe cut are one of the adorable long pixie hairstyles.

con the fringe cut long pixie hairstyles

11.) Fierce and Long Pixie

Pixie hairstyle includes lots of length and angles that add versatility to your look. Flaunt your fierce strands with your hard efforts. The fierce and long pixie is one of the awesome long pixie hairstyles.

fierce and long pixie hairstyles

12.) Vintage Long Pixie

The vintage long pixie is one of the sassy long pixie hairstyles. Go for the deep part with voluminous side-swept to pull off the look nicely.

Vintage and long pixie cut long pixie hairstyles

13.) Shine on Pixie

The long pixie haircut is amazing just like a blank canvas. Visit right place to style your hair with this shine on the pixie. It is best suitable for straight hair.

Shine on pixie long pixie hairstyles

14.) Long, Layered and Fearless

The hairstyle gives you confidence and class. Give confidence to your look with a bright hue that looks marvelous. The long, layered and fearless is one of the striking long pixie hairstyles.

Long, layered and fearless long pixie hairstyles

15.) Ear Level Blonde Pixie Style

The ear level blonde pixie style is one the stylish long pixie hairstyles. Embrace your look with winged eyeliner and glossy lipstick.

Ear level blonde long pixie hairstyles

16.) Flaming Hot Pixie for Thick Hair

The hairstyle adds texture and volume, which look lovely on every woman. The flaming hot pixie for thick hair is one of the gorgeous long pixie hairstyles.

flamming hot pixie for thick hair long pixie hairstyles

17.) Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Bangs

Keeping the one side longer from the front and shaved from the back. Add blonde hue in your look to steal the show. It is best suitable for square face shape.

Asymmetrical pixie with long bangs cut long pixie hairstyles

18.) Raven Black Long Pixie Hairstyle

The vintage inspired long pixie is truly sensational. If you have curly hair then must try raven black pixie hairstyle. The hairstyle looks best in natural black hair.

Raven black long pixie hairstyles

19.) Funky Pastel Green Pixie

Embrace your look with a green hue that lovely on softer spikes. Add embellishment to your look with ornamental flowers. The hairstyle looks best in fair skin tone.

Funky green piixe long pixie hairstyles

20.) Half Pixie Half Bob Cut with Highlights

Take your look to the next level with an asymmetrical cut that works best for young girls. You just need to add multiple shorter strands to achieve the best texture.

half pixie half bob with highlights long pixie hairstyles


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