20 Short Bob Hairstyles


When we talk about hairstyle, chin length bob hairstyle is very flattering. Low maintenance, low efforts and less time, makes the short bob, the best hairstyle. You can see many celebrities flaunting the short bob in every year. If you have short hair then we have shared some mind blowing images of bob hairstyle that truly touch your heart. Here 20 short bob hairstyles which are the hottest look of 2017.

20 Short Bob Hairstyles

1.) Copper Layered Bob with Bangs

A chin length bob hairstyles are best to show from the sharp angular feature like striking cheekbones. If you have thin hair then you can go for the choppy cut, which is the ideal way to add texture and fullness to your hairstyle without curls. Opt for thin highlights which are also known baby highlights by adding sassy streaks in your hairstyle. The copper layered bob with bangs is one of the trendy short bob hairstyles.

copper layered bob short bob hairstyles

2.) Medium Messy Waves with Side Bangs

Bed head is the best texture for blunt and shoulder length cut. In this hairstyle, the wispy side bangs get the blend to messy waves which give you carefree look. The hairstyle works best in fine and thick medium hair texture. You can opt for this bedhead look which looks extremely sassy with red lipstick and winged eyeliner. Add this style to your daily routine to make your day sensational.

Medium messy waves with side bangs short bob hairstyles

3.) Super Short Bangs with Pink Highlights

If you have growing out pixie with chin length, then try a super short bangs with pink highlights. You can opt for the bob hairstyle which works best with an oval face shape. As super short bangs hard to pull off but when it is correctly set, it adds fire to the looks. You can opt for pink highlights that add charm in funky personality. The super short bangs with pink highlights are one of the top short bob hairstyles.

Super short pink highlights short bob hairstyles

4.) Messy Pastel Curls

The best way to make you’re angled bob sweet and gorgeous by adding pastel hue. You can add tousled curls in your look and layers upon layers to make the pastel look stunning. If you love to experiment your hair with a different hue, then try messy pastel curls. Paired your look with glittery makeup like purple eyebrows and a little sparkle on it. The messy pastel curls are one of the stunning short bob hairstyles.

messy pastel colors short bob hairstyles

5.) Flaming Bob with Bangs

The bob look is surely on fire. When you want your bob to look unique, you can opt for the bright red coif and add subtle strawberry highlights to your look. Paired the look with blue or green eyes. Add striking factor in your look by adding long bangs which give you playful and flirty feels. It looks best on long face shape. The flaming bob with bangs is one of the stylish short bob hairstyles.

Flamming bob with short bangs short bob hairstyles

6.) Blunt Bob with Full Bangs

 You can opt for the natural hair color with crisp edges that look extremely gorgeous. Chin length hairstyle is the coolest of cool hairstyle. Pull off the look with confidence and charm that take your style to the next level. The hairstyle looks best naturally without making other efforts. It is suitable for both formal and casual look. The blunt bob with full bangs is one of the sassy short bob hairstyles.

blunt bob with full bangs short bob hairstyles

7.) Cherry Bomb Balayage

Just go for sweet, soft and amazing side-swept bangs which take the style to the whole new level. In this hairstyle, the red balayage make the head of hair fantastic and gorgeous. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine and just curl your hair for a special occasion. The cherry bomb balayage is one of the striking short bob hairstyles.

cherry bob with balayage short bob hairstyles

8.) Shaggy Brown Layers

Sassy and messy things happen when bob hairstyle meets with shag. The look is absolutely fantastic which look best in natural wavy hair. You just need to blow out your bangs and scrunch in with any hair product. Paired this look with amazing lip shade.

Shaggy brown layers short bob hairstyles

9.) Wavy Emerald Hair

Soft layers with sweeping side bangs, the hairstyle is not just enough. You make your bob look unique from others by adding a rich, emerald hue in your hairstyle. You can flaunt vibrant hair color in short hairstyle. Paired the look with nose piercing that looks extremely sassy.

wavy emerald short bob hairstyles

10.) Tousled Bob with Jagged Fringe

The choppy version is uneven and stylish. You can create a quirky and playful look that take the style to the next level. Add jagged bangs with sassy waves to achieve this look. Don’t forget to add chunky highlights.

Tousled bob with jagged fringes short bob hairstyles

11.) Layered Bangs for Natural Hair

Layers are best located on the length of the hair. You can go for layered bangs that height and movement in your looks. Just sweep your back to get the elegant look. The hairstyle is perfect for the date night.

layered bangs with natural hair short bob hairstyles

12.) Wispy Blonde Cut

The eyelashes sweeping bangs that give you mischievous look. The hairstyle goes with every hair texture and looks best on eccentric personality.

wispy blonde look short bob hairstyles

13.) Lavender Bob with Bangs

If you have layered bob already then add long sleek bangs, angular layers and enhance it with icy lavender hue. The lavender bob with bangs is one of the modish short bob hairstyles.

layered bob with bangs short bob hairstyles

14.) Two Toned Bob

When you are confused about whether you want to go for natural hair or stick with go red. Go with blunt bangs with wavy red locks. This two-tone hair color is truly marvelous.

Two toned bob short bob hairstyles

15.) Classic Bob with Side Bangs

The shiniest bob in the trend. You can achieve this look by chopping your locks into upgraded sleek bob. You can achieve this look by brushing your hair with round brush.

classic bob with side bangs short bob hairstyles

16.) Textured Bob with Side Part

The cool bob with the side part accentuates your facial features. You can add attention and sassy layers by making the look thicker and heavier.

textured bob with side part short bob hairstyles

17.) Stacked and Layered Bob

The bob looks amazing with sassy hair color. You can go for layered bob which is fun to style. The layers add depth to your look.

Stacked and layered short bob hairstyles

18.) Salt and Pepper Blunt Cut

Go with the sharp lines and blunt ends. The hairstyle is best for the bold personality who refuses to messed with. In this hairstyle, the ombre gradually moves from the soft black to smoky gray.

Salt and pepper blunt look short bob hairstyles

19.) Bombshell Bob with Bangs

Arouse sex appeal with this shoulder length hairstyle. Go for layered chin length side bangs that give you a beautiful face frame.

Bombshell bob with bangs short bob hairstyles

20.) Angled Bob with Shades of Brown

The hairstyle is a great way to create a perfect balance between a long and a short hairstyle. It works best in thick hair that becomes heavy.

Angled bob with shades of brown short bob hairstyles


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