20 Stunning Updos for Short Hair


Looking for modish updo for short hair? The hairstyle for the short hair beauties who love hairstyle versatility. Go messy and trendy in this season with gorgeous updos. These updos go well with every face shape and hair texture. Here are 20 Stunning updos for short hair that look absolutely gorgeous.

20 Stunning Updos for Short Hair

1.)  Romantic Updo for Bob Length

You can achieve this updo in short hair. The hairstyle looks lovely on curly and straight hair. If you have straight hair then style your hair into springy curls with the help of the curling iron. In this hairstyle, you need to slightly comb back on the crown and sweep your hair into the deep side part. Then take the sections randomly to secure it into the updo. Pin all your hair at the nape of the neck and above for the stunning look.

romantic updos for short hair

2.) Pineapple Updo for Short Hair

Create an intricate look hairstyle which adds dimension and style to your hairstyle. The great combination of twist and loop in short hair with ends sticking out like a pineapple leafs. Add the wow factor to your look by adding gorgeous highlights in your look. The hairstyle looks best on cute faces with big eyes and fair skin tone. Wear light makeup and light color outfits to get the perfect attractive look.

Pineapple updos for short hair

3.) Dutch Braid Updo for Short Hair

Opt for dutch braid, which is inside out braid french braid. While creating a braid when you reach the end, you need to hide the tail. Just secure the end under the braid and pin with few bobby pins that look adorable on short hair. Magnify your look with side bangs or loosely curled hair strands to get the amazing look. The dutch braid updo for short hair is one of the trendy updos for short hair.

Dutch braid updos for short hair

4.) Volume Boost Ponytail

Short are always less voluminous even when you have thick hair. To achieve an extra boost of volume, divide your hair into three sections and create a low ponytail with the center one. Just the pull the hair tight and secure it with bobby pins. The volume boost ponytail is one of the stunning updos for short hair. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine to achieve the everyday beautiful look.

Volume boost ponytail updos for short hair

5.) Top Knot for Short or Thin Hair

The simple key to achieve the volume in the hairstyle by teasing the hair from the top. The messy look which look extremely glamorous which is perfect for the beach vacation. Just spray the hair and secure it bobby pins. Wear your dark lipstick and winged eyeliner to pull off the look nicely. The top knot for short on thin hair is one of the sassy updos for short hair.

Top knot for short hair updos for short hair

6.) Twist and Pin Messy Updo

The hairdo is simple and look fabulous in short hair. You can achieve this hairstyle by twisting the hair and pin it with hair pins. The messy look sexier with pretty and cool dresses in the summer. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine to take the style to the next level. The twist and pin messy updo is one of the gorgeous updo for short hair.

Twist and pin messy updo updos for short hair

7.) Sweet Knotted Updo

You can see the look is adorable. The hairstyle looks similar to three twist buns. In this hairstyle, divide your hair into three ponytails and then twist the each section gently. After twisting sections, pin it gently to secure the hairstyle.

Sweet knotted updos for short hair

8.) Summertime Updo

On this summer, get some relief from the summertime updo.You just need to take all hair up and off the neck. The hairstyle is ideal for summer. You just need to roll some vintage curls with your finger and secure it with hair pins to add beauty to the look. Wear light shades of cloth and light makeup with summertime updo.

Summertime updos for short hair

9.) Bantu Top Knot Updo for Short Hair

Bantu top knot looks extremely cute. You can done this hairstyle at home professionally. Just divide your hair into the sections that converts into the tightest knots. You can add this casual hairstyle in your daily routine. The hairstyle protects your hair from damage and breakage. Wear your sassy earring to make the hairstyle sensational.

Bantu top knot updos for short hair

10.) High Top Bun

The high top bun is one of the striking updo for short hair. It will surely give you the illusion of long hair. You just need to create a tight pony at the crown area. Just teased the ends of the ponytail to add volume, then set it down at the base and secure it with hairpin. For a formal look, pull back the hair into slick and smooth updo.

High top knot updos for short hair

11.) Upside Down Braid

Create an updo for stretched natural hair of shorter length. You just need to create two flat twists at the back and a sort of pompadour for the front section.

Upside down braid updos for short hair

12.) The Triple Twist Updo for Short Hair

Sometimes the best hairstyle comes with messiness. You just need to create triple updo for short hair. Just pull the hair, swoop and spin it nicely.

Triple twist updos for short hair

13.) Natural Hair Side Sweep Updo for Short Hair

You can create this fantastic updo by piling curls on the top and securing them into a place. In this hairstyle, the gorgeous head of curly coils looks absolutely stunning.

Natural side sweep hair updos for short hair

14.)  Pretty Simple Knot at the Nape

Go for this hairstyle that can be achieved by tucking and backcombing. Create few curls in the look for marvelous look.

Pretty simple knot at the nape updos for short hair

15.) Textured French Twist

Get a creative and modern hairstyle. Add a French twist in the hairstyle which is perfect for the grown up girls. The textured French twist is one of the sassy updos for short hair.

textured french twist updos for short hair

16.) Twisted Updo for Short Hair

You just brush the hair back and take the front section. Starting twisting each section towards the back of the head and secure it hairpin. Repeat this with every section around the crown of the head.

twisted updo for short hair updos for short hair

17.) Fancy Formal Updo with a High Shine Finish

The hairstyle required little practice as it looks gorgeous for a formal occasion. The fancy formal updo with a high shine finish is one of the dazzling updos for short hair.

Fancy formal short hair with a high shine updos for short hair

18.) Crown Braid for Short Hair

The hairstyle is best for the special occasion. Create a two-tone braid that looks amazing on short hair. The crown braid for short hair is one of the updos for short hair.

Crown braid for short hair updos for short hair

19.) Simple French Twist with a Flower

Simple French twist with a flower is one of the gorgeous updos for short hair. Enhance your updo with accessories for a drop dead gorgeous look.

Simple french twist with flower updos for short hair

20.) Fancy Updo with Curls and Pins

The hairstyle is very elegant and goes well with soft color. The fancy updo with curl and pins is one of the stunning updos for short hair.

fancy updo with curls and pins updos for short hair


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