20 Stylish Ideas for Brides


Once in the middle of the ordinary life, you get a chance to live a fairytale. That fairy tale is your own wedding day. A wedding hall filled with hundreds of people, food stalls with a lot of variety, garlands made of fresh roses, a beautiful stage, and two decorated seats, etc. You might have guessed it that here we are talking about the special day that comes once in the life of everyone, the wedding day. You are the queen on that day and the apples of everyone’s eye. So don’t you want to be an unforgettable bride? Choosing a right outfit can be easy, but selecting the hairstyle that compliments the outfit is a little tough. Relax! We will show you the way. Check out this article to find out the list of 20 stylish ideas for brides.

List of 20 Stylish Ideas for Brides:

1.) Low Side Bun with Side Part and Curls:

low side bun with side part and curls ideas for brides

This is one of the most stylish ideas for brides. Brides with wavy or curly hair should definitely try this fabulous style. Part your hair to one side and create a low side bun on the other. The curly strands hanging loose will give this style a romantic touch.

2.) Sleek Updo Wedding Hairstyles:

sleek updo ideas for brides

If you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle that allows you to focus on the outfit and the face, then this is one of the great options. Tightly pull off your sleek hair to tie a bun at the nape of the head.

3.) Gorgeous Fishtail Braided Updo for Wedding:

gorgeous fishbraided updo ideas for brides

Updo’s and buns are common hairstyles for brides. If you want to go out of the way, then try to add a little twist. For example, the fishtail braid makes this Updo different from other Updos.

4.) Side Swept Low Chignon:

side swept low chignon ideas for brides

This dreamy side swept low chignon is perfect for your big day. It is eye-catching and looks good on long and narrow face shapes. A sparkling set of jewelry will spice up your look.

5.) Messy Topknot Hairstyles for Weddings:

messy topknot ideas for brides

This is one of the most voguish ideas for brides. It is an effortless style that is going to reflect the obvious feminity. This simple textured topknot is a great style for a summer wedding. Pair it with natural makeup and embellished jewelry.

6.) Center Parted Waves with Spiral Ends:

center parted waqves with spiral ends ideas for brides

You marry once, so why not enjoy it fully. This is one of the most relaxed and comfortable hairstyles that is going to let you enjoy your wedding without any tension. You need to create soft waves and provide enough texture. Add some spiral curls at the end.

7.) Pinned Back Tousled Waves:

pinned up tousled waves ideas for brides

This is one of the stylish ideas for brides. One of the most simple ways to make this hairstyle is that create jumbo braids with your hair and sleep. The next morning when you will open the braids you will get tousled waves. Clip some soft layers back to create this loose wavy style.

8.) Simple Jewelled Braid Wedding Hairstyles:

simple jewelled braid ideas for brides

Do you want to leave everyone spellbound on your big day? If yes, then try this simple yet classy hairstyle. Create a simple braid and decorate it with sparkling jewels or flowers and compliment your dress.

9.) Low Bun with a Mini Bouffant and Side Sweep:

low bun with a mini bouffant and side sweep ideas for brides

Through this hairstyle, you can enjoy the look of three beautiful hairstyles. Bouffant, side sweep, and the low bun. The bun is exactly in the middle of the head and the side sweep has been given a neat finish.

10.) Gorgeous Ponytails for Weddings:

gorgeous ponytails ideas for brides

Whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, a ponytail can never look ugly. This is one of those hairstyles that compliments every outfit. It elegantly displays your best features and that does not take much time.

11.) High Voluminous Bun for Wedding:

high voluminous bun ideas for brides

This is one of the elegant and classy ideas for brides. This refined bun is going to add a touch of elegance to your overall look. It is an easy style to do, but if you want perfection you can fix an appointment in the parlor.

12.) Braided Half Updo Wedding Styles:

braided half updo ideas for brides

This braided half Updo is never going to disappoint you. It is a perfect mix of soft curls and braids. Allowing your curls to flow down freely is a great way to show your romantic personality.

13.) French Twist for Wedding Day:

french twists ideas for brides

The simpler the hairstyle, the better it looks. This modern French twist is going to give you a feminine and stylish look. A French twist looks good on most of the outfits, especially on the backless gowns.

14.) Waterfall Braids for Wedding:

waterfall braids ideas for brides

A waterfall braid is never going to be out of trend. You need to tie a braid from both sides of the head and pin them at the back in the middle of the crown. Let the rest of the hair flow beautifully.

15.) Crown Braided Bun for Wedding:

crown braided bun ideas for brides

This is one of the stylish ideas for brides. This crown braided bun is going to give you a sophisticated, elegant, cute and feminine look. You can even use sparkling hairpins to make spice up this style.

16.) Fishtail Braid Wedding Hairstyles:

fishtail braid ideas for brides

Whether it’s the beach wedding or a formal wedding, this hairstyle suits all kinds of weddings. This fishtail braid is a perfect example of stunning and classy hairstyles. You can use sparkling hairpins to decorate the fishtail braid.

17.) Textured Low Pony with a Pouf:

textured low pony with a pouf ideas for brides

The texture of this low pony with a puff is going to make you fall in love with it. The puff takes this hairstyle to an all new level. It is not going to take more than 10 minutes and you do not need the help of any hair stylist.

18.) Tight Braided Bun for Wedding:

tight braided bun ideas for brides

No doubt this tight braided bun is time-consuming, but the result is worth all the efforts. Create multiple braids around the head and tie them into a bun.

19.) High Polished Bun with Braided Wrap:

high polished bun with braided wrap ideas for brides

This giant polished bun with a braided wrap is going to make you steal the show. It is one of the stylish ideas for brides. Make a thick braid and wrap it around the bun to give a polished finish.

20.) Simple Wavy Locks with a Side Part and Pinned Sides:

simple wavy locks with a side part and pinned sides ideas for brides

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for women having wavy locks. Create a side part and pin some of the hair strands from both sides of the head and pin them at the back.


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