How to Dutch Braid?


Braid are the beautiful part that enhances the overall style. You can opt to braid hair style for any occasion that looks completely sassy. A Dutch braid is one of the modish and elegant hairstyles that makes you fall in love with your hairstyle. We have shared some amazing steps to Dutch braid and double braid that are absolutely stunning.

how to dutch braid

Steps to Dutch Braid:

1.) Read Your Hair

Before doing any hairstyle, you need to prepare your hair. If you have dirty hair and rough hair, then wash your hair. When you don’t want to wash it just sprinkle some water on your hair as you needed dry or damp hair for the hairstyle. Make sure that your hair is well brushed with free of tangles. If you want curly or wavy hair, then you need to remove it from the braid and use wet hair to start the braid.

You need to follow these steps to make the dutch braid.Begin the hairstyle by brushing the hair straight, make sure no part left.  If you have decided to make 2 or 3 braids then divide your hair on the top to divide the section. And if you don’t want to include the bangs in your braid hairstyle then brush them side.

2.) Take Your Hair

To make the dutch braid, take the piece of the hair from the top of the head. If you will include bangs in your dutch braid, then start the sections from the forehead. You can pick up the section from the top of the head. You need to gather the pieces of the hair 3-5 inches wide and 1 inch thick. Follow it very carefully for neat and perfect braid.

3.) Divide the Hair into Sections

You need to split the section of hair into three strands of braiding to achieve the dutch braid. You need to add part your hair into three strands to make the base of the dutch braid that you are going to start. Part your hair into the equal sections carefully.

4.) Begin Brading

You need to begin braiding with right strand, take the right strands under the center strand. Then take the left strand and cross the left strand under the middle strand. You need to repeat the strand, then cross the strand with the left strand beneath the center strand while adding the hair. Then take the right strand in the center and gently pick the another small section from the right side of the head. After that again cross the strand under the center. Pick another strand small section of the hair from the left side of your head.

5.) Add More Hair

While braiding you need to add more hair by taking the small section of hair to continue braiding till the end. So add more hair to your hair while braiding by taking the small strands every time you cross the strands under the center strand. Keep braiding your hair to the nape of your neck.

 6.) Finish Your Braid

When you reach to the braid, then tie your hair with an elastic band and apply light spray in your hairstyle. If you are wearing this hairstyle on the special occasion, then decorate your hairstyle with captivating accessories You can add this look in your daily routine.

Steps to  Double Dutch Braid

how to dutch braid pigtails

1.) Ready your Hair to Get a Double Dutch Braid

Comb your hair gently and make it tangle free. You can go for hair wash or you can just sprinkle water in your hair. Once you are done with combine then divide the hair into two sections, left and right. Make sure the middle parting is done very neatly. As it will help you to make a plate without any fuzz. When you are done with proper combing then apply the serum to avoid the baby hair on your face. As excessive serum can make your hair greasy so a drop and few drops are sufficient enough.

2.) Divide your Hair into the Section to make Double Dutch Braid

When you are done with middle parting then you have two sections like on the right side and the left side. Take one section and divide the section into the three sections. After dividing a section into three sections, take one section from three sections and start weaving into a dutch braid. Begin with the correct piece, then take into the middle one and take the left section and cross it under the middle. Repeat this again.

3.) Make a Dutch Braid on Other Side

 Start repeating the procedure for the other side to achieve the double braid hairstyle. Weave the braid down to the end and secure it with an elastic band. Do the same on both the side to get the amazing double-double braid.

4.) Finished Look

You can give the complete finish look by putting a light spray in your look. Add sassy accessories in your look to take the style to the next level. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine or in your school hairstyle. If you are planning for any trip then you wear this hairstyle without any worries.


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