How to Braid Hair?


Braiding style is very beautiful and highly popular. You can magnify your look with flawless braid hair that will rock every look. Braid doesn’t only look beautiful but also protect your hair from the damage. Braid hairstyle also allows you to use fetching hair accessories on a special occasion. Here are steps to braid hair in a traditional pattern.

how to braid hair

Steps to Braid Hair in Traditional Pattern:

1.) Prepare Your Hair with Brush

Braiding hairstyle becomes very easy when you braid your hair into knot free hair. For perfect traditional braid, first, wash your hair to remove the dirt and dust from your hair. Wash your hair and dry it, then gently comb your hair.  And if you don’t want to go for hair wash, then sprinkle water on your thick or layered hair, you can use hair gel to dampen the hair which makes the hairstyle is very easy. Make sure your hair gets dry or wet before you start braiding. Wet hair will give you very smooth and tight appearance, while dry hair will give you messier look. If you have silky and soft hair, then braid yours after a few days of washing.

2.) Make a Secure Base

Tie your hair into the ponytail or go with the half ponytail with a hair tie. You will see your braid will become easy and turn out a little neater. Once you get it hang of it, begin the braiding at the nape of the neck. The base way to give neat and amazing braid when you give the strong base to your hair. Secure all your hair in one ponytail or you can go for half ponytail that makes the braiding hairstyle more flattering. You can use clear elastic band or hair tie to secure the ponytail.

3.) Separate the Hair into Three Equal Sections

These three strands will help you to braid hair into the traditional braid pattern. So make them as soon as possible you separate the section. You just have to take the right section of the hair from your right hand and left section from the left hand. In your left and right hand, take the strands so that you can use them against your palm with the middle, ring, and little fingers, keeping your index fingers and thumbs free.

4.) Use the Left section Over the Middle Section

Name your three strands A, B, C to braid your hair. Now use the strands in order of B, A, left handC to braid hair. Divide your hair into three sections, and use the A, B, C, strands in this way. With the help of the index finger and thumb of your right hand, take the middle section of the hair which grasped against the left palm. You will the left-hand section in the middle section.

5.) Take the Right Section Over the Middle Section

The strands you will take in B A C will become B C A. Take the strands in your index finger and thumb so that your finger properly holds it and secure it against your palm in left hand. Then use the left finger and thumb to hold the section of the hair that being held against your right palm. You will the right-hand section will come in the middle.

6.) Keep Braiding

Keep braiding with the help of the free index finger and thumb of the grab back of the section of hair from the hand. Tighten the braid as you make the braiding hairstyle. At any time when the strands change position, tug it gently into the hair so that plaits upward and tighten it. Don’t pull too hard. Keep braiding until the space run out to braid. Leave the hair 1-3 inches of unbraided hair at the end.

7.) Secure the Braid for Perfect Look

You can use non-rubber elastic to tie off the ends of the braid. You might have to wrap it several times to tighten the braid. Avoid the use of rubber bands as it will give you damage and breakage. Try to purchase a ponytail holder matching to your hair color so that it will get easily blend with your braid.  This makes the braid hairstyle more natural and perfect. You can wear this hairstyle on special occasions with fetching accessories.

8.) Set Your Hair with the Hair Spray

You can use hairspray or hair gel to hold the hairstyle for longer. It will help your braid from developing flyaways as the day goes. If you are planning to add hair spray to your look, then use before the ornament in your hairstyle. You can add shine serum to get the extra glow in the hairstyle. Rub the spray in your hand, then apply on your hair strand. You can use fetching hair accessories to decorate the braid. You can also use ribbon and bow in the hairstyle to add extra flares to your look.


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