20 Inspiring Black Men Hairstyles


Time has changed and now men have also become serious regarding their style and personality. Hair of black men is naturally thick and kinky due to which hair styling becomes easy. In this article, you will come across the top 20 inspiring black men hairstyles. All these hairstyles are perfect to get a cool and fresh look for this season. High fade, low fade, undercut and man bun are just perfect hairstyles to show your creative inside.

Top 20 Inspiring Black Men Hairstyles:

1.) Close Shave and a Beard:

close shave with a beard black men hairstyles

A beard is something that a man is proud of. It is a sign of masculinity. This close shaved hairstyle is especially for men who want their beard to come into focus. Make sure it is shaved and not bald.

2.) Curly Top Fade Black Men Hairstyles:

curly top fade black men hairstyles

When gradation of texture is combined, then the result is awesome. It is neither a low fade nor a high one. It is actually the gradation of texture from curls to bare skin. The hairline is blurred around the nape of the neck and ears.

3.) Wavy Low Fade Hairstyles for Men:

wavy low fade black men hairstyles

This low fade hairstyle starts low on the side of the head. It makes you look handsome when natural waves mix with the rest of the hair. If you are having a beard then make sure that the edges are sharp.

4.) Cool Black Curly Fade Hairstyles:

cool black curly fade black men hairstyles

Are you looking for a cool, clean, fresh and sharp style? If yes, then a black curly fade is just perfect for you. If you are confused between a high and low fade, then go this classic medium fade.

5.) Natural Fauxhawk Black Men Hairstyles:

natural fauxhawk black men hairstyles

The combination of a natural faux hawk and a beard is awesome. Make sure that the temples and the sideburns are shaved properly. This will give you a cool dude style. You can add up a line up for sharpness.

6.) Curly Fade with Line Up:

curly fade line up black men hairstyles

This is one of the most popular hairstyles among African American men. No doubt a curly fade looks awesome but you can make it look neat by adding a lineup. It is a perfect hairstyle to embrace your natural curls.

7.) High and Tight Fade Black Men Hairstyles:

high and tight fade black men hairstyles

This Afro fade is a flattering option for most of the black men. Maybe it’s simple or it increases the self-confidence. The thin beard and lined up hairline will accentuate your masculine bone structure.

8.) Short Black Mohawk Hairstyles:

short black mohawk black men hairstyles

Are you willing to get creative with your simple temple fade? You can do this easily by extending the long hair towards the nape. It is a great choice for men with short and medium hair.

9.) Taper Fade with Kinky Top:

taper fade with kinky curls black men hairstyles

If you want to grow your natural hair, then this hairstyle can become a great inspiration for you. The curls will provide height, volume, and texture. You just have to moisturize and twist hair on a regular basis.

10.) Curly Natural Afro Hairstyles:

curly natural afro black men hairstyles

Nothing is better than going natural. It is a great opportunity for black men to embrace the beauty of natural curls. It is going to make you look different in the crowd. You can use some good hair products to make your curls shinier.

11.) Retro High Top Fade Hairstyles:

retro high fade black men hairstyles

Want to remember your school days? Then try this school days pompadour. There is the height at the top and slowly it fades towards the nape. The shape matters a lot in this hairstyle so make sure that hair stylist does it properly.

12.) Curly Fade with Lines:

curly fade with lines black men hairstyles

You can also call this curly fade as an undercut. It is faded towards the side and the nape. It is a perfect choice for men who wants to experiment with bleaching. You can easily flaunt your ear stone with this hairstyle.

13.) Curly High Top Fade:

curly high top fade black men hairstyles

There are various fade techniques involved in this hairstyle. The shaved design, high top, and a fading hairline is awesome to show your manliness. The heavy curls on the top are amazing.

14.) Clippered Short with Center Parting:

clippered short with center parting black men hairstyles

If you want a pleasant look, then try this short haircut. In this hairstyle, the top is kept short and neat while a voguish center part is created using clippers. The line actually makes it look unique. You can even keep a beard to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.

15.) Curly Man Bun Black Men Hairstyles:

curly man bun black men hairstyles

 If you are a man with curly hair, then you should definitely try this hairstyle. Pull up the hair at the center of the head and make a big man bun out of it. Keep the back and sides short.

16.) Short Nappy Black Men Hairstyles:

short nappy black men hairstyles

Short nappy hairstyles look flattering on black men having square, oval and triangular face shape. The best thing you can do is keep the hair simple and natural. The sides and back are shaved in this hairstyle.

17.) Crispy Line-Up Hairstyles for Black Men:

crisp line up black men hairstyles

The crispy lines are the main attraction of this hairstyle. You have to use a clipper to create some crispy lines. It goes well for men with curly hair as it becomes easier to create crisp lines.

18.) Scruffy Long Hair Hairstyles for Black Men:

scruffy long hair black men hairstyles

Scruffy is an improbable hairstyle itself. So if you are blessed with it, then you don’t have to do anything else for a sharper look. Pull your hair together into a bun and just enjoy your appealing look.

19.) Tapered Short Afro Black Men Hairstyles:

tapered short black men hairstyles

If you want to blow life into your dull looking strands, then you should definitely try this tapered short Afro hairstyle. The best thing about this hairstyle is that any man can wear it regardless of face shape and skin tone.

20.) Messy Bun Black Men Hairstyles:

messy bun black men hairstyles

It is not always necessary that you top hair buns should be neat and sleek. You can try out a unique style by pulling out your natural hair into a messy bun.


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