How to Get Wavy Hair?


Do you want curly hair but not too tight? Want to keep your hair tousled but not too tousled? Relax! We have a solution for your confusions. Wavy hair is the classic solution which gives you a red carpet look. Waves will make you look gorgeous and not much hair styling is required. Once in a while, you can give your hair a change by creating waves. Using a curling iron may be an easy option but prolonged exposure to heat can damage your hair. Don’t worry, read our article to find out the different ways to get wavy hair naturally.

how to get wavy hair

Different Ways to Get Wavy Hair with Braids:

1.) Wash Your Hair to Get Wavy Hair

Whether you want curls, waves, straight or bouncy locks it is very necessary to wash your hair. After washing the hair, apply the conditioner on the tips instead of the scalp to make the hair look lighter. Squeeze out the excess water from the hair and leave it slightly damp. Comb your hair to remove tangles so that smooth waves are created.

2.) Part Your Hair to Get Wavy Hair

Make sure that that water is not dripping down, but your hair is slightly damp. The size of your waves will depend upon the size of your braids. If you want to keep your waves loose, then weave bigger braids. For tight and frizzy curls, divide your hair into various sections. To create loose waves, part your hair into 4 to 5 sections.

3.) Weaving Braids to Get Wavy Hair

After dividing your hair into various sections, weave a braid of each section. Divide one section at a time into three parts. The left part will be in the left hand and the right part will be in the right hand. Hold the middle section between the two fingers. First, cross the right strand over the middle and then the left strand across the middle. Keep repeating the process until you weave the braid till the end. Use an elastic band to secure the braid. Make sure that the braid is tight so that when you use a blow dryer it does not become loose.

4.) Finish Rest of the Sections

Repeat the same procedure which you followed above. Start the braids close from the head so that you don’t get waves starting from half down. Make sure you include all the hair because only braided hair will get wavy. Continue the braid till the very last so that when you open it all the hair is wavy and not even a single strand is straight.

5.) Blow Dryer to Get Wavy Hair

Remember, you made the braid on damp hair? In order to get effective waves, make sure that your hair is completely dry. For this, use a blow dryer and dry your braids before undoing them. After drying them completely, just have a peaceful sleep. Leave the braids for one night for significant and appealing results.

6.) Undoing the Braids to Give a Finished Look

Keep a little patience and undo the braids slowly. Finger comb your hair to get a relaxed look. Do not use a comb otherwise, your waves will open up entirely. Coat your waves with a thin layer of hair spray so that they remain secure and fixed in their place.

Buns to Get Wavy Hair:

1.) Divide Your Hair to Get Wavy Hair

Before starting, remember one thing the more sections you make, the wavier your hair will get. You can create two or three sections. One section should be around the top and the other one is the bottom layers. Now divide these sections into 10 to 12 different sections. If you have thin hair then a few sections will work.

2.) Start Section By Section

Start with one section at a time. Take one section at a time and twist it to create a small bun. Hold the section that is close to your face so that you can closely observe what you are doing. Remember, you have to create a tight twist.

3.) Create a Bun to Get Waves

Coil the twist and fix itself around the base. If you are doing right then your bun will look like a snail shell or a cinnamon roll. Do this all over the crown. It may take a little time, but the results are promising.

4.) Secure the Bun to Get Waves

Another important thing that you need to focus is what you will use to fix your bun. It depends on the length of your hair. If your buns are small then hairpins will work. If your buns are big, then use elastic bands. Make sure that the pins are in perpendicular order so that the buns are fixed.

5.) Setting Curls to Create Waves

This is an important step as your waves depend on this. It is very important to dry the buns before undoing them. It will be best if you sleep with these buns. Blow dry your hair and keep the point of the dryer at the center of the bun.

6.) Release the Bun to Get Wavy Hair

After drying your buns completely, open them slowly. Finger comb your hair and don’t use a hairbrush. Apply a hair spray to hold the waves all day. It is a 100% safe way to get wavy hair.


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