15 Flat Top Haircuts


Who said that only women are concerned about the latest fashion trends? Nowadays men too are very serious regarding the trending fashion and their look. Every man likes to be called a stud, dude, and hero. Wait! You can get these titles by reading our article in which we have shortlisted list of 15 flat top haircuts. Flat top haircuts are those haircuts which will always be in trend and will not lose its taste in the many coming years. They are usually in a box shape from the top and shaved on the sides. This legendary haircut deserves a standing ovation as it will help you to make great memories for yourself.

List of 15 Flat Top Haircuts:

1.) Medium Brown Flat Top Haircuts:

medium brown flat top haircuts

The clean faded sides and the perfectly trimmed top will make you look like a stud. The medium size expertly trimmed top haircut has become a choice of many men. The sleekness of this haircut starts from the front and ends perfectly towards the end.

2.) Side Part Flat Top Haircut:

side part flat top haircuts

A simple element added in your haircut can give you a personalized style that makes you look different from the crowd. Soft edges, a neat side part and filled in sides are the main attractions of this haircut.

3.) Black Faded Flat Top:

black faded flat top haircuts

This black faded top is a great haircut for most of the black men because it goes well with their natural hair texture. In this haircut, the sides and the back are faded while the top is flat and high.

4.) Natural Flat Top with Designs:

natural flat top with designs

The edgy shaved designs will take this haircut to an all new level. This natural flat top haircut is perfect to grab all the attention. The flat top extends down and creates a pointed look at the back.

5.) Lightly Faded Flat Top Haircuts:

lightly faded flat top haircuts

The precisely cut top and the smoothly faded sides will make many girls fall for you. A fade is a popular technique to add a modern touch in the haircut. It is a great option if you want a flat top, but of short height.

6.) High Flat Top with Angled Front:

high flat top haircuts with angled front

The faded temples and the angled top above the forehead will make many girls fall for you. It is a flattering haircut that will make you look handsome and give you a dude look. It is a mixture of two haircuts.

7.) Salt and Pepper Seductive Haircuts:

salt and pepper flat top haircuts

The combination of black and gray throughout the hair is trendy and fashionable. It is a flattering haircut and gives you a gentlemen look. This flat top haircut is free-spirited instead of traditional.

8.) Pompadour Flat Top Haircuts:

pompadour flat top haircuts

A pompadour is a conservative version of a flat top haircut. It is going to take you back to the retro era. Just add the spice of modern flat in this traditional coiffed appearance. A side part will complete your look and is perfect for formal purposes.

9.) Flat Top Haircuts for Fine Hair:

flat top haircuts for fine hair

If you are afraid that whether your fine hair will give you a stud hairstyle or not then just relax! A flat top can be easily pulled with fine and dense hair. Though it will not look as stiff as it looks on thick hair, but for sure it is going to give you a personalized style.

10.) Artistic Asymmetric Flat Top:

artistic asymmetric flat top haircuts

Funky, edgy and cool are some words that describe a flat top haircut. This artistic asymmetric flat top is a great haircut, especially for black men. The asymmetric haircut gives it a tilted look on one side.

11.) Rounded Flat Top Haircuts:

rounded flat top haircuts

The thickness of the crown and the rounded shape sets this haircut apart from others. It is going to make you look handsome is a great choice if you are going to a date or cousin’s wedding.

12.) Wavy Hawk Flat Top Haircuts:

wavy fawk flat top haircuts

The waves on the side and the contrasted top makes this haircut unique and attractive. If you want to maintain your cool dude image, then this haircut is just perfect for you. The bare sides and the long top will make you the star of the party.

13.) Midget Trim Haircuts:

midget trim flat top haircuts

Though this midget trim haircut is very short but still it is popular worldwide because of its greatness. The faded sides and the short hair strands look awesome together.

14.) Acute Edge Flat Top Haircuts:

acute edge flat top haircuts

The ability of this haircut to get acute and close to the edges has made it popular among young men and boys. The middle portion is high and thick whereas the sides are patched out and faded.

15.) Curly and Wild Flat Top Haircuts:

curly and wild flat top haircuts

This haircut is going to prove everyone wrong who think that curly hair is not meant for this haircut. The high wild curls in the middle portion becomes the center of attraction.


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