How to Glazed Curls for a Round Face?


Curly hair is not only in fashion but makes you look super sexy and feminine. If you have curly hair and a round face then you must have realized that it is not one of the best combinations. But what if we say that trying out glazed curls for a round face can give you a fabulous look. Of course, they can, especially when the curls are in proper shape. The right length will give you an appealing hairstyle. Read our article to discover the steps to get glazed curls for a round face.

Points to Remember While Selecting a Curling Iron:

  • Buy a curling barrel that has a good heating speed. The quickly the iron heats up the more professional results you will get.
  • Always check the barrel size. Select a thicker one to two-inch iron barrel to create loose and wavy curls. For tighter curls, 5/8 inch curling barrel is perfect.
  • Select a curling barrel that is made up of ceramic or tourmaline. Both of the materials are great for your hair. They heat up easily and minimizes the damage.
  • Select a curling iron that has interchangeable barrels and variable heat settings.

how to get glazed curls for a round face

Steps to Glazed Curls for a Round Face:

1.) Set the Temperature of Curling Iron:

Before starting to glazed curls for a round face, it is important that the temperature of the curling iron should be correct. The best thing to do is always keeping the temperature of the apparatus you are using low. If you have a thick quality of hair, then keep the temperature up to 430 degrees. For wavy and coarse hair the correct temperature is between 200 and 300 degrees. If your hair is fine and fragile then 200 degrees is enough to avoid hair from burning. The plate material should be made of ceramic as it transfers heat in a very sensitive manner. Before you use a curling iron always apply a heat protectant. It will ensure your hair and locks the moisture. It adds shine plus protects your hair from high temperature.

2.) Start From the Nape to Get Glazed Curls for a Round Face:

Divide your hair into different sections. If you want your work to be accurate and perfect, then sections are very necessary. It not only makes your work easier, but also the result is neat and clean. Gather the hair at the nape and tuck the upper section of hair with clippers. Divide the hair into sections at the nape and take one row of hair at a time. Keep that row open and tuck the others so that you can do your work without any obstacle. You will start with the outermost lock, but make sure you hold the curling iron in an upside down position. This will prevent your face from getting burnt. Continue the same way to curl the other sections of the hair. Once you reach the center point start with the next section. While doing all this remember the iron should be away from the face. The curls of both the sections will overlap each other in the middle.

3.) Curling Crown Section to Get Glazed Curls for a Round Face:

Make sure you have curled all the rows at the nape section. Before you start working with the crown section lift your roots to add volume. Backcomb your hair and use a volumizing spray to boost volume. A round brush and a blow dryer will help you to achieve the desired volume of your hair. After creating enough volume, repeat the same procedure which you did in creating glazed curls at the nape.

4.) Working with Temple Sections and Front Locks:

Have you ever seen face-framing locks? For sure, you have! Similarly, you have to create curls that form a perfect frame for your face. While you are working with your temple sections and front locks make sure that you don’t burn your face. The curling barrel should cover every strand so that no hair is left undone. Set the temperature accurately to get perfect curls.

5.) Stretching Glazed Curls for a Round Face:

Once you have completed all the sections just keep the curling barrel at one side. Use your fingers to guide your hair away from the face. Do not use a comb otherwise your hair will become frizzy. Finger comb your hair to give it a voluminous shake. For tighter curls hold them in a spiral form.

6.) Final Fixation to Get Glazed Curls for a Round Face:

This is an optional step and it completely depends on you whether you want to try this or not. You can use a hairspray to keep the curls fixed the whole day. A good hairspray will keep your hair frizz free and will make them look same all day. If you have a thick hair texture, then you should definitely use this hairspray otherwise, your curls will become loose.


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