How to Style Curly Hair?


Women who are born with curly hair, often say that curly hair is daunting to style and takes so of maintenance. Play with the right technique and hairstyle to make the style magnificent. You can flaunt lovely haircuts in curly hair that embrace your personality and reveal your inner charm. Get the amazing trendy haircuts with different texture and new hair color ideas to style curly hair.

Different Hairstyle to Style Curly Hair

 1.) Wavy Sassy Bob

Curly hairstyle is amazing to show off the modern cut and salon dye job. You can add low light and highlight which is very elegant. The hairstyle is a key to angled cut. In this hairstyle, the cut is elongated from the front and add shape to your face with your curly hair. The wavy sassy bob is one of the trendy hairstyles to style curly hair.

wavvy sassy bob style curly hair

2.) Braided Crown Wedding Hair

The hairstyle is perfect for the special occasion. The hairstyle is fun and feminine without making any hard efforts. In this hairstyle, the chunky braided is best for the awkward growing locks. You can achieve this texture with a curling iron that gives you wavy or curly look. The braided crown wedding hair is one of the top hairstyle to style curly hair.

braided crown wedding hair bob style curly hair

3.) Twist And Pin Half Up Hairstyle

If you have thick and wavy hair, then twist and pin half up hairstyle. The style adds thickness and right length with your curly hair. You can go for the fabulous hairstyle that is perfect for the special occasion. When you have lovely and long hair, then enhance your hairstyle with lovely styling techniques. The twist and pin half up hairstyle is one of the amazing hairstyles to style curly hair.

twist and pin half hairstyle style curly hair

4.) Curly Ponytail with a Side Braid

The Curly style is one of the amazing texture in this world. When you have curly hair, it is very difficult to maintain. You can magnify your style with a ponytail that keeps the curls in one line throughout the longest day. The style is best for the casual and formal look.  Paired the look with amazing hair color.

curly ponytail with side braid style curly hair

5.) Side Fishtail Braid for Wavy Hair

When you have long and curly hair, add some interest in your look with side fishtail braid for wavy hair. Add some flair to your look to rock the look. You can make this hairstyle with natural hair. In this hairstyle, you need to add side fishtail braid and pinned it back. You can see a small difference can change your overall look.

Side fishtail braid for wavy hair style curly hair

6.) Shoulder Length Brunette Lob

Want add shine with beautiful style?  Add a soft balayage and tousled waves. In this hairstyle, the loosely curled disconnected pieces that add a flawless glow to your look. Apply a little serum on your curls to get the amazing polished look. The shoulder length brunette lob is one of the ravishing hairstyles to style curly hair.

shoulder length brunette hair style curly hair

7.) Black Choppy Bob

Even the shorter length hair can rock the look. The bob style is best for the all the hair texture. Go for sharp and edgier look that give you dynamic look. Ask your hairstyle to give you edgier look with a razor. If don’t have this wavy texture, then create it by rolling your hair into barrel iron without touching your ends.

Black choppy bob style curly hair

8.) Long Golden Curls

Don’t fight with your hair, just embrace your look with long golden curls. Add golden blonde highlights in your look that grab all the attention. You can wear your fetching dresses with a lovely accessory that make a statement in your look. The long golden curls are one of the dazzling hairstyles to style curly hair.

Long golden curls style curly hair

9.) Blonde Waves with Dark Roots

When you are looking for a right thick hair haircut, then you must also focus on dye job. You can opt for the right haircut that totally transforms your heavy haircut. Go for dark roots and lighter ends that look fantastic on long hair. The blonde waves with dark roots are one of the sassy style curly hair. The hairstyle is best for the beach vacations.

blonde waves with dark roots style curly hair

10.) Dark Purple Hair with Define Curls

The striking hairstyle is best for your curly hair. In this hairstyle, gorgeous purple adds charm in your waves and give your beautiful face frame. The dark purple hair with defined curls is one of the amazing hairstyles to style curly hair.

dark purple hair with defined curls style curly hair

11.) Thick Waves with Multicolored Highlights

Add a wow factor to your look with purple, teal, and blue that add dimension to your look. Brighten your look with chunky highlights that different texture in your look. When you want to style your hair, don’t afraid to use bright tones.

Thick waves with multicoloered highlights style curly hair

12.) Brown Shag with Subtle Highlights

You don’t wild bangs, dramatic shape or fancy hair accessories. Add a wow factor to your look with v shape layers and soft highlights that look extremely gorgeous.

brown shag with subtle highlights style curly hair

13.) Soft Golden Waves with Thick Bangs

Bangs hairstyle look gorgeous, but sometimes makes you feel tricky, Add short fringes in your look to rock the hairstyle. In this hairstyle, short blunt bangs with highlighted waves that are perfect for with highlighted waves.

soft golden waves with thick bangs style curly hair

13.) Medium Length Spiral Curls

Many people pay to get the gorgeous curly texture. But, if you are born with lovely curls, then don’t let your beauty down with boring haircuts. Add plenty of moments with a shoulder length haircut that adds charm to your hairstyle.

medium length spiral curls style curly hair

14.) Asymmetrical Short Hairdo

Go short haircut that gives you flattering look to your luscious tresses. For a better look, you can blend two cuts, two textures and two colors in your look. Go for super short hairstyle, add interest in your personality.

Asymmetrical short hairdo style curly hair

15.) Bun Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

When you have natural lovely tresses then you need to play with the texture. You can opt for ponytail or braid, but hair bun makes the statement in your look.

Bun hairstyle style curly hair


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