20 Natural Braided Hairstyles


Braids are alluring and offer you an unlimited styling option even in your natural hair. These braids offer you many advantages like protecting the hair from the harsh environment and long lasting. We have listed some amazing braid hairstyle that never lets down the beauty of natural hair. Here are 20 Natural Braided hairstyle that you should try.

20 Natural Braided Hairstyles:

1.) Bold Triangle Parted Box Braids

Braided hairstyle is very much in trend. The bold triangle parted box braids is one of the natural braided hairstyles. The traditional look will look like box braid hairstyle. You can do experiments by changing the size of the braid. You can opt for the large braid that looks fabulous with natural hair. Wear your cool dresses to flaunt your natural braid hairstyle.

bold traingled parted box braid natural braided hairstyles

2.) Feed in Braid

When you can opt for feed in a braid, you get the benefit of flaunting natural hairstyle. It makes the hairstyle less bulky and flat at the hairline. It also creates less tension and also protects the edges. If you feel that hairstyle is complicated, just visit the near African hair braiding salon. The feed in the braid is one of the amazing natural braided hairstyles.

Feed in braid natural braided hairstyles

3.) Braided Ponytail

The braided hairstyle works wonderfully in natural hair. Braiding hairstyle sometimes makes your hair heavy, when you braid your locks individually. But securing your braid into updo makes you feel light and stylish. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine and also last for long. Cornrow ponytail is something that pulls off your look.

braided Aponytail natural braided hairstyles

4.) Criss Cross Goddess Braid

You can go for chunky cornrow braid also known as criss-cross goddess braid. The hairstyle is perfect for vacations or road trips where you don’t make such efforts in styling. You don’t have to do styling every morning once you have done with cross cross goddess braid. The criss-cross goddess braid is one of the amazing natural braiding hairstyles.

criss cross goddess braid natural braided hairstyles

5.) Braided Bun

A long time ago, large braided updo were considered for old ladies. But old is new again. You can see many of the young ladies love to flaunt these large updos. You can show off this style with flairs. In this hairstyle, the micro braids and jumbo braids make it a perfect hairstyle for the summer. The braided bun is one of the stylish natural braided hairstyles.

braided bun natural braided hairstyles

6.) Purple Highlights in Black Braids

You can see the outside length and thickness, which is truly amazing. The purple highlights in black braids are one of the sassy natural braided hairstyles. Adding hair to this hairstyle allow you to ability experiments with colors. Enhance your natural hairstyle by adding a few pieces of purple hue in your braids with the highlight.

braided bun natural braided hairstyles

7.) Wavy Straight Black Braid

The hairstyle is very classic and elegant straight-back look, The hairstyle is best for the new braiders masters as it is very simple and stylish. You can easily get the simple pattern and that will takes your very low efforts. Just add a soft twist to add the curvy part in the hairstyle to create a sensational appearance.

wavy straight black braid natural braided hairstyles

8.) Center Parted Crown with Fishtail

The center parted crown with fishtail is also known as boxer braids. These double braid is very popular and looks extremely gorgeous. Despite highly in trend, also very common hairstyle in black women. You just have to end the both the braids into a fishtail braid that look absolutely stunning. Add some chunky platinum blonde highlights to magnify the beauty of the hairstyle.

center parted crown into fishtail braid natural braided hairstyles

9.) Jumbo Coil with Braids

Instead of opting standard bun, you can go for plaits that add design in your hairstyle. The big braid coils take the hairstyle to the next level and look good in any setting. Wear your golden accessories to get the modish look.

jumboo coil braid natural braided hairstyles

10.) Braided Updo Hairstyle with Curls for Short Hair

It’s not necessary that you need to go for a full braided hairstyle. For this look, you need to braid back and leave the spiral curls from the front. The hairstyle is suitable for the medium to long hair as it doesn’t require much length.

braided updo hairstyles for short hair natural braided hairstyles

11.) Half Updo with Long Free Hanging Braids

Long Ghana braid is ideal for the summer for black women. You can add nice height at the top with fresh half updo. It looks extremely sexy with cool outfits and accessories.

half updo with long free hanging braid natural braided hairstyles

12.) Chunky Mohawk Braid

When you want to add design to your look without shaving your hair try chunky mohawk braid. These braids offer you an endless styling option. The chunky Mohawk braid is one of the astounding chunky Mohawk braids.

chunky moahawk braid natural braided hairstyles

13.) Ghana Braid Bun

Braids all over the head are playful, but sometime classy look also matter. Opt for the low braided bun with two plaits and a curved part. You just have to make braids with your hair without worrying about the length of the hair.

Ghana braid bun natural braided hairstyles

14.) Braid and Side Bangs

If you have long, medium tapered cut, then you also go for braid hairstyle. In this hairstyle, use the longest portion of the cut to create a braided hairstyle. Add more hair in the braid to maintain the grip of the hairstyle.

braid and side bangs natural braided hairstyles

15.) Mixed Braid Updo for Black Hair

If you are looking for the hairstyle for the normal event then try mixed braid updo for black hair. Just add few braids with different size to rock the hairstyle.

mixed braid updo natural braided hairstyles

16.) Classy Updo for Black Hair

Enhance your beautiful bun with goddess braids that look extremely sassy. The hairstyle is best for the both the casual and formal look. The classy updo for black hair is one of the elegant natural braided hairstyles.

Classy updo for black hair natural braided hairstyles

17.) Braids with Curves

The best thing about the braid hairstyle is able to create a design without shaving your hair. Pick the best design which matches your personality.

braids with curves natural braided hairstyles

18.) Revamped Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail is common. Try some experiment with your hair with revamped braided ponytail. The revamped braided ponytail is one of the stylish natural braided hairstyles.

revamped braided ponytail braid natural braided hairstyles

19.) Braided Hairstyle with Jumbo French Braid

Frech braid gets gorgeous to sassy when it gets larger. Try a braided hairstyle with a jumbo French braid that adds fire to your looks.

braided hairstyles with jumboo french braid natural braided hairstyles

20.) Twisted Updo with Highlights

Flaunt your elegant twisted updo with honey blonde highlights. Add height and volume by creating beautiful bouffant in the front.

twisted updo with highlights natural braided hairstyles


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