20 Trendy Shaggy Bob Haircuts


A great haircut is one which is filled with tons of appeal. Shaggy bob haircuts will hopefully meet your needs. It is edgy, stylish and is going to take you to a new level in fashion and trend. If your hair is too curly, then a shag haircut will keep it free from frizz. If you want a hot and sexy look, then are millions of short shaggy haircuts welcoming you. Bored of one length long hair? If yes, then try adding shaggy layers. Did you notice one thing? A shag haircut suits all types of hair lengths and texture. Read this article to discover the best 20 trendy shaggy bob haircuts.

Best 20 Trendy Shaggy Bob Haircuts:

1.) Long Shaggy Bob Haircuts:

long shaggy bob haircuts

If you are blessed with straight and thick hair, then this long shaggy bob looks wonderful. The long choppy layers in this collarbone haircut will make you look gorgeous.

2.) Two Tone Shaggy Bob:

two tone shaggy bob haircuts

If you are willing to show the creative side of your personality, then try this two tone burgundy shaggy bob. Spread the jagged and shaggy layers throughout the crown. The natural waves of your hair will make it look more appealing.

3.) Blonde Shaggy Lob Haircuts:

blonde shaggy bob haircuts

The best thing of a shaggy bob is that it has a lot of variations. The layers in this bob with a twist will give you a style that is classic and modish. Make sure that the layers are uneven and flow free.

4.) Funky Shaggy Bob Haircuts:

funky shaggy bob haircuts

The cool hair color in this choppy and edgy haircut will give you a bold personality. It is a perfect hair color for getting lost in the fairyland. It will be fun to play with this funky colored shaggy bob.

5.) Wavy Dirty Blonde Bob:

wavy dirty blonde shaggy bob haircuts

 Who said that only short bob looks nice? Longer and medium bobs are equally good and can give you an improbable look. It is a perfect haircut to flaunt the beautiful texture of your hair.

6.) Wispy Bob with Blunt Bangs:

wispy bob with blunt bangs shaggy bob haircuts

Disruption and order in one haircut can look amazing. The tousled longer strands and the accurate blunt bangs will be fun to play with. A good hair color and texture will just complete your look.

7.) Short Bob with Temple Undercut:

short bob with temple undercut shaggy bob haircuts

No doubt that undercuts look amazing, but if you have any doubt then try a small undercut section. This small undercut section will bring a twist in your short bob and make it look more appealing. The buzzed temple will make the bob playful.

8.) Mid Length Shaggy Bob:

mid length shaggy bob haircuts

Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, a shaggy bob haircut is always a wonderful option. If your hair is a little curly or wavy, then this haircut is great to enhance the natural beauty. It will bring all the focus to your waves or curls.

9.) Graduated Bob with Feathers:

graduated shaggy bob haircuts

Instead of diving into a short bob haircut, try to add some thin razored layers that get longer towards the face. This graduated bob with feather finish will give you a look that is charismatic and stunning.

10.) Shaggy Bob with Defined Waves:

shaggy bob haircuts with defined waves

A shaggy bob haircut with defined waves will give you a look that is beyond perfection. You just need a curling iron and a good hair spray to set this haircut. Give your haircut a carefree vibe by adding loose waves instead of tight curls.

11.) Shaggy Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair:

shaggy bob haircuts for fine hair

Shaggy bob with fine layers creates a wonderful look. These shaggy layers will add a lot of volume to your tresses. The curls around the face create a beautiful frame and bring out the beautiful eyes.

12.) Sliced Layers in Shaggy Bob Haircuts:

sliced layers in shaggy bob haircuts

These sliced layers in a shaggy bob are just perfect to reduce the roundness of your face. The smooth look with strong curves framed the face and chin. This haircut will add width to your narrow face by flicking out the sides.

13.) Shoulder Length Long Bob with Bangs:

shoulder length long bob with bangs shaggy bob haircuts

Shaggy bob comes with a variety of versions. This shoulder length bob with dramatic bangs is another popular version of the shaggy bob. The bangs create a dramatic frame and the ends are snipped for a disconnected look.

14.) Spiraled Shaggy Bob with Bangs:

spiraled shaggy bob haircuts with bangs

This haircut is exemplary as it goes well with the natural texture of hair. The mid-length bob with bangs hanging loose on the forehead is a great idea to enhance the natural beauty of your spiral curls.

15.) Violet Shaggy Bob with Bangs:

violet shaggy bob with bangs

This violet shaggy bob haircut will make you enchant that you have an achieved a different look and you are proud of it. The violet color will make this bob different in the crowd. The forehead wrapped in bangs will create an unforgettable image of yours.

16.) Shaggy Layered Haircut with Bangs:

shaggy layered haircut with bangs shaggy bob haircuts

Are you going out with your friends for a vacation? If yes, then try this shaggy layered haircut with bangs. It is a great haircut to fake a longer hairstyle. You can also mix two colored layers for fun.

17.) Messy Shaggy Haircut with Angled Tips:

messy shaggy bob haircuts with angled tips

There are three main elements which make this shaggy bob haircut appealing and unique. The messy touch, ombre hair color, angled layers, and bangs will increase the beauty of a shaggy haircut.

18.) Brown Blonde Textured Bob:

brown blonde textured shaggy bob haircuts

Add too many layers to a one length haircut can make it overwhelming. Add your hair stylist to add only a few layers. A bit of movement is perfectly fine for the start. Next time you can go for some more pieces.

19.) Medium Shaggy Bob with Wispy Ends:

medium shaggy bob haircuts with wispy ends

Shaggy haircuts make thin hair look charming and soft. The messiness in this haircut offers a lot of volume and body. Apply a texturizing product and skip brushing to get significant results.

20.) Shaggy Bob with Disconnected Ends:

shaggy bob haircuts with disconnected ends

Selecting the way to part your hair is very important as it can change your personality and look. The choppy layers in this side parted bob brings out the asymmetry. It creates a flattering frame for your face.


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