20 Trendy Short Haircuts


Blow your mind with cool and trendy short haircuts. It’s very difficult to style your short hair, but not impossible. The amazing haircuts like a pixie, cropped, bob and layers look breathtaking even in the shorter length. You can choose your hairstyle according to your face shape and hair texture. Here are 20 trendy short haircuts which are truly striking.

20 Trendy Short Haircuts:

1.) Round Face Fix

Round short haircuts are one of the trendy short haircuts. It enhances your facial feature and also helps to slim that features of ladies which makes them conscious. The hairstyle is best for round face. The fabulous look more stunning with eye glasses and light make up.

round face fix trendy short haircuts

2.) Curly Hairstyle for Short Hair

Curly hairstyles for short hair is one of the trendy short haircuts. The hairstyle is very romantic. You can also go for balayage hair color with a blonde pixie. Add some highlight if you have fine hair, it will increase volume in the hair. You can for curly hair get a messy look. If you don’t have curly hair then make wavy hair with the help of curling wand.

Curly hairstyles trendy short haircuts

3.) Natural Hairstyle with Closely Clipped Hair

Natural Hairstyle with closely clipped hair is one of the trendy short haircuts. The hairstyle is best for black women for their natural and beautiful curly texture. In the hairstyle, tapering curls in the front give you dramatic look. Enhance your hairstyle with red lipstick and winged eyeliner. If you want this natural hairstyle to look sassier, wear amazing accessories with this hairstyle.

Natural hairstyles with closed clipped hair trendy short haircuts

4.) Short Layered Hairstyle

Short Layered Hairstyle is one of the short haircuts. If you blessed with thick hair, then don’t let your beauty down with boring haircuts. Add layers to your hairstyle to achieve this striking look. Layers make the hairstyle more beautiful. The hairstyle doesn’t remove volume in the hairstyle and gives you appealing look.

short layered hairstyle trendy short haircuts

5.) Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Layered bob for fine hair is one of the trendy short haircuts. In this hairstyle, the bob gets lifted from the roots and swept to the sides look astounding. The hairstyle is truly amazing when you wear it with a casual t-shirt. It is best suitable for cool skin tone and ladies who have blesses with fine hair.

layered bob for fine hair trendy short haircuts

6.) Cropped Layer

Cropped layer is one of the short haircuts. The short and cropped look fantastic on women. It also helps in giving slimming face. The hairstyle is best for the round face. You know the best thing about this hairstyle, there is not any age limit to get this haircut. Go gray and wear soft makeup for the best look.

Cropped layered trendy short haircuts

7.) Curly Afro Puff with Perfect Edges

Curly Afro puff with perfect edges is one the trendy short haircut. If you don’t have much length of the ponytail. Don’t get sad, you can go for Afro puff. It is a very glossy and vibrant hairstyle. The curly Afro puff with perfect edges is best suitable for the black women. You can try this stunning hairstyle for date night.

Curly afro puff with perfect edges trendy short haircuts

8.) Smooth Bob

Smooth bob works best for the straight hair. The Gorgeous hairstyle looks absolutely stunning on thick hair. in this hairstyle, instead of bangs, you can add layers and feather at the back of the hairstyle. The hairstyle adds life and movement to your hairstyle. It is very elegant and modish hairstyle.

Smooth bob trendy short haircuts

9.) Feathered Pixie for Thin Hair

Feathered pixie for thin hair is one of the short haircuts. The subtle highlights and feathered pixie are the right choices for the mature lady. It is suitable for fine hair. The hairstyle doesn’t take much time to your short hair. You can wear cute earring with this hairstyle.

feathred pixie for thin hair trendy short haircuts

10.) Short Twist Out

Short twist out is one of the trendy short haircuts. Get this Afro look, the hairstyle is best for black women. The hairstyle is unique and takes you to the next level. The gorgeous hairstyle looks gorgeous when you pin it from one side.

Short twist out trendy short haircuts

11.) Angled Bob

Angled bob is one of the short haircuts. The hairstyle reduces the thickness of the hair and very suitable for the round face. The hairstyle looks best with the straight hair. Add feathers to get the complete look. You can go for a nose piercing to get the best look.

Angled bob trendy short haircuts

12.) Delicate Feather

Delicate feather gives you a very soft look. It is one of the trendy short haircuts. Add some impressive layers in your hairstyle to achieve the best look. Add fringes in the hairstyle to intensify the look. The hairstyle is best for fine hair.

delicate feather trendy short haircuts

13.) Short Natural Sass

Short natural sass is one of the trendy short haircuts. You can achieve this look with hair styling products. You don’t need hair accessories to achieve this look. Wear accessories to magnify your look.

short natural sass trendy short haircuts

14.) Disconnected Pixie for Short Hair

Disconnected pixie for short hair is one of the trendy short haircuts. Add layers in fine hair to boost the volume. Use white or silver blonde with dark roots which are a flattering look. You can use trendy hair color to enhance disconnected pixie for short hair.

Disconnected pixie trendy short haircuts

15.) Short Messy Hairstyles with Twists

The short messy hairstyles with the twist are one of the trendy short haircuts. Short bangs do not look so amazing, try something interesting twist look. In this hairstyle, the inverted side parted with long bangs look truly amazing when tied the front bangs in a twisted way.  You can add two parallel twists to achieved look.

Short and messy hairstyle with twist trendy short haircuts

16.) Edgy Short Cut for Thin Layer

Edgy shortcut for a thin layer is one of the trendy short haircuts. The hairstyle is very elegant and age appropriate. The pixie bob looks extremely sassy on every girl. It is very suitable for thicker hair.

edgy short cut with thin layer trendy short haircuts

17.) Urban Hairstyle

The Urban hairstyle is one of the trendy short haircuts. You can add layers to create the illusion of thick and voluminous hair. The hairstyle is suitable for round face.

Urban hairstyle trendy short haircuts

18.) Sleek Cut

Spice up your hairstyle with a sleek cut. It is one of the sassy short haircuts. You can achieve this hairstyle in medium to short hair.  The hairstyle looks best in straight hair.

Sleek cut trendy short haircuts

19.) The Beauty of Bangs

The hairstyle is best for the round face, as the bang minimize the impact of round face shape. The edgy and flattering look is absolutely arresting. It is one of the gorgeous short haircuts.

the beauty of bang trendy short haircuts

20.) Mermaid Chic

Mermaid Chic is one of the short haircuts. The hairstyle looks best in curly hair. Brighten your look with fun ocean inspired color. The hairstyle is very suitable for the cool skin tone.

mermaid chic trendy short haircuts


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