20 Short Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts


Having perfectly straight hair is the secret wish of very girl. Girls feel that straight hair is fabulous to look and is easy to manage. Straight hair needs volume and texture, especially when you have short hair. In this article, we have compiled the best 20 short straight hairstyles and haircuts for every face shape and hair texture. You can easily choose the best hairstyle that flatters your face shape and gives you a unique personal style.

Best 20 Short Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts:

1.) Long Blonde Bob Short Straight Hairstyles:

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

This super sleek and sharp long blonde bob with a side part is perfect for softening facial features. It looks great on girls with a round face and thin hair. Use an anti-frizz serum to get a chic and smooth look.

2.) Long Side Sweeping Bob for Straight Hair:

long side sweeping bob short straight hairstyles

This flirty style looks modern and fresh with a low side parting. The side sweeps bangs that fall on the cheekbones brings all the attention towards the facial features and eyes.

3.) Straight Bob with Blunt Bangs:

straight bob with blunt bangs straight short hairstyles

Are you looking for a flirty hairstyle that looks glossy? Here is the solution. This contemporary bob with blunt bangs is perfect to conceal an oval face shape. This glam up straight hairstyle will give you a bold look.

4.) Blonde and Polished Pixie Short Straight Hairstyles:

blonde and polished short straight hairstyles

The beautiful transformation of a simple blonde pixie is seen in this image. This fabulous do is perfect for a round feminine face. It is a fabulous hairstyle for girls with straight hair.

5.) Sleek A-line Hairstyle for Short Hair:

sleek A-line short straight hairstyles

A-line hairstyles add body to flat and limp hair. It brings a serious persona for women. Straight A-line hairstyle looks modern and stylish. To set your flyaways use a flat iron.

6.) Stacked Straight Short Bob:

stacked straight short bob straight short hairstyles

This is one of the best short straight hairstyles. It is an exemplary hairstyle for women with straight and fine hair. This hairstyle gives the right amount of texture and volume at the back of the head.

7.) Short Inverted Bob for Straight Hair:

short inverted bob short straight hairstyles

This hairstyle is getting more versatile day by day. This angled and inverted bob is very much popular and in trend. It is great for girls who are conservative in nature.

8.) Glamorous Grey Short Straight Hairstyles:

glamorous grey short straight hairstyles

This granny hair is very much popular among young girls these days. To copy this hairstyle you first need to bleach your hair and then use a purple toner. After this dye your hair white or gray hue. Just finger comb wet hair and let it dry naturally.

9.) Sleek Asymmetrical Blue Bob:

sleek asymmetrical blue bob short straight hairstyles

This side swept blue bob will make the main attraction of the party. This blunt bob frames your face while the subtle layers will suit your face shape. Visit the saloon in every 5 weeks to the maintain the shape of this haircut.

10.) Short Straight Pixie:

short straight pixie short straight hairstyles

This retro pixie is the perfect style for girls who love a look that is sophisticated and classy. The straight pixie with subtle layers and side parting looks fabulous. Use an anti-frizz spray and a straightening iron to maintain the look.

11.) Combo of Grey and Black with Blunt Bangs:

Combo of Gray and the black short straight hairstyles

This is one of the marvelous short straight hairstyles. The hair is perfectly straight and not even a single flyaway is seen. The blunt bangs accentuate the beauty of the eyes and cheekbones.

12.) Chic Pixie Short Hairstyle with Dip Dyed Bangs:

chic pixie short hairstyle with dip dyed bangs short straight hairstyles

This chic pixie short straight hairstyle is a great pick for girls with fine hair. What makes this pixie apart from other is the dip dyed bangs. The pink color is the favorite of most of the girls. So just dye them pink and enjoy the appreciation.

13.) Short Bob with a Signature Curl:

short bob with a signature curl short straight hairstyles

There are a variety of versions of short straight hairstyles. To copy this style, use a straightening iron to lift the roots. Add an accent curl to the front side of the hair.

14.) Sweeping Bangs Short Hairstyles:

sweeping bangs short straight hairstyles

The combination of short bangs and short sides is fantastic. The side sweep bangs divert the attention towards the beautiful facial features. This is an optimal hairstyle for an everyday look.

15.) Combed Pixie Short Straight Hairstyles:

combed pixie short straight hairstyles

This is undoubtedly one of the best pixie styles for girls with straight hair. This pixie is a bold step towards a personal style. It is a great style that is going to make you look more feminine.

16.) Shaded and Shaggy for Straight Hair:

shaded and shaggy short straight hairstyles

Your choppy shagged cut will look even more amazing when you will strategically place color. Try some good color dye in the front that will frame and brighten up your face instantly.

17.) Straight Platinum and Pink Hairstyles:

straight platinum and pink short straight hairstyles

This hairstyle will do wonders for girls with thin hair. The chin-length cut and the blunt bangs look marvelous together. The hint of pinkish hue throughout will make this hairstyle look different in the crowd.

18.) Short Straight Hair with One Side Shaved:

short straight hair with one side shaved

Who said that short straight hairstyles are only meant for a serious look? This side undercut says it all. This is a creative style for short hair. For some statement streaks, you can use permanent dye or color chalk.

19.) Graduated Straight Bob:

graduated straight bob short straight hairstyles

In this hairstyle, the hair is short on the back and long in the front. The perimeter is even from back to front which makes this bob look fantastic. Girls with wider face shape should try this hairstyle.

20.) Ultra Short Bob with Concave Layers:

ultra short bob with concave layers short straight hairstyles

This ultra short bob with concave layers will give you a mesmerizing look. It highlights the roundness of the head. The perimeter is slightly shorter in the back and long in the front. It is an optimal hairstyle for girls having oval face shape and medium hair density.


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