20 Different Updos for Short Hair


Rules are meant to be broken. Isn’t it? Break all the hard and fast rules related to the styling of short hair. Now with the changed time, the trend has changed accordingly. Short hairstyles are versatile, feminine, elegant as well as sophisticated. You just need some hairpins, effort, and patience to create beautiful Updos for short hair. Go through our gallery and discover the most different and unique Updo for your short hair.

Best 20 Different Updos for Short Hair:

1.) Braided Mohawk with Low Pony:

braided mohawk with a low pony Updos for short hair

It is the dream of every woman to become the epitome of perfection. It is a great Updo if your hair is short. Use a good smoothing hairspray and make sure your hairstyle remains frizz-free and sleek.

2.) Ponytail Poof Updos for Short Hair:

ponytail poof Updos for short hair

The biggest problem of having short hair is that it sometimes looks too flat. Just relax! This ponytail poof Updo is perfect for adding volume and dimension to your short strands. You just have to tease the roots of your hair to create this creative Updo.

3.) Side Braided Ponytail Updos:

braided ponytail Updos for short hair

Looking for something cute and spunky? Then try this cute side braided ponytail Updo. Make a cute and normal side braid and blend it into a small ponytail. Your highlighted strands will add a spark to this hairstyle.

4.) Half Up Braided Mohawk Updos:

half up braided mohawk updos for short hair

Want a creative style for your chin-length hair? If yes, then take some inspiration from Kristen Stewart. Weave the center part of your hair and leave the rest open. Tuck your open hair behind the ears.

5.) Twist and Pin Messy Updos for Short Hair:

twist and pin messy updos for short hair

The twists secured with pins will result in a captivating Updo for short hair. No rules and no steps to follow. Just follow your heart and make a messy creative Updo.

6.) Twisted and Textured Wavy Updo:

twisted and textured updos for short hair

This twisted and textured Wavy Updo is an ideal choice if you have short hair. The different twist and texture in this hairstyle are just improbable. Some hairpins and a jeweled headband is all you need to style your hair.

7.) Twists Updos for Short Hair:

twists updos for short hair

Who said that there are limited options for styling short hair? This twist Updo breaks all the myth. Divide your hair into different sections. Twist each of the sections and secure it with a hairpin. Make sure that the twists are tight.

8.) High Top Bun for Short Hair:

high top bun updos for short hair

Who said girls with long hair can only rock this hairstyle? Girls with short hair are also experimenting and trying with this beautiful Updo. Just pull back your hair with your hands and tie it up into a high bun.

9.) Messy Top Knot Updos for Short Hair:

messy top knot updos for short hair

Looking for a simple and equally beautiful hairstyle for your short hair? If yes, then create this messy top knot out of your simple high ponytail. It is an easy plus a romantic hairstyle to carry during summer seasons.

10.) Half Top Knot Updos:

half top knot updos for short hair

Chin length hair is just enough to create this beautiful Updo. Create three sections of your hair. One in the middle and two on the sides. Make a messy top knot with the middle section and tuck the other two sections behind the ears.

11.) Elegant Updos with Curls:

elegant updo with curls updos for short hair

Vintage hairstyles look awesome. You will be surprised to see so many elements in one single hairstyle. The combination of curls pompadour bangs is something deadly in the hair world.

12.) Braided Updos for Short Hair:

braided updos for short hair

Who said short hair cannot be braided? Of course, you can braid it. Brush the back of your hair for a tousled look. Make a braid and wrap it around the crown area.

13.) Braided Faux Hawk Bun for Short Hair:

braided fauxhawk updos for short hair

This braided faux hawk is a masterpiece. The faux hawk braid is wrapped and twisted into a creative and cute Updo. The volumized part will make this hairstyle look gorgeous and lovely.

14.) French Twist Updos for Short Hair:

french twist updos for short hair

This classic French twist is a great hairstyle to wear at parties and official meetings. It is an eye-catching hairstyle and what makes it different is the two-toned hair. The best part of this hairstyle is that it suits all face shapes.

15.) Curly Half Updos for Short Hair:

curly half updos for short hair

You know what is the key to make short hair look voluminous and beautiful? It’s actually the messy touch. This curly half Updo on the side is going to give your short hair a messy touch. You just require a handful of pins to fix our curls at the back.

16.) Low Braided Rope Hairstyles for Short Hair:

low braided rope updos for short hair

If you think that a romantic and elegant Updos are only for long hair, then you are absolutely wrong. Try this low braided rope and look marvelous. Some clips and pins you are ready with this low braided rope.

17.) Side Braided Bun for Short Hair:

side braided updos for short hair

It is very easy to create this side braided bun. For short hair, it is a great hairstyle to try. Weave a thin side braid and then mix it into a side messy bun. Create a side part and get a romantic feel.

18.) Simple Top Knot at the Nape:

simple knot at the nape updos for short hair

This simple top knot at the nape is going to make you look fabulous. The best part of this hairstyle is that it’s fairly simple to create. Use some hairpins to fix this simple knot at the nape.

19.) Top Knot Sock Bun:

top knot sock bun updos for short hair

During the recent years, sock bun has gained a lot of popularity. You can rock this amazing hairstyle with short hair also. Don’t try to create a sleek bun as it will be difficult. Go for a messy top knot sock bun.

20.) Three Twisted Buns for Short Hair:

three twisted bun updos for short hair

The main attraction of this hairstyle is the tousled touch. It is easy to make this twisted bun hairstyle. Make three short ponytails and wrap it around to make a small bun. Secure the twisted buns with hair pins.


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