How to Lose Stomach Fat?


If your stomach is flab then you need to reduce it before a severe problem knocks your door. Often people reduce weight just to look good. However, one should know the disadvantages of the weight gain especially the belly fat which is known as stomach fat in laymen’s language. When the belly fat expands into the rest of the body especially abdomen it leads to visceral fat. This fat releases hormones of stress, cortisol and hits the production of insulin. This not only results in obesity infect it gives way to diseases, cardiovascular disease, and cancer as well. To avoid this you need to take good care of your body. However, it does not mean you will go for weight loss surgeries. After the surgery, you might look fabulous but internally you will be causing a great damage to your health. So it’s better to change your lifestyle and include good practices to reduce stomach fat. Read more to know ways to lose stomach fat.

How to Lose Stomach Fat

Ways to Lose Stomach Fat:

1.) Reduce Calorie Intake to Lose Stomach Fat

If you want to lose stomach fat or belly fat then you have to restrict the intake of calories. We all know calories are the prime cause of fat in the body. So your much aim should be consuming a diet which has less or no calories and burns the calories that are body has. One pound is equal to 3,500 calories. So if you want to lose a pound that means you have to shed 3500 calories. For healthy weight loss reducing 2 pounds in a week is ok. However, if you aim to lose more than it then you might get into the problem. So it is very important to balance your diet pattern and the exercise. In any means do not go for dieting. It will have an adverse effect on your body.

2.) Say No to Bad Fats to Lose Stomach Fat

There are two types of fat one is good fat and another is good fat. Bad fat also is known Trans fat leads to accumulation of the fat in the abdomen that leads to visceral fat. This is associated with cardiovascular and other body problems as discussed in the introduction. Foods such as cookies, chips, crackers, margarine, French fries, pie, and cake contains bad fat. So avoid them completely. Nevertheless, do not skip dairy foods; cheese, yogurt (simple) and drinking milk are equally nutritious for the overall health. Foods like seeds, nuts, chocolate avocados and foods made with partially hydrogenated oil have monounsaturated fats which are good fats so you can include these foods in your diet.

3.) Consume Fiber to Lose Stomach Fat

A lot of us face problem while deciding what to eat and what not to eat in terms to lose weight. Well, as told in the first point it’s all about calories. From the second point, you surely know what all you have to avoid. Whereas you should consume foods which are a great source of fiber. It helps to burn the abdominal fat. Foods such as apples, cherries, salad, and oats are a good source of fiber. It not only helps to shed that in fact it also keeps the stomach problems like constipation at the bay. So make sure that you include fiber in your diet. However, do not add a bulk of fiber rich food in one go. Moreover, increase the intake of the fiber gradually so that your body can get used to of it. Most of the people discard the skin of the fruits, which actually contains a good amount of fiber. Just wash the fruit properly and you are good to go. For more fiber, consume split peas. One cup of this pea has 16.3 g of protein.

4.) Eat Carbohydrates to Lose Stomach Fat

Another nutrient that you must add to your diet is carbohydrate. Foods such as bulgar wheat, dark bread, brown rice and cereal fiber are packed with carbohydrates. Moreover, whole grains have a good amount of fiber. This will help you to reduce the weight gain. Consuming more carbohydrates comes handy to those people who cannot exercise or live sedentary, lifestyle. This does not mean that you want to exercise. It is one of the must things to do with this consume carbs, to get energy and lose stomach fat.

5.) Protein to Lose Stomach Fat

If you are reducing weight then you should eat such foods that make you full for the longer period and you do not hungry. Lean protein increases the satiety value and keeps you full for long period as compared to other foods. One gains weight when he frequently eat something or the other that is because of the uncontrollable hunger. However, with lean proteins such as Greek Yogurt, egg whites, chicken white fish you can control your Hungry in fact after consuming these foods you will not feel hungry for long.

6.) Exercise to Lose Weight Lose

This is one of the must things that you should do regularly. Exercise and yoga will not only help you to lose stomach fat in fact it will tone your body, boost your stamina and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise such as cardio that includes swimming, walking, running, boxing, skipping, aerobics, side stretches, squats should be done regularly to reduce the belly fat. However, in the beginning, do not force yourself to do exercise vigorously gradually increase it. You can also try yoga asanas as tadasana, mauka asana, usht asana, dhanurasana and Surya namaskar helps to lose stomach fat.

Other Practices to Lose Stomach Fat:

1.) Drink Plenty of Water to Lose Stomach Fat

Drink 8-12 glasses of water in a day. It will not only help to reduce weight, in fact, contributes to overall health. It flushes out the toxins from the body that accumulate around the organs and give way to fat. Also, it helps to get rid of water retention. It also promotes the healthy functioning of the body organs. Consume water drinks such fresh juices, coconut water, green tea regularly and avoid caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

2.) Cut down Salt, Sugar and Rice to Lose Stomach Fat

Intake of sugar and salt in excess can lead to thyroid, blood pressure, and diabetes respectively. Moreover, they lead to water retention that gives way to fat in your body. White rice is also not good for health. Avoid processed food,

3.) Do Not Stress to Lose Stomach Fat

Stress also leads to weight gain and other body problems like dizziness, depression, anxiety and others. So do not take the stress. Do not over think. Join laughing classes. The laughing practices activate the happy hormones that help the body that boost the immunity system of the body. Meditation, exercise, yoga are also one of the stress busters. Moreover, do not exert yourself. It’s better to remain calm and composed. This will help you to shed weight and manage the stress.

4.) Sleep Well to Lose Stomach Fat

According to a recent research people, who take 8 hours sound sleep do not gain weight, in fact, people who take less sleep gain weight easily. Moreover, they more prone to stress. Also, when you sleep your hunger hormones get normal. In contrary when you are awake or sleep less your hunger hormones get activated. And therefore, you feel Hungry.

5.) Eat at Small Intervals

Researchers have found that when you eat less in small intervals you do not gain weight as you do while going for fewer meals. So make sure that you go for 6 small meals in a day. However, keep all of them light.


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