How to Make Yourself Sneeze on Command?


After writing, how to stop a runny nose?, how to get rid of a stuffy nose?, and how to stop sneezing fits?, we are now wiring the best ways to make yourself sneeze. How to make yourself sneeze on command when you can’t? It happens many times that we want to sneeze but we couldn’t. Sometimes a sneeze just stuck at the tip of the nose. Sneezing can be triggered. Sneezing is a natural process, but you might want to sneeze by tickling some sneezing spots. Purpose of sneezing is to get rid of unwanted substances from the nose. Every individual has different sensitivity according to how an individual responds to different irritants. Follow the few simple but best steps to make yourself sneeze naturally.

Best Ways to Make Yourself Sneeze:

1.) Pluck Your Nose Hair

This is the easiest way to sneeze. Plucking one hair at a time form your nose can trigger the sneezing process. You need to be careful while plucking hair from your nose, you can use a tweezer for this task. Nose hair use to stop any particle from going inside and if something stuck in nostril, we get sneeze automatically. Try to pluck your nose hair to trigger a sneeze. Pluck only one hair inside your nose using tweezers. It may hurt if you pluck more hair at a time. You will sneeze quickly as soon as you pull the hair out with strong force.

2.) Try Some Spices

Sniff some spices to trigger a sneeze. Smelling certain spices will make you sneeze automatically. Some of the spices, which can help are cumin, ground black pepper, crushed red pepper, and coriander. Take cumin powder or coriander powder on a piece of paper and try to inhale the spices slowly. Don’t inhale only try to inhale and smell them. Ground black pepper work best and will make you sneeze instantly. Don’t let a large chunk of spices enter your nose as it may cause a burning sensation. You can also smell these spices while cooking your dishes to make your sneeze.

3.) Try Sneezing Powder

Sneezing powder is meant for sneezing only, it is used to make yourself sneeze anytime. You can get sneezing powder easily from nearby drug stores or you can shop online. Sneezing powder is made by grounding the few spices in powdered form and combined together. Read the instructions carefully on the packet and use it carefully. It may contain some substances that you are allergic with.

4.) Try to Fake Sneeze

You can try to fake the sneezing to trick with you mind. Try to perform some fake sneezing or pretend that you are sneezing. Sometime, when you pretend that you are sneezing your body easily make yourself sneeze. Fake sneezing sometimes triggers the muscles and the mind. It has surprising results, you need to fake the multiple sneeze and for a longer period to simulate the sneezing reflux.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze without Pepper

5.) Go Out and Look at Sun Suddenly

Some people sneeze as soon as they go out in the sun. When you are sitting in a dark and cold environment and suddenly go out and look at the brighter source of light or sun then it will make your sneeze. The reverse is also true, if you going to a cold environment from a hot environment outside it will trigger the sneezing automatically. Looking at some bright light may trigger muscles and stimulate your sneeze. You may sneeze continuously if you have photic sneeze reflex. Many individuals are “Sun Sneezers” with a count of 17% to 35%.

6.) Breath Cold Air or Cold Water

Effective way to trigger your sneeze is to take some cold water or take a deep breath of cold air. Inhaling the cold air will be more effective than the drinking cold water but but works in similar manner. Try inhaling cold air suddenly from opening the the freezer and chances are good that it will make your sneeze.

You can take a bath and then go out in a cold room this will also make your sneeze. Else sit in a warm room for sometime and then move to a cold room. Another way is to gently inhale water with your nose. When water hits the nose it triggers your sneeze muscles. Don’t inhale a lot of water at a time.

7.) Start Tickling Your Nose

Tickle your nose by using a small tissue or feather is an easy way to make yourself sneeze faster. You can use a small tissue and put it into your nose and take out. Pushing in and taking out can trigger the sneezing attack very easily. Roll up the tissue and tickle a bit till the sneeze comes continue tickling. You can use a feather for this job also. If your tissue become soft, then change with a new tissue. You can roll up the tissue insert it the nostril and rotate it clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

8.) Have Some Fizzy Drink 

Try fizzy drinks like cold drinks, soda or lemonade to make yourself sneeze very easily. Strong bubbly drink sometimes trigger the sneeze. You simply drink a soft drink with lots of fizz. You can also try to inhale the fizz through you nose to make it more effective. Make sure that the drink is too fizzy and not flat else it will be of no use.

9.) Massage Your Nose

There are nerves, under the nose skin to trigger the sneezing activity. You can massage your nose to trigger the sneezing. For this, use your index finger and thumb to rub the middle bridge area of your nose. Gently massage the area by moving your fingers from up to down movement. This movement will also help to clear the nasal congestion, if any. Continuously massaging the can easily activate the nerve to trigger sneezing. You can also pinch your nose in-between while massaging. You will soon start feeling the tickling sensation and it is an indication that sneeze is about to come.

10.) Wiggle Your Mouth Roof

You can use your tongue to create the tickle sensation to the roof of your mouth. This helps to make yourself sneeze by triggering the trigeminal nerve of the nose to make you sneeze really fast. Try to tickle the end soft part of the month not the middle one. You need to move your tongue backward by touching your mouth roof. Flicking the soft tissues with tongue really helpful.

11.) Pull Your Eyebrows

Pluck out some hair from eyebrows to trigger the sneezing. A sneeze can be stimulated by pulling out eyebrows hair to trigger the muscles. There are nerves, which runs under the eyebrows and goes underneath the nose. So plucking and eyebrows can trigger those nerves to make yourself sneeze. You can use a tweezer to pluck your eyebrows also.

12.) Chew Some Peppermint Gum

You can take the help of peppermint chew gum to make yourself sneeze. Chew some other flavored gum also trigger sneezing. But the peppermint flavor will tickle the nose faster and will help you in sneezing. This remedy will help to those people who are not in to chewing gum more. If you are one of them, who don’t like chewing gum then peppermint gum or spearmint gum is the best solution for you. The other way is that you take some peppermint oil and try to inhale the peppermint oil. This is give you the same effect and trigger the muscle to sneeze.

13.) Try Cleaning Your House

This method will help you to clean your room and as well as make yourself sneezing. The reason behind cleaning the room and sneezing is the dust particles and other invisible allergens. When you start cleaning your room then the dust particles and other allergen will goes in air and you will inhale them with your room air. Whenever some dust particle enter in your nostril then our body automatically trigger sneeze to clear the nostril. Sneezing will help body to stop inhaling that particle further. So, next time whenever you want to sneeze then start cleaning your room. This will make you sneeze and good thing is that you will clean your room also.

14.) Smell Some Strong Perfume

Smelling perfume is also a great way to trigger your sneeze. Our body and nose react towards strong smell and as a reaction sometimes you sneeze after smelling the strong things. One of the strong smelling thing is perfume, which you use daily and sometime you also noticed that after spraying you sneezed also. now take your perfume bottle and try to spray some perfume in air and slightly away from your body. Try to hold the nozzle of bottle near to nostril but in opposite direction. You need not to spray in your nostril. Strong smelling perfume cab trigger the brain nerve for sneezing.

15.) Visit The Garden

Here visiting the garden does means that stepping in an garden will make you sneeze. Going to the garden means that  you need to go out in open area, where you can see lots of flower and greenery. The main reason behind is a lot of pollen or fumes, which usually are close to flowers and greenery. When you inhale those pollen and fumes, they will make you sneeze. Have you ever notice, when you go out in a park in early morning or late nite then you sneeze. The reason behind this is pollen and fumes in air, which trigger sneezing.


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