How to Get Rid of Gnats? (Naturally & Fast)


In this article, we are discussing several ways to get rid of gnats. Gnats are the annoying two-winged flying insects similar to mosquitoes. They are small in size, but can drive you mad at times. Gnats can cause damage to house plants, kitchen wares, kids and home pets, as they nourish on plants, other blood and insects. They carry parasites and spread several diseases in human and livestock. They produce their eggs and form large horde near water bodies and near house plants. These types are referred as Fungus Gnats. The other type is the one who hangs on fruits and is known as fruit flies. Both of these insects have a very little lifespan and generally produce in summer.

There are several chemicals to get rid of gnats, but using these chemicals can also harm your children and pets. Therefore, in this article, we have listed some best natural home remedies on to get rid of gnats fast and naturally.

Top Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gnats Naturally:

1. Red Wine to Prevent Gnats Fast

As gnats love the odor of red wine, you can use it to catch them. Red wine for sure get the flies under the influence. To use this method, mix ½ cup of red wine to a cup of water in a small container. Cover the top of the container tightly, then make some holes in it. Place  the container where you see most of the gnats visiting. The gnats will be attracted to the smell and they will drown in the mixture as soon as they come in contact with it. This is one of the beneficial remedy to get rid of gnats fast and naturally at home.

2. Honey Trap to Get Rid of Gnats Quickly

Sugary smell and bright colors attract gnats towards them. A homemade gnat trap helps stop the frequent occurrence of these weird creatures. To use this remedy, take a yellow plastic or a few pieces of yellow paper. Now, paste some amount of honey to make the gnats stick to it. Place the plastic or paper, near the garden to catch these annoying flies.

Note: You can also use petroleum jelly alternatively, for the sticky effect, but honey is more efficient due to its sweetness.

how to get rid of gnats naturally fast

3. Rotten or Overripe Fruit Get Rid of Gnats

Just like red wine traps, you can use overripe or rotten fruit to make a fruit fly trap. Put some pieces of very rotten or ripe fruit in the bottom of a glass jar. Wrap the mouth of the jar with plastic cover and make some holes using fork or toothpick. Place the jar where you see the most of the flies loitering. After a few hours, you can see the jar is full of flies. Immerse it in a bucket of soapy water for about 10 minutes, then the gnats will not be able to fly back. Repeat this method several times until you see positive results.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar to Kill Gnats Fast

The smell of apple cider vinegar draws gnats and fruit flies towards it. You can simply take 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a bowl where you find most of the gnats. Gnats get attracted to vinegar and die in this liquid. You can also use a mason jar and fill it ¼th with vinegar. Place a funnel on top of it to let the gnats enter, but not exit.

5. Fruit Trap Get Rid of Gnats Naturally

Gnats love bananas. You can use banana slices as bait for catching gnats. Any other fruit can also do the job. Simply place the banana or apple slice in a small bowl. Now take a large bowl and fill it with a mixture of water and liquid dish wash. Place the small bowl inside the larger one and cover both the bowls with cellophane wrap and make small holes to allow gnats to enter. Now is the time to count the dead bodies.

6. Dish Wash to Prevent Gnats Quickly

This is also a great remedy to get rid of gnats fast and easy. To try this method, mix liquid dish wash in a container filled with half of the water. Sprinkle this solution the plants, to get rid of fungus gnats. The use of dish wash does not damage the plants, as it helps save them from the gnats.

7. Bleach to Control Gnats Fast

Bleach is a strong oxidant that helps kills gnats, fruit flies and other insects. Use bleach to clean all drains and basin areas. Make sure you do not throw water instantly after pouring bleach in the drains and sink. Bleach will do its work all night. You can repeat this process weekly to get rid of gnats naturally at home without chemicals.

8. Vegetable Oil and Ammonia Get Rid of Gnats Naturally

Vegetable oil or any other oil is a pretty great source of attracting gnats and other insects. Put a small amount of cooking oil in the basin to collect the bugs in one place. When they get collected in the basin, pour a small amount of ammonia on them. Ammonia is damaging to living beings as a result, it will aid kill gnats. Use the sink after a few hours with proper cleaning. This is another brilliant method to get rid of gnats fast at home.

9. Alcohol to Keep Gnats Away

Alcohol is similarly harmful to insects as it is for humans. To use this method, mix water and alcohol in a cup. Now, fill this solution in a spray bottle, and sprinkle it on the plants every 3-4s day. If the solution is not enough to cover all plants in the garden, you can fill it in a container and keep it in the garden to draw gnats. This is also a successful treatment to control gnats in the house.

10. Cinnamon to kill Gnats Naturally

Cinnamon is well known for preventing larvae. The powdered cinnamon acts as a natural fungicide. It helps finish the fungus on which bugs nourish and thus stops the development of fungus gnats. Put some cinnamon powder on the infested area and watch out the results. Repeat this treatment every week till you see any positive results.

11. Tobacco Get Rid of Gnats Fast

It is a little-known fact that tobacco attracts the tiny gnats. As tobacco is harmful to human health, same goes for gnats. Place the tobacco of 3-4 cigarettes in a plate near the kitchen basin or in places where gnats visit mostly. This method will surely help get rid of gnats fast and easily at home.

12. Jam or Jelly Trap Prevent Gnats at Home

Sweet substances, like jelly and jam can also be used to kill gnats fast and naturally. Take the jelly or jam jar when it is about to get vacant and fill half of it with water. Mix well with jam and make holes in its lid enough to allow gnats to enter the jar. The Gnats will get attracted towards the jar and will not be able to fly again.

13. Lavender Oil Get Rid of Gnats Fast

Lavender oil can be used to stop gnats, as it draws the insects with its nice scent. To use this method, soak a cotton ball in lavender oil. Put it in a bowl around your living area. Alternatively, plant a lavender in your garden around to get rid of gnats fast and easy. You can also put dried lavender near the kitchen shelf.

14. Garlic to Control Gnats Naturally

Garlic is a helpful repellent to get rid of gnats fast and naturally. Use it as a garden spray to help the plants get rid of these weird pests. Take some amount of garlic and soak it in an essential oil for a day. Add 1 tsp of liquid dish wash to it. Now, next day put this solution in a spray bottle. Now, you can sprinkle this solution in your garden and plants after shaking well.

15. Yeast Get Rid of Gnats Naturally

If you are drained of ideas about how to get rid of gnats in the house, this method will surely work. Bacteria and other bug also nourish on yeast. Take a bowl full with small amount of yeast, a bit of water and sugar. Keep this mixture at near the places and you will see a huge number of gnats got attracted to it.

Additional Tips to Get Rid of Gnats Fast:

  • Keep your house neat and clean.
  • Keep your kitchen clean immediately after use.
  • Put curtains over doors and windows.
  • Cover your food properly.
  • You need to keep the garbage bin closed tightly.
  • Keep eliminating the debris from the house.
  • Remove rotten fruits instantly.


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